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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year Miscellany

Woo, everypup and everycat, it's me - Dave.  Well, here we are - the last day in 2008.  Stormy said some of you like Huffle and Charlie and Opy are already in 2009, but I think she might just be trying to pull the Sibe fluff over my eyes.  She also said I should tie up some loose ends with this blog post, so that's what I'll do.  Not that I have to do what she says... but I will. 

Santa brought us some new real dinosaur bones.  Here's Zim from this morning, enjoying the neon green one:

Zim and one of our new real dinosaur bones

He heard that Mom was emailing with his girlfriend Sitka's mom and was going to send a picture, so he stopped working the dinosaur bone and started working the camera.

This one's for you, Sitka!

Can that guy strike a pose, or what?  Do you like how his right front arm is resting on the bone?  It takes a lot of work to make that look so casual and relaxed!

Here's a nice shot of Storm hanging out in the dining room.

Unlike Zim and me, Storm isn't much into posing for pix.  She did let Mom take this one of us together, though.  It was part of her Christmas present to Mom:
Me and Storm

Mom thinks it's a mighty fine present.  I really like that iPhone thingy she has and wanted a better look at the camera.  

Somehow, the camera went off and Mom got this picture.  Pretty cool, isn't it?  It looks like album cover art.  I'm not sure what to call my album, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know!  Maybe "Dave, Reflections on Kolache" or something.

The last bit of tying up to do ... Mom's been promising me a quilt of my own for a long time now.  She had the center panel from years and years ago - it's tiny denim squares and some "ticking" sewn together.  (Not "ticks", but "tickING".  Woo.)  She finally added some cool blue camo as borders, some high loft batting to make it poofy, and picked another blue camo for the back.  She finished quilting it yesterday!    

I came in to check it out ...

... and the next thing I knew ...


I thought she wanted a PINK camo one!  I have to admit, though, she does look mighty sweet on it.  Mom said we could all share it and that sounded like a great idea to me.  Any guesses of who spent all of last night sleeping on my new quilt?  Zim!  Ha wooooo!

One more photo, just for fun - and since so many of you liked the last one back at this post.  I think you might like this one, too!  

Just kidding!  Umm... especially if Santa is doing any recon work for next year.  Woo.

Celebrate safely tonight! 


  1. What a great assortment of pikhs!

    Happy New Years to my pals in Kansas!

    Khyra & Her Mom

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    HA ROO! What a fantastic post! My Zim.. you look stunning. I love your bone and the sweet eyes you give me in your photo. Ammy, Dave, and Storm all look great in their photos!!! Happy New YEars eve... tomorrow is a special day for you, my man!

  3. Happy New Year to our friends in KS.

    Darling Ammy,
    Is there enough room on that quilt for me to snuggle with woo?


  4. Awesome pictures gang.. You are all looking fine for 2009...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. That was a very nice potpourri of photos! I was wondering though, is tickING made out of squashed ticks? If so - does it make a crunching sound when you lie on it? I used to have a toy like that.
    Pee S: That's a fine looking green dino bone! I would have liked to have seen that fellow in person!

  6. We loved your photos!
    Have a very happy new year!

  7. What great pictures! Love the quilt your mom made! Pretty cool dinosaur bone too!

    Happy New Year to all of you back in my home state! Wishing you a healthy 2009!

  8. Hey I hope there is enough room on the quilt for Ammy and Brice and ME too.

    Hope you all have a lovely new year. Mistress says to tell you we had a lovely boxing day (not boxers day - although she had a boxer when she was little).

    Less than two hours to go here so, bye.


  9. Ammy, me thinks you look soooo lovely on any quilt!

    Dave, we know you're no scrooge! nice of you to share

    Shiloh, who stole the pink wubba from Guinness while thinking of Ammy.

  10. Great pictures, Dave! And we love the green dinosaur bone. That looks like fun!!

  11. That dino bone looks like fun! You all look great in your pictures!!! Have a happy new year!!!


  12. Hi A04!
    You all look great in those pics! I love your new blankie! I bet it's so nice to cuddle on! I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve!

  13. You guys make me laugh - a lot!! That was nice of you guys to pose for such a nice phot for your Mom.
    Happy New Year!!

  14. What great photos!
    We hope that 2009 is the best year yet for you guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Woo Dave, it really is already 2009 here. So far it's been okay but it's raining so I can't go outside.

    Happy new year to my bestest friend, and all you puppers, and your mum and dad!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  16. Happy New Year to woo too! Great quilt! Woo've all look super in your last-of-2008 pics!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  17. Happy New Year to our Kansas neighbors to our west - hope it is a very healthy, happy, and blessed one for woo and the family.

    Looking furward to more great posts and pics from the AO4.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  18. Happy New Year to my new friends!

    Dave, it is so nice of you to share your awesome new quilt with Ammy. She does look great on it.

    I hope you have a great new year with lots of belly rubs and day-glo bones.

    Hating New Years Fireworks,


  19. Hi, friends!
    That quilt is pawesome! Your mom is an artist!
    Happy New Year!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. I LOVE love love the iPhone picture! Very artsy!

    Your mom is soooo very talented to make you a quilt. The closest my mom can do is cutting a square piece of fleece. BOL!

    Happy New Years Friends!


  21. Cool new dino bones. Very tough. That's an excellent picture of you and Stormy. You both look adorable!

    We love your quilt.

    Steve and Kat

  22. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Your dino bones look real yummy, especially the green one! We're also already in 2009, we're two hours ahead of Opy even :)
    Happy New Year, gang, here's to another year of blogging.

    Love, Josh and Jess

  23. Dave, you're so funny! I thought the picture of you with Stormy was really wonderful. And Zim's bone must come from a really BIG dinosaur-my mom priced those things at PetSmart, thinking of a gift for somedog (ahem) and they cost about $11 green papers each! Imagine you guys getting one APIECE! Sombody loves you lots!

    Happy New Year, my new friends, I'm sure thankful for ya!

  24. happy new year, happy new year
    happy new year, happy new year
    happy new year
    happy happy happy happy happy new year.......... come on, sing with me now...

  25. Oh Dave!!! I am just mesmerized by your pics. I love the one of your beautiful eye!! and the one with the bag on your spotty nose, AND the one with storm. You are just tooo handsome. (You know, they say good looking dogs/people are found in Texas! woooooo))
    I might have a little,uh,well, crush, Dave...*blush*oh my, gotta run

  26. I need some of those dinosaur bones to keep Tanner busy. You guys all look great in your pics and posing nicely was a great present.