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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Nice Surprise!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags!  Ragnar and I took our mom and dad on a nice, long walk this morning!  We did a loop around the Kansas State University football stadium and the Vet School, then headed back toward home.  We had already hit the 6 mile mark when we smelled something incredible!  Ragnar was the first to smell it - then I did.  Finally, Mom and Dad saw what had us all pumped up -- there were HORSES in CiCo Park!!!

You know we love cows -- but wow, horses are even better!  I knew Mom and Dad were getting tired, so I didn't think we'd be able to go over to the park to see them.  Ragnar REALLY wanted to, though, and ... well ... let's just say Dad has a really hard time saying "no" to either one of us!  

We crossed over the big street and headed into the park, then got a good look at our new friends!

"The park's FULL of horses, Ragnar!"
"I told you I smelled them, Mags!"

Since we're calm around horses, Mom and Dad let us get closer to where all the action was.  Ragnar was thrilled!

"Hi, lady!  That's a beautiful horse you've got there!"

We were curious to see what all was going on, so we walked down to the fairgrounds/arena area.

"I think they're having a horse meeting down here, Mags."
"Must be a show of some sort, Raggi.  Let's check it out."

We watched by the fence for a while.  There were people riding, people making their horses go in circles, they were doing all kinds of cool stuff!  We especially liked this guy:

"Hi, horse!  Good luck with whatever you're doing!"
"Yeah!  And to your little cowboy there, too!"

Sure, it tacked on about another 3/4 of a mile or so to an already long walk, but it was HORSES!  What a great day!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher 

PS:  For the record, if we were the excitable sort or barked or did other things that would excite the horses, Mom and Dad wouldn't have let us go over there.  We don't want to cause issues for any of the participants at the event!


  1. it's wonderful you both are so Calm and lovely about others!
    you get to go more places that way probably! like seeing the COWS! XO

  2. What a fantastic find. I know you loved the horses, and they love you.

  3. How fun to see all those horses. It looked like you were having a great time watching them.

  4. OMD, how exciting! I've never met a horsie. Momma said Casey did once, and he was very disappointed when it didn't respond when he play-bowed.

  5. How fun to see all the horses! And you are VERY good pups not to get too excited around them...

    Rosie and Redford