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Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Trip to the Vet's, Part 2

Ha roo, everypup! It's me again - Zim! As I said yesterday, I had quite the trip to see the vet Tuesday! Storm said I could do two posts about my big day - so now ... where was I? Oh, yeah. With Dr. Dixon and the cookies.

Thanks for all the coookies, Dr. D!

I hope all of your vets treat you as well as ours do. Ours are very smart, very kind, and do their best to make us feel comfy. They're also good with Mom. I'm glad they're teaching future vets, so we can have more bipeds like this!

Anyroo, after the cookie spree, we headed to Discharge. You've seen me there before, so I didn't take pictures this time.

Once we got home, everysibe was SO happy to see me and I was SO happy to see everysibe! Ammy came over and whispered some Siber-secrets to me.

Did you hide your bladder like I told you to, Zimmie?

I assured her I did! Ha roo roo roo! And I told her I got to meet her student Breanna from a couple weeks ago. She thought I was Amber at first! Dr. Riegel saw me and came in to say "hi", too. What a bunch of nice bipeds!

Then Am and I ran around the living room. It was hard for Mom to get a good picture of us - we were too fast. Here's the best she could do.

I did zoomies with Dave and Stormy, too. All four of us ran around and around and around - it was great. Mom decided since she couldn't get a good picture of that, she'd have us sit for a picture instead. That wasn't anywhere near as fun as doing zoomies, but hey, she had a cookie for each of us. You know how that goes!

Front row, left to right: Ammy, Storms, and me. Back row: Dave.

I'm the only one smiling at the camera. Mom says it's because I was the one doing most of the zooming. I say it's because I was happy to be home! I loved my trip to the Vet Hospital ... but wowzers, it was good to be home!

Play bows, everypup! And special thanks to Dr. Dixon and Beth and my student Michelle for treating me so well!


  1. Ah yes!

    The power of KHOOKIES!!


    Thanks fur sharing your adventure with us -


  2. Woo, it will be OK, Zimmies. I promise! Besides - cookies are the BEST medicine!

    You are so good at the vet's! I'm writing from MY vet right now, because I have my 6 month comp exam. Woo!


  3. Bread + Banana = Breanna! You should get some banana bread. I think it's mandated!

  4. We always crowd around mom trying to be the first to get cookies (I usually win cuz I jump in to take it first) so it would be hard for her to get a nice picture of all of us sitting like you guys do!!

    I'm glad your vet visit went well and everything is ok!!


  5. och, so glad you are back Zim, I am Scottish Smiling here in the glens...............

    just glad all is well, these vets visits are stressful xxxxx

    Missing you !

  6. Awesome shot of the four of you! Glad you are getting your just desserts!

    We're zooming here for you!

    The Forget Sit & Stay Gang

  7. Oh yeah to cookie spree day. Amber is cute to whisper secrets to you.

    ~ Girl girl

  8. Whew, we're glad that's over with Zimmie. Hope those Labs hurry up & grow their cultures (where is your culture anyway? Hope it doesn't take as long to grow as puppies do!) We've all got our paws crossed here that everything is AOK, and you're just going through some normal "gettin older" changes.
    Bama & the RHP

  9. It's good to see you home and zooming!

    Our house is like Holly's, lots of crowding. Especially from you-know-who that your dad brought to Colorado!

    I don't think he's had to take turns before!

  10. We are glad you are finished with your vet visit. We hope all is good with the lab results.

    Love the picture for the cookies.

    Husky Hugs,MayaMarie

  11. Your vet sounds so great! When I come home from the vet Meeka sniffs me all over. Geesh. Does he think I'm an imposter?! I think he's mad because I got extra cookies and he didn't.

  12. Anonymous11:37 AM

    ZIMMIE! You look so handsome. I love the photo of Ammy telling you secrets. I love the group shot and how Storm's head is ALWAYS tilted!

  13. Glad you are back home and AoK or is that Ao4 (sounds like an Ammy joke)

  14. Glad you had fun at the vet. Cookies pretty much make anything better, in my opinion. You look really cute sitting for the camera. I wonder why everypup else was so serious at cookie time. Well, maybe I get it. Cookies are no laughing matter.