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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi everypuppy and everycat, it's me, Amber.  Sometimes I wish I could request the weather, not just predict it.  Take yesterday for example.  The weather bipeds on TV and radio said we had a BIG winter storm coming with lots of snowing and lots of blowing.  If you'll remember from Davy's post from yesterday, I said we'd only get flurries.  

I WANTED a ton of snow - but my snow sensors told me "just flurries".  Hrumph!  At least we got 30 mile an hour winds, temps in the teens (with wind-chill much colder!), and the flurries.  

Mom and Dad took us all for a lovely walk while the majority of the flakes were blowing around.  Here I am with Zim and Dad.  (Mom was out in front with Storm and Davy.)  You can see the "significant accumulation" along the edges of the sidewalk.  "Big winter storm".  Hrumph!

We look like we're on an important mission, don't we!??!  It's part of our job to make sure Mom and Dad get out there, get a little exercise in, and enjoy the day.  Even if Mom couldn't feel her fingers after 5 minutes.  Hee hee hee.



  1. we only trust your predictions, Ammy. You're right all of the time - we know better than to listen to those crazy bipeds. We're in the 60's today - can you believe it?????

  2. I do hope she found those fingers again befur it was khook-khook-khookie time!

    PeeEssWoo: I still think Turbo and I will make woo Weather Czar(ess)!

  3. Woo. Not feeling fingers isn't fun but you could remind her she has 10 toes she can count on (get it....count on??) Sorry about the snow dissapointment. I sure know how that feels.

  4. We git the winter storm our weather people predicted. They forgot to leave out the part where it would rain before it snowed which put a nice thick sheet of ice under the snow making everything really slippery. It's supposed to melt today, but it's still cold so I think we'll be deling with ice for another day. I love playing in the snow, but ice is more of a pain than it is fun - unless I'm watching Mom try to walk on it.

  5. We're wondering if the wind was blowing your tails or if you were wagging your tails in unison.

    Princess Eva

  6. It's good that you are making sure your Mom and Dad get a little exercise in even if there isn't much snow to exercise in. I like how you pair up for your walks in a color coded fashion!

  7. Ammy, I think your prediction was solid for my house, too! We were predicted a 2 inch accumulation. What did we get? No-thing!

    You ARE the Weather Czarina!

  8. Woo Woo Ammy,
    We's suppose ta git sum snow overnight. Today we has lots and lots of rain and temps in da 50's. Maw wishes she could have a job dat you could be wrong 1/2 time and still have a job.
    Wishing for more snow.

  9. Hello,
    thank you for the suggestion :) Xsara gets a medicine that is similar to Pepcid but more efficient in healing ulcer and relieving pain. She eats small meals every 3hours, her 2nd dinner is right before bedtime. Maybe being back on home made risotto will help her stomack. It usually helps because kibbles are more difficult to digest than rice and meat. Anyway, thank you a lot for caring so much, that is really sweet of you!

  10. Harrrrr Ammy
    I will try tosend snow vibs yer way Harrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. My best friend Zim definitely looks like he's on a mission. Get the road march done, then get back inside for some KP duty. Maybe help dad with his workout. A drill sargeant's life is exhausting isn't it?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  12. Oh man how disappointing for you huskies. I bet you can't wait till the weather man is right for a change...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Mom discovered silk long underwear on her trip to Europe and LOVES them. They keep her super warm, maybe your humans need some.

    I sure hope you get some snow soon!

  14. Our local weather humans say we might get up to 2 inches! That's a blizzard to us!! I wish I had your good weather senses!!


  15. WOO WOO Ammy

    What is wrong with the weatherman that they can't figure out when it's really going to snow. We didn't get any either! At least, we all got our humans out for walks!
    Thor and Marco Polo

  16. Hi, Ammy!
    We will not have a White Christmas but sure is cold today!
    My mom was freezing during our walkie today!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Hmmmm - and we have had those days where they say clear and sunny and we have gotten six inches of snow. Maybe we accidentally got some of your snow?

  18. Mommy was saying something about frostbite becoming a constant companion, this morning. Tell your mommy that for long walks, chemical hand warmers may be a nice option. That or really, really wind-proof gloves.

    I'll see what I can do about mailing you some snow. We just got lots and I think we can spare some, especially since we should get more tomorrow. I can't belive those winds you're talking about! How unpleasant! Make sure to put rocks in your mommy's pockets so that she doesn't fly away when walking you!

  19. We so want snow too! Yesterday and today we've got warm rain! ICK! Who wants this kind of weather for December!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. Mommy says that the wind ALWAYS blows in KS!
    ps - where are you in KS anyways?

  21. Hi there Amber, I am writing from my sick bed, just wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

    We have useless weather forecasts like yours too here in the UK, we would be much better just listening to your cleverness with the weatherness.

    love and licks, your friend, Marvin xx Who cannot understand why he is getting no treats and no walks - something to do with somepup called Con Valescense.

  22. That's not even enough snow to wet your snooter! I hope you get lots more.