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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Slip-Sliding Away!

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Zim! Stormy gave you a hint yesterday about the cool stuff I found to play on - did anypup guess right? Steve did, I'm sure! I found some sliding boards and wowzers, were they FUN!

Here I am at the first one!

I told Dad I wanted to give it a go. He said I was supposed to start at the top and slide down that way. Oh, OK. Good thing, 'cuz I wasn't getting too far trying to go up the slide! Ha roo!

Get the camera ready, Mom! I'm coming down!

Mom should have hit the video button, but forgot and took stills. I was so fast, it was all blurry! But here's a shot of me coming on down the slide!


It was really cool. I wanted to give the other slide a try, too. Dad said I was really brave going up the ladder.

Here I am, climbing up. Amber's looking for something to snarf. I'm not sure if she found anything. Next, I had to walk across the apparatus. It was sort of like walking the plank! I wonder if that's what Captain Maverick would say? Harrr!

After I walked the plank, I got to go down the sliding board!

Wowzers, that was fun! I wish you pups could have been there! Can you imagine me and Steve sliding down together!? Ha roo, that'd be great!

Tune in tomorrow for the walk home!

Play bows,


  1. Zim that looks like LOADS of fun! You're a natural on that slide - very brave. I've been told playgrounds are where the short bipeds hang out and they almost always have yummy things to eat - which they drop. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Cool Zimmie!!!! When I go down a slide I always jump out when I'm half way down! We would like to see a video of you sliding that would be way cool!

  3. Hello Zim

    I have not seen one of those slide things before. I think Ammy has the right idea looking for yummies on the floor.


  4. Your walk just keeps sounding better and better! The park near us has a slide that I've wanted to try, but to get to the slide you have to go up some stairs I don't like and then across a wiggly bridge.

  5. You have such wonderful adventures.

    Cotton used her photo in her Ao4 army helmet when she applied to join Tough A#s Tortie Association and it helped show she has tortie 'tude. Thanks.

    We're having a surprise party for Rusty and Samaritan today. We have lots of food if you want to come. All dogs, kitties and assorted pets are welcome.


  6. Wow!

    What a great place to play!!

    dog only knows
    dog makes his/her plan
    the information is unavailable to the mortal man and KHAT!!!

    Khan't wait to see the next item on the 'cirkhuit'!!!


  7. We always wanted to do that, Zim! You make it look like so much fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. wow, that slide looks scary but fun, you really are brave. I'd probably freak out if Mom put me on a slide.

  9. Aww.. Zim, it would be so cool if we could go down the slides together! We could race!


  10. Wow, that sure does look like lods of fun! WHEEE!!!!!!

  11. Zim,

    You are fearless! And look at the Zimmer Zoom! You get 8 paws for knowing how to have fun!

    The Forget Sit & Stay Gang

  12. That looked like loads of fun! Great form going down that sliding board!

    Puppy slurps, Canyon

  13. Wow Zimmie!! That is quite impressive!! What an adventurerer you are!!


  14. That sure is a pawsome place to have fun fun fun

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Oh wow Zim - how much fun is that. You were indeed very brave climbing up the ladders and then sliding down by yourself. The weather looks great there, just perfect for a day in the park.
    Jazz and Dixie

  16. Oh Wow! That had to be so much fun! And on the slide, that was so cool! You guys live in the best place. I wonder if I can get dad to build one of those slide things in our yard?Hmmmm.

    HuskyHugs, MayaMarie

  17. oh they were grrrrreat playgound pics!

    And your weather looks lovely - for bipeds that is!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  18. WOAH, Zim - that is SO COOL.

    I am going to ask Mom to take Ziggy and me to the park tomorrow. I'll tell Mom to bring her camera!!

    Mars Bar