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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Salute - Slick and Hank!

Ha roo, pups and cool-cats - it's me, Zim, with our Sunday Salute!  This week, our Salute goes out to our dear friends Slick and Hank of the great state of Georgia!  We saluted Slick when he was just a little guy and this summer we got to meet Slick and his kid brother Hank!  I told you all about the very important meeting I had with them!  We had such a blast together!

They're such cool guys and we just got a new picture of them!  Back at that meeting in June, Hank kept tripping over his ears!  He was still a little fella, but his ears were already Basset-sized!  Ha roo!   Well, check the pups out now!

That's Slick the Beagle/Basset up at the top of the stairs and Hank is the big Basset boy at the bottom!  Can you believe it!?!?  He said he's got 20 pounds on Slick now!  Wowzers!

The guys have been really busy.  Last weekend in their town, the Historical Foundations held their Tour of Homes.  Slick and Hank's house was on it - I can't even imagine how hard they worked helping Aunt Sniggy and Uncle Mike get their place all decorated!  They worked so hard, in fact, that their mom and dad let them spend the day at the spa (their vet has a spa!) instead of handling hosting duties.  Everyone wondered where the boys were - I can imagine!  I mean, I'd go just to see THEM!  

Isn't the picture great!?!?  Hank sent it on Wednesday and told me for the last two days he had only answered to the name "Henri".  Ha roo roo roo!  His mom and dad are just shaking their heads over that one; I think it's GREAT!!!!  He should join me in the SZK School of Siberian Studies French classes - we could étudier le français ensemble!

Thanks for checking in and giving us a p-update, guys!  For all you do, Slick and Henri..... we salute you!

On behalf of the entire Army of Four ~
Play bows,


  1. These two look like a lot of fun!

    I LOVE their loooong ears!

    Great salute!


  2. Lovely ears,
    lovely post,
    Hank and Slick are the most.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. Hi, friends!
    Nice to see Slick and Hank!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. What a great salute to Slick and Hank! I didn't know dogs had spas - I won't tell Sadie!

  5. Can you imagine having to lick those really long ears clean? No, of course YOU couldn't, but I could and WHOA!

    My tongue's tired just thinkin' about it!

  6. Les chiens Henri et Slick, sont tres adorable! Regardez ces oreilles!

    les woos et a-rooos.
    Star et Jacque

  7. Ha-rooooo!!! We love doggies with ears!!! What part of Georgia? Maybe we could have a playdate!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  8. Wow he's really grown hasn't he?

    I didn't know Stormy offered french at SZK School. I'd like to learn french!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  9. Woo Woo!
    Nice to meet your friends.
    Would dey tumble over dem ears if we did da Husky zoomies wid dem?

    Husky kisses,

  10. But how can you have a proper open house without the proper canine reception committee? Our humans are hosting their neighborhood association meeting next weekend and we are already planning how we can be of the most help.

  11. Woo! We salute them, too. Thanks for introducing us to Slick and Hank.

    PS- Hope you all are weathering this awful ice all right.

  12. I bet Brice wishes he khould khlean THOSE ears!

    They grow up so fast, don't they?!?


  13. A great salute to your friends. Nice to see that Hank as grown into his ears.

    Princess Eva

  14. They went to a spa? That's pretty darn cool. I don't know if I could handle a spa though. I might get too hot in the hot tub, but the mud bath might not be too bad.


  15. Je vous salue, Henri et Slick!


  16. Pawsome Salute to Slick & Hank

    ~ Bae

  17. WOO WOO

    Those two are pretty darn cute and look at those ears!

    Thor and Marco Polo