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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Salute - Luna and Kito!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes to our cosmic cousins Luna and Kito of Miami, Florida! You may remember them from previous Salutes and posts; they and their brother Timber are so cool! Last weekend, Kito and Luni took Auntie Laura and her friend Amanda on a BIG walk to help raise money for the Humane Society! Kito took Auntie Laura last year; he had so much fun, he got Luni to come this time around! Kito wrote us all about his wonderful day and sent in some GREAT pictures!

"Here we are at the Walk. Luni and I were so excited that we were ALREADY pooped by the time we got to the trees to start the walk. We posed for a picture with mom. I was already so tired I decided to lay down."

Auntie Laura and the twins

Kito told us, "Luni and I sat and admired the cool buildings in downtown Miami. I had to show my lil' sis around! Show her the ropes! She’s never been downtown!" Wowzers, we've never been around tall buildings like that, either!

"Ooh, Cheeto, look at the pretty buildings!"

"So once we got familiar with downtown," Kito continued, "Luni and I decided that mom looked hot, too. So we wanted to get in real close and breathe on her. We figured we could cool her off! She laughed and said something about having her own built in heater? I don’t know. We love to help out, though."

Siberian air conditioner. Ha roo roo roo!

Kito said they got to see ALL KINDS of puppers. "Little, big, Red, white…every kind of pupper was there! We even saw a really nice greyhound that was up for adoption and mom wanted to take her home. I reminded her that she almost can’t walk the 3 of us!" Yeah. Our Mom and Dad have this "one arm per Sibe" ... or "one Sibe per arm" rule. Something like that. Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Luni was being her usual, happy self! Look at her smiling here!

I'm so happy!

Now wait just a Sibe-plucking minute! Auntie Laura!??! What is that in the lower right corner by Luni's foot?!!? Were you plucking her fluff!?!? Are we Sibes not spared from that horror at any event?!? Sheesh! You really owe Luni for that!!! We are aghast - I mean ... you were at a Humane Society event; did no one stop this madness? (Luna, our mom is a pluck-a-holic, too. We understand what you're going through!) OK... back to the Walk...

Here is a picture Kito and Luna's mom took during the actual walk:

"We took a few shortcuts through the grass because mom said she didn’t want me to have a heat stroke? Don’t know what that is, but I sure had fun!" That was totally nice of Auntie Laura. And almost makes up for plucking Luna. Almost.

Kito continued, "I introduced my lil sis to a thing called “ocean”. I saw it for the first time last year…" Zim is still trying to get one for us here in Kansas. They really look so cool!

Look, Luna! The ocean!

"Oh, and then we posed for a minute with mom and our other auntie Amanda....

"She ALSO supports the Humane Society! She raised money too!!!" Way to GO!

By this time, Kito said they were POOPED! He told us, "We were almost done but we were HOT." Check out Luni's tongue! Ha roo!

According to Kito, "After the walk mom got us ice cubes and put them in my bowl. I was thrilled!!! I ate about 50 ice cubes! Auntie Amanda was putting ice cubes on Luni's paws! It was so funny." Kito - Ammy loves ice cubes, too!

Kito and a bowl of cubes!

Luni was falling asleep sitting up! Ha-rooo roooo!

Sleepy Luna

"We had a lot of fun, and went home shortly afterwards. Luni and I slept the rest of the day! We had fun, but were happy to be back in our air-conditioned house, with brother Timber. He missed us a lot ... I told him that he would’ve been VERY hot, so he wouldn’t feel that bad that he missed it… Mom says she might take him next year!" That would be so cool!

Kito, thank you for sharing your special day with us! Those are totally awesome pictures. We are so proud of you and Luna for working so hard to raise money for the Humane Society - and we're proud of your mom and Amanda, too! For all you do, Kito and Luna, we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Wowzers is khorrekht!

    My mom and I got hot just looking at the fantastikh pikhs!!

    What a khool thing to get to do!!!


    PeeEss: Maybe just for the day of the walk, they khould have changed their names to Khrokhett and Tubbs

    Ha roo rooo ROOO woo

  2. It's the Miami Spice! They're so bewootiful and what a great thing for them to do. Especially since it was hot. Great pictures!

  3. That's neat that they were helping other animals!

    That must be some neat place! They have green grass in the winter!

  4. What great looking Sibes. I bet they would be nice pals.


  5. that looks like a totally pawesome day! your cosmic cousins are CUTE. we loved all the pics!!

  6. That looks like a fun walk for a great event!! I would have jumped into that ocean if I were in Florida.

  7. Hey guys, nice walk and very nice ocean thing. I take it you didn't get any snow there either. It looked very hot there, I don't think I could stand it there, what with all my fluff.


  8. What a great salute! Looks like it was hot but lots of fun!

    Woo woo, KA

  9. Wooo your cosmic cousins looks pawsome. Are they redhead like you Zim??

    ~ Girl girl

  10. Great pictures! It does look awfully hot there for huskies, good thing they got lots of fresh water, cause ocean water tastes TERRIBLE.

    Wooos & a-rooos!
    Star & Jack

  11. oh thank you so much for showing us all those lovely sunny and hot pictures. Luna and Kito are so cute tooooooo! Wonderful photos of them and their Bi Ped.

    Well done them all on raising money for the Humane Society,

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  12. A fabulous salute!
    The Mom has seen Miami before, and now that she's seen it with Sibes, she just rushed off to check on something called 'real estate'? I don't have good Sibe Vibes about this..........

  13. Hi Mates
    Your friends look very nice in their bandanas and it's good their mum took them on the walk to raise money for the rescue animals.
    Mum watched a video about the killing of so many dogs in a US shelter yesterday and she cried and cried. She wonders if the killing is ever going to end.
    Love from Hammer