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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Walk

Hi everypuppy!  And everycat, too!  It's me - Amber!  Stormy said I can share more of our lovely snow pictures with you today!  We still have the snow, but now there's a layer of ice on top of it.  As you may remember from last year, ice is not nice!  So until that goes away, here is our bee-roo-tiful SNOW!

Here is a shot of me and Zimmie!

That's me on the left and Zim on the right.  Here are Dave and Stormy!

Dave is on the left and Storm is on the right.  (Remember, Storm is red, Dave is purple, Zim is blue and I am green!)  Here's a single shot of Davy:

You can see him smiling a little, can't you?!!?  Here's one of me looking very serious!

I was concentrating very hard!  :)  

Now... even though I showed you us in matching color teams, we weren't really paired up that way!   Davy and I tend to pull a lot harder than Stormy and Zim, so Dad was with us strong-pullers, and Stormy and Zimmie were helping Mom walk!  Here they are together:

Here is a cool picture of them going up hill:

I like the perspective you get of the hill!

Mom kept trying to get a good picture of the four of us walking together - like the one Zim showed you the other day.  Usually we like to walk like that, but not if we know Mom is trying to take our picture!  Dad ended up offering to hold all four leashes so Mom could snap some group shots.  He only does that for photo opps; our parents are very safety conscious and have a "one Sibe per arm" rule!  The pic Zim showed you is from that session!  Here are some more:

Here we are, getting into formation.  Note I'm standing up against Dad's leg.

I'm not as good at herding as our friends Gus, Louie & Callie, or Zac & Holly, or Pippin and her pack (to include the very handsome Hamish!), but I do like to herd my bipeds!  Our ancestors were used to herd reindeer (!) and I still have a lot of those instincts in me!  Besides, great brother Booter liked to herd and I loved doing everything just like him!  

Then Stormy said we should humor Mom and smile at the camera.  Just this once.

Left to right:  Storm, Dad, Dave, me, Zimmie

Storm smiled, Dad was focusing on safety, and Dave was worried that Mom was so far away from him.  And I told Zim I saw something off to our left (your right).  Dave came over to see what we were looking at...

Left to right:  Storm, me, Zim, Dave.  Dad in the back row.

...and that's when Mom and Dad started to get just a tad bit nervous.  Something about "braiding" and "oh, no, they've seen something!" or something like that.  The boys were getting really interested in what I said I saw; I confessed to Stormy that I didn't really see anything (hee hee hee!), and she thought that was really funny.  :)  

Ha roo roo roo!  Good one, Ammy.
(Stormy!  There wasn't really anything there!)  Made you look, boys!  Hee hee hee!

For some reason, Dad said it was time to implement the "one Sibe per arm" rule, turned Storm and Zimmie back over to Mom and we went home.  :)  Zim will share some more pix with you tomorrow!



  1. Pssssst

    Ammy -

    My mom used to have five of us - she khould walk all five of us on one arm/hand...

    I'm just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: BTW, your snow is beaWOOtiful! Woo did a great job with your forekhast!

  2. You four certainly enjoy your walks in the snow. I can certainly understand the one Sibe per arm rules!

  3. Great pictures! We just got back from a snow walk. Mom says to tell your mom that the walking belt really helps because she has her arms free to help with balance. However, she only had me hooked up, so maybe it wouldn't work as well with Stormy and Zim.

    Well, I'm tired from my walk AND yours, so I'm off to take a nap.


  4. w00f's Pups, heehee u thinks ur dad wuzz skeered u mite c a squeerl and run after it like me wood do..

    b safe,

  5. Wow! Those are some beautiful Ao4 pictures! I especially like the first one.

    I wonder if your mom and dad's arms are a little longer than they used to be?

  6. Guess what? The snow is falling from the sky at our house and right now we have about 8" and we can't wait till tomorrow to get out there and plow our noses through it!
    Snow is soooooooooooo beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. So many wonderful snow pictures! I love them all! Especially this bunch!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  8. You got snow - we got yucky, slippery ice. We're not real happy, nor graceful

  9. So why is that you pups can just throw on your leashes and you're ready for a walk, but the humans take 20 minutes and 30 layers of clothes to get ready? I saw this phenomenon on Steve, Kat and Wilbur's blog the other day.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  10. Love your snow pic's... especially the group ones with your dad.

    We wish we could come and have a play with you all in your snow.

    Keep having fun!

    Holly & Zac

  11. Hi, friends!
    My mom can't imagine how its like to be walking four at a time!
    I hope you get all the snow you want!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. WOO WOO

    What great shots! You are so nice to let your humans take pictures of everyone looking forward!!! They are good to us, taking us for long walks! Mom totally agrees with the one sibe per arm and quit twisting the leashes over each other when she has gloves on, she gets scared that we will run away while she switches arms! NOT US!!!!
    Enjoy that great snow!
    Thor and Marco Polo

  13. Isn't this just great! We loved those photos - I know this is your kind of weather!

  14. oh my! All you guys need is the sleigh!

    Wonderful snowy pics, ours has all gone now sadly!

    We have been quiet because it is busy times in the Marvin household, hope to catch up with all very soon though!

    love and licks, I am most envious of your snow......

    Marvin xxxxxx

  15. You must be very happy to have all that snow. Our mom definitely agrees with the one sibe per arm rule. Of course, ours is one 'dale per arm. We sure wish we had snow instead of what we have...it's raining really hard. None of us want to go outside! Merry Christmas to all of you and your peeple too!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  16. Thankfully, our humans through out the one sibe per arm rule so we can all go out together - they got the Sierra walking belts. Still fun to braid leashes that way though.

  17. Your Dad was brave to hold you all at once. You all were good to him to not have him do a snow dive.