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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ha roo everypup and kit-cat!  It's me, Stormy!  I hope all of you are having a wonderful week - time is just flying here at Ao4 HQs.

We Sibes have been busy helping Mom learn how to use the new iMac and iPhone and while Mom was out having her hair cut yesterday, I told Dad how to get Mom's pictures that she thought she had lost forever off the Windows-formatted iPod and onto a flash drive.  All is right in the world now. 

Anyroo... we were relaxing last night, much like this:

Me in the foreground; Zim through the uprights

That picture is from a couple nights ago, but you get the idea.  Mom was scrolling through messages ... and it hit us!  We hadn't put a post up!  Unless there's something major, like an ice storm or a computer crash, we post every DAY!  

What do you mean "we" forgot?

I don't want to point the paw at anybiped in particular, especially since we did get to go on an extra walk yesterday.  See... it was so nice out after lunch - wind-chill in the 20s (that's Fahrenheit; it would be about 6.5C), winds at about 20 to 25 miles an hour, and sunny.  Very nice.  Snow would have made it better, but you can't have everything.  But, hey.  We didn't post.  Our beautiful and clever friend Frankie said we had a good iExcuse (ha roo roo roo!)... so we'll just leave it there.

Since so many of you enjoyed seeing what the darling redheads were like after their walk the other morning, I thought I'd show you what a dignified 13 year old (that would be me) acts like.  Sort of an "extra" to make it up to you that we didn't post.  Here you go:

That's Ammy in the beginning scene in the living room. Dave puts in an appearance, too.  In fact, even Mom thought Dave was me for an instant.  Ha roo!  I hope you enjoyed that.  And for those of you who need a translation, I was telling Mom I was back and deserved a COOKIE!  

Anyway, sorry about missing yesterday.  No more iExcuses!  (Really good one, Frankie!)  We're up and running (figuratively and literally!) and will be back to our normal posting schedule.

Tail wags, all!


  1. You are all forgiven!

    We missed you though.

    Loved the video. You could say I was all "I"s watching it!!

    love and lIcks,

    MarvIn xxxxxxxx

  2. iGuess iWoo iAre iFurgiven!

    Khongrats on mission akhkhomplished!


  3. Good one! Loved your video, but I did miss you!


  4. iunderstand. Mom gets too busy on her imac and skips posting for DAYS! I paw her but she says "don't bug me, i'm working", like that's some kind of an excuse.

    Good to read, see & hear wooo again!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  5. Our people (or the one whose thumbs I depend on) often neglects my blog for her Apple products, of which she has a full complement going back over many years. It must be something in their strange nature that makes them unable to understand that they can blog AND use their Apple products at the same time. Sigh.

  6. Our Belgian ears heard your barks as "Can we open the food safe and have some cheese?" But our Momma didn't hear it that way since she didn't give us any cheese.

    Princess Eva

  7. w00f's, me missed u yesterday too..its good dat the bipeds has us to help them along the way sumtimes...me hopes u got a cookie..

    b safe,

  8. You're forgiven because iLove all of you!

  9. All is well with the world once again! It just wasn't the same without a post from my buddies.

  10. I am so happy to hear from AO4. It looks like howling good time over there. I wish I could jump through those uprights and gives you a kiss.

    And Mom, give the guy a cookie...and mee too.


  11. I missed you so much! Don't forget us again! I loved the video!! More More!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  12. Owner Girl didn't let me post yesterday either. Something about being busy with laundry and babysitting and work, as if those things were anywhere near as important as my blog! Glad you guys are back!

  13. "Wii" all excuse you!!

    "Wii" know your mom has been really
    working overtime with that new
    iMac toy. That said, one should Never Never keep a sweet and dignified 13 year old iStorm
    waiting for her cookie!
    How could anyone make you wait with that adorable face!?

    Frankie Girl

  14. So, Stormy, did you get a cookie? I think it's fun to see you all in action..and to hear your voices. I think it would be fun to hear you howl!

  15. I sure hope you got a cookie or two! Glad you're back too!

  16. Yes, I was wondering what happend with your post yesterday!
    I loved the video! I understood everything!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Oh I like how you sibes relax. I going to try relaxing with my paws up too

    ~ Bae

  18. We love the uprights photo! I sure hope you got a cookie after that great speech.

  19. I missed seeing my best friend Zimmie for a day. Hi Zim! Stormy, is Zim allowed to iRoo with me on iChat soon?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  20. Even I know you were asking for a cookie!

  21. We love to lay on our back like that too!!!

    M & I

  22. We missed you too (though we admit to not checking our favorite blogs everyday, but we do finally get caught up). Wish we could say the same about daily blogging - we are a little slack about that. Love the leg in the air sleep. that's perfect for blocking TV viewing by the humans, we find.

  23. iExcuse! That's funny!!!!!

  24. WOO WOO Stormy

    Your walk sounds so wonderful. Mom won't take us out right now - something about us dragging down with all of the snow and ice! We wouldn't do that! We love your picture especially the football one and the video was excellent Did you get the cookie?
    Thor and Marco Polo