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Friday, March 07, 2008

Storm Shelter

Ha roo, pups. It's me - Stormy. Have you seen our buddy Summit's lastest post? In addition to showing us what a big boy he's become, he shared some pictures of him in the shower. Seriously, check out the last three pictures he posted. Totally adorable, isn't he?

So, last weekend, our weather got really stormy (small "s") - complete with everything from rain to sleet to snow to really high winds (even for here!) and ... thunder and lightning. I don't care for thunder and lightning. I was trying to seek shelter and remembered Summi's pictures - the ones of him in the shower. What an ideal storm shelter! Or in my case, Storm shelter.

This is a bit better.

Thanks for the good idea, Summi! You're as smart as you are adorable.

Stay safe, everypups, and keep an eye to the sky; it's storm season!

Tail wags,


  1. We Sibes fit SOOO much better in a shower than those MalPals do!

    Woo look so safe there too - one of my mom's other Sibes likes to hide there too - or if she is feeling the need to horka horka -

    Be Safe Stormy!


    PeeEss: Isn't *SIGH* Summi just the most khlever and khute fella?!?

  2. the weather people predicted 50cm of snow in Ljubljana two days ago and we only got some rain :(

  3. How cute u look in the shower me and my brother are new to blogger, we were surfing through our only friend as of right now peanut and flash and found u well Hope u have a nice weekend hope to talk to u latter scooby & Charlie

  4. I hate storm (small s)season! One minute you're taking a nice nap in the sun and then next you're in the middle of a blizzard or up to tail in rain! You look very safe in your Storm shelter.

  5. Wow--smart dog! Hey, we saw Zim's comment on Tubey's blog about going to play with Turbo and Co. We think it's a great idea: let's rent the University of Missouri arena and have all the blogging dogs get together for a giant romp. Wouldn't that be amazing?

  6. Great hiding spot, Stormy! I'm usually velcro'd to mom's leg in these situations! I hate storms as much as you do! YUK!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Whew! I'm glad you found a good Storm Shelter. I would hate for you to be scared! Here's to Summi's suggestion!


  8. Now that's a mighty fine Storm shelter I must say! Perfect size. You need a quilt from Mom's studio in there. Perhaps one with happy suns on it.

  9. Smart Sibes Seek Shelter.

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

    The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

  10. You sure look cute, maybe I will try that next time it storms here!! Summit is HUGE!

  11. From what I hear from my brother Samuel, that seems to be the place to go during storms. Samuel is always in the bath tub during bad weather.


  12. Oh, Ms Stormy, you are Clever! You Read widely, and draw upon that Knowledge to Solve a Problem! I have heard Speculation that Ions make bathtubs good Refuges. Did you see any Ions in your shower?


  13. My mommy's cousin Moe the Bernese Mountain Dog has a good storm shelter too. He locks himself in the very tiny bathroom by going inside and turning around to slam the door. Of course, he then is stuck. He's not as smart as we sibes. Mommy snickers at him and calls it his bunker. I like Summi's idea better. But the best comfort of all is lying on top of Mommy, occasionally clawing her when she won't pet me!
    PS: We just get snow storms. About 50 cms, this weekend. Mommy was stuck in the country.