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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Salute - Tasha and Her Mom!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our very bee-woo-tiful friend Tasha ~ and her mom Jane! Her mom emailed our mom complimenting her on the Ram-a-Lamb Bag we made for the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue auction. Isn't that really sweet of her!? She does some sewing herself - look! Here's Tasha modeling a "ruff" she made!

Totally adorable! And the ruff isn't bad either - ha roo roo roo!

Anyroo, Tasha's mom Jane said she had a wolf-print fabric panel she wasn't using, and if Mom would like it, she'd be happy to send it to her! WOW! Now ... we know you're wondering how people just "happen" to have fabric laying around. The note Tasha's mom tucked into the package should give you an idea:

Ha woo! That's pretty funny! I wonder if they have a card that reads "I'm the Ao4's mom and I am a Fabricaholic!"? Anyway, Mom thought it would be cool to do something with the wolf-print panel for a rescue group auction in the future and said, "Yes, please!", so Tasha helped her mom pack the box up and they sent it. Dave got to open the package, since he's Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind.

Here's Dave with Tasha's daddy's business card.

Woo! It's Tasha!

Tasha's mom made her bandana, too! Here's a closer look:

Cool bandana. And the colors go really great with Tasha's fur!

I know if we were in need of remodeling or home repair in Washington state, we'd call on Tasha's dad! Any business that uses a gorgeous model like that on its business card is one we'd like to work with! Her mom (Jane) also tucked her business card in there, too. She doesn't have a picture of Tasha on it, but she DOES do some remarkable photography!

Check out this fabric, everypup!

You just may see a cool tote made from this coming to a fund-raiser near you!

For all you do, and for your kindness in donating this fabric to what will be a Sibe rescue fund-raiser..... we salute you! Jane and Tasha, too!

The Army of Four


  1. WOW!

    All of that is tres khool!!

    Tasha is a furry lukhky gal AND the hit of Home Depot!!!

    Nice to see the handsome Dave in akhtion!!!!

    Hugz&Pinking Shears,

  2. Wooooooo! She's so bewooooootiful! And her Mom sews too. Hmmm. That could be handy to have in the family!
    Smitten ECHO

  3. Yeah, I know what that's like, having someone in the house who has fabric "just lying around". granny's a fabricaholic too! A great salute!

  4. Tasha is lovely, and she has great taste in fabric!

    Thanks so much for the great post you all left on our blog today. Your caninaturalism puts ours to shame!!

  5. Oh Tasha sure is cute and her mom is fun too

    ~ Girl girl

  6. We almost got to meet Tasha at the Seattle art walk, but then at the last minute they had to stay home. However, there is a big husky hike in the summer and Tasha said she was going to go!

    Steve and Kat