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Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Musings

Hi everypuppy and everycat, it's me - Amber.  Before I get to today's post, please allow me to reiterate that I just forecast the weather, I can't request it.  Now... it IS almost 30 degrees  colder here than in Siberia (on the Fahrenheit scale) but they seem to have the snow that we lack.  Oh, I smelled it yesterday, but it skirted around us yet again.  I was all excited at first, then later gave Mom that sad, sad look that means "no go on the snow".  Sigh.  So close... yet - well, you know.

Here are some pictures of us from some of our recent walks that I thought you might enjoy seeing.  This first one is Stormy and Dave.  (Stormy always has the red collar/leash combo; Dave always has purple.) 

Stormy and Dave

They aren't always paired up, and me with Zim, but it seems like we are for most of the pictures we show you!  Here I am, up at the crest of a hill.  

Just me - Ammy

It was near where we saw Zim's new friend, Tuxedo Cat.   Zim thought he saw him, and stopped to look.  He always looks for his friends!

Hey, Tuxedo Cat!  Are you out there!??!  It's me - Zim!

Storm looked for him, too, then told Zim he wasn't out there.

He's not out there, Zim!  Hopefully he's inside somewhere where it's nice and warm!

I hope so; it's way to cold for cool-cats out here!

It was a fun weekend, even if we didn't have any snow.  The weather bipeds say we might get some tonight.  So far, I say "no, we aren't."  I wish my brothers and sister understood that whole "I just forecast, I don't request" thing. 

I'll be under here if any of you need anything.  Don't tell the boys or Stormy where I am though, OK?



  1. Poor Ammy. Do you get blamed for the no-snow zone you are currently living in? That's completely unfair. You tell those boys to straighten up. Or tell Stormy to tell them.


  2. Oh yes!

    Kat is khorrekht -

    Let Stormy paw'em!

    PeeEssWoo: Brice THE HANDSOME khould use woo to warm him up! It is furry khold in Minnie-Soda! He and Princess Eva don't like to stay out too long!

  3. Your secret is safe with us Ammy.

  4. Hi Ammy

    We promise we won't tell them where woo are!!!

    I just noticed your beerootiful coat looks much darker in the photo of woo on your own, is it just the lighting or has woo got darker?


  5. We got a lot of snow yesterday! It was crazy! We're supposed to get more tomorrow. It's too cold to go out and play in though. Well, maybe not for you huskies though. It was 31 last time Dad read the temperature to me, but it was -10 when Mom and Dad left for work this morning!

  6. We love that last picture of you Ammy!!! I am sure the boys will soon understand that you can't make it snow! (Well, maybe. You know boys, they just aren't as smart as us girls ;)

  7. The snow's been a party pooper here too but guess what? They just announced a Winter Storm WATCH. We'd rather have a WARNING but hey - we'll take anything at this point.

  8. Ammy, you look so sad! I will purr for you to get snow very soon!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

    iMeows to Zim!

  9. We are sure that the snow will reach you before you know it. It is really cold here in Texas and that wind is just bone chilling. Of course heeler's don't mind we have nice fur coats..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Ammy,

    Nice strolling shots! Thanks for sharing. We love your hiding place. You look so cute with your bi-eyes! Who do we see about getting snow further south?

    Loving Life,
    Lola (the other bi-eyed husky gal)

  11. Your secret is safe with us friend!

    I hope you get some snow soon!


  12. We woke to a delightful 7 degrees. But no snow for us either. We have some ice. But ice on the ground is stupid because it makes it easy to fall!

  13. It must be a lot of pressure to be so talented, but talent is often misunderstood. I won't tell a soul.

  14. Hope you get your snow soon! We will never get snow in our warm 81 degree weather.


  15. Ammy,

    I feel your pain. I will probably never see snow living in the snowless state of GA. I wish my parents would just move out west were I am supposed to live. I know my dad likes to snowboard so they should just move there. If not, I am hitch hike my way there. DAMN!!! NO THUMBS! Whats a fuzz to do.

    Still thumbless and now toothless!


    PS Ammy, you look so cute under the table. Puppy kisses!

  16. We don't blame you, Ammy. We know you do your best and we trust your forcasts. We haven't any snow here either - tho the bipeds say we'll get some ice tomorrow.

    You look pawfully cute poking out from under there!

    Love, Shiloh

  17. hehe, we like your hiding place Ammy.

    We wish you had some snow, we still wish we could have some snow. It seems like everyone else is getting some except for us and you guys!

    Holly & Zac

  18. I'm glad you cleared up the color coded thing as you always seem to be paired up! We got snow in the Pacific Northwest where we don't usually get it so hopefully you'll get some soon there in KS!

  19. Hey Ammy! Guess what?! My mom went over to PetSmart to get some things for me and some things for others and they had a Husky in their doggy daycare! She was beee-yoooo-tiful!!! And she said,"Roo-roo-roo-roo!". The girls who were taking care of them were talking about her and one of them was complaining about the Husky "howling". My mom went over and explained that she wasn't "howling" necessarily, but more like "talking", that that was how she communicated and she just had a lot to say about all the other dogs and the toys and what was going on in the play room! The girls said they didn't realize that about Huskies..mom likened the communication to that of Siamese cats and how they tend to be very vocal. The girls learned something new!

  20. Aw.. I hope you'll meet the tuxedo cat someday

    ~ Bae

  21. Dear Ammy

    I fear I am not posh enough to hang out with you guys.

    Firstly, no cats around here wear Tux, and secondly I do not possess a colour co-ordinated wardrobe of leads like you and your pack.

    I am most disgruntled. I will have to bark some severe orders to my J, to tighten up our sloppy ship!

    Sorry to hear you have no show on the snow........ooooooh this rhymes, I must away to write a sonnet or two.

    Your friend, Marvin with love and licks


  22. WOO WOO Ammy

    We didn't have any snow either but it was cold here. Mom had to dress up a lot to walk us !

    Thor and Marco Polo