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Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the (Bidding) Games Begin!

Woo. It's me - Dave. Remember a couple weeks ago when Ammy showed you the Ram-a-Lamb Bag and told you Mom and I made it to help our favorite Siberian Husky rescue group MaPaw raise money? They have some special needs puppers right now, especially especially, Bravo, a young guy who needs cataract surgery and Christie, a senior citizen who is being evaluated for possible eye surgery. Well, MaPaw's eBay auction is on NOW and all proceeds will go to help these guys and others! MaPaw is a 501c3 charity. I have no idea what that means, but Stormy said it's tax season and I should mention that. Woo.
Mom and Ammy worked on the write up for the bag together. In part, the write-up says, "Don't be fooled by how cute it is - the Ram-a-Lamb is our strongest bag! It will hold all of your stuff and ask for more. It's a worker. And ...it's a bit on the fuzzy side!" Ha woooo! Be sure to check it out! And place a bid!

In addition to the Ram-a-Lamb Bag, Mom and I also made a couple special Hold the Phone! Bags that are in the fund-raiser auction! You can see them here and here. I picked the fabrics - they're bold, bright and fun! And have puppers all over them!

Here's one - wouldn't it make you smile to carry that? And to know that your purchase helped Sibes in need?

As Am said, "The Hold the Phone! Bag is designed to do just that - hold your cell phone! Interior dimensions are approximately 5.25 x 3 inches. There is a Velcro closure to make sure your phone stays put.... The strap allows you to hook your Hold the Phone! Bag to your purse strap, your belt, your golf bag -- anywhere! It's made from a new dog leash - the strap is nylon and the clasp is stainless steel. You may find all sorts of uses for your HTP! Bag. Dog lovers may want to stuff a few 'good neighbor' plastic bags in there, hook it to their favorite pup's leash, and GO! Whatever you use it for, have fun."

Here's the other one in the auction!

There are more views of the bags on the MaPaw auction site - please check them out! (And remember, the Ram-a-Lamb Bag has its own matching Hold the Phone! Bag that comes with it!) These are fun little bags that you'll find all kinds of uses for. And they can be hooked to just about anything or hung about anywhere.

Won't you please support the MaPaw Sibe Rescue auction?

OK... I didn't really care for the idea above ... but Mom reminded me it was for a good cause. And gave me a cookie. Woo.



  1. OH TOO KHUTE!!!

    There aren't enough khookies in Kansas fur having been subjekhted to that kind of animal 'torture' -

    Maybe a nice family in Nebraska will take woo in!

    Good work Deeve!


    PeeEss: just kidding about the family in Nebraska - woo are well taken care of in Kansas!!!

  2. Poor Dave! How could your mama torture you like that?? Mama says she's bidding not only to save MaPaw pups, but to save you from further humiliation!


  3. Those are really cute. Are you up for sale too?


  4. I sure hope it was a LIVERGREAT cookie!!! All paws up for the AO4 and their bipeds for being such furry wonderful supporters of Siberian Husky Rescues. WOOOOOO!!

  5. Oh Dave what a good sport you are! Mom owes you bigtime for that one. I mean after all, you have a reputation to uphold and all of that.

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  7. You are such a good sport for posing wif the phone bag, Dave, especially for such a good cause!
    If it wasn't for Mapaw, I wouldn't have found my furever home!

  8. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Dave, I think that bag on your snooter should be filled to the top with cookies for you!


  9. You're one heck of a model, Dave! We hope you got lots of cookies as payment for your troubles!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. I hope the bidding raises a billion dollars. As for Dave being a drummer, I bet he could do it!!!

  11. Great doggie treat bags.
    We're in.

    The Forget Sit & Stay Gang

  12. That is a very neat bag. I am enjoying reading your posts. I love the pictures as well, very pretty dogs.

  13. Dave,
    You could always come live with us. Momma doesn't use us as display racks and we have snow!


  14. Oh those looks pawsome. And you're such a great model Dave

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Very cool and what a great cause!

    Fantastic modeling, Dave!

    Woo woo, KA

  16. Great stuff, we are gonna bid and tell Mom later when it's time to pay.


  17. Oh, poor Dave! It's so kind of you to pose like that to help MaPaw's foster dogs!

    My mom has been bidding on a necklace they have.

  18. Dave, you're such a good helper for your mom. You know you didn't really mind, since it was fur needy huskoids. Our mama's been biddin like crazy on a couple of items, but keeps getting outbid, she says the competition is FIERCE, especially for that Ram-a-Lamb bag!
    Bama & the RHP