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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photo Shoot Out-Takes, Part 2

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim!  Did you like Ammy's post yesterday with her out-takes?  Ha roo roo roo!  She cracks me up!  Me?  I like posing for pictures -- if I'm in the mood.  So I came over to see what was going on...

HEY!  Whatcha got there?!?!  HEY!  Cool!

...and Mom asked me if I'd like to pose for some pictures.  Oh, wait - before I get started.  She'd like me to mention once again that these are wooden eggs - otherwise she never would have had us pose with them.  I wonder what she meant by that?  Well, anyway, I said, "Sure, I'll pose for pix!" and struck a pose for her:

"How's this?  Babes usually go crazy over this pose!"

I was going for my cool, debonaire look.  And then... then... it happened.  

"What... is... she... doing to me???
Is there a bunny touching my paw?
I... can't... look..."

Does the look on my face tell it all?  I mean ... it was touching me!!!  That's going a bit too far!  If I'm not in the mood to be touched, don't touch me!  (Paws up from this honorary kitty cat to all my cat friends!)  

Mom decided to set the items up next to me, instead of touching me, and that was far more acceptable.  

Oh, sure... I'll pose beside them!

I look ready to pounce like the cool cat that I am in that picture above, don't I?  I just still wasn't sure that bunny was going to try to touch me again.  You know how it goes.

I let Mom get a couple good shots off, to include the one used in our Easter card, then that bunny looked sideways at me and ...

Are you lookin' at me?  Don't try to touch me again, you little bite-sized...

...and Mom declared my part of the photo shoot over!  Tune in tomorrow for more photo fun!

Play bows and cat stretches,
Zim  - Honorary Kitty Cat!


  1. He he. great photos! and if the bunny touches you again, it definitely has it coming to him. =)

  2. BOL!! Zim, you are so funny! I love the ready to pounce pose and that cool pose...well, I can see why the ladies go crazy over you for that one! ;)


  3. That is like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way much longer than my posing session would have been akhtive!

    Grrrreat job!

    PeeEssWoo: Evidently, my best shoots are when I'm asleep!

  4. oh Zim! we love the piccies! especially the fourth one down. you are almost too handsome to look at!!!

  5. Excellent posing job, Zim. And we give you major paws up for all of your patience. Not sure that we would have been nearly as patient. On second thought, we are SURE that we would not have been as patient.

  6. We love the pouncing kitty pic. It's good to let the inner kitty out once in a while.

    Princess Eva

    P.S. He thought about asking for their number but then remembered that his heart belongs to Ammy. If we see them again, we'll let them know that you think they're cute.

  7. Wow! You and Amber did a great job posing! We usually try to sniff the clicky flashy box as soon as it comes out.

    tail wags,
    Zeke and Sushi

    We pose really well except we are usually done posing by the time the clicky flashy box comes out.

    Mom says she may have to check out the pysanky site. She is not much for crafts but those look like lots of fun!

    Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  8. You look very handsome Zim but we think the bunny is taking liberties!
    No wonder you were looking at it like that - could be nice in a pie!
    Lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xx

  9. LOL Zimmy! The bunny won't hurt you! I'd still give him a chomp when your mommy isn't looking to put him in his place.

  10. Heehee! Great photo story! We like da pictures!

    Gus and Waldo

  11. Ya think she'd have been furry happy in that first one, woo gave her an absolutely dynamite pose! but nooooooo, the human's not happy yet. She won't be happy till she TORTURES you. *Sigh* It's so hard to be a sibe.

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  12. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Heya ,
    You sure showed that bunny a thing or two with those cat like reflexes of yours. Way to go.
    - TBH

  13. I'm convinced you had a good time and was just putting on about the bunny, right? I mean who is scared of a little pretend bunny? Nobody, thats who.

    Fun pictures, though!


  14. Seriously Zim, you make such a good honorary kitty cat! I wouldn't be letting that thing touch my paw either.

    Huffle Mawson

  15. The nerve of that bunny to touch you..
    Callie has to touch us all the time. Mom is still trying to get that picture. She is such a pest..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. I can't believe that bunny dared to touch your paw!


  17. We likes yur photo shoot pics, Zim. We wuld have torn the bunny to bits. You gots Sibe will power.

    Gots a question fur you - check out R new post - does this mean that we shuld wear helmets to be in uniform when we patrol & protect R home? Where can we get helmets to wear when we are on "active duty?" Can you lend us sum? Waiting to hear frum you.

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  18. Zim,

    You had a nice photo shoot. I'm not sure about that bunny either. Did you smell it? That's usually how I check things out. ..


  19. Ohno, a bunny touching your paw - how did your Mom dare to do such a thing???

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  20. That was a close one, Zim! I'm glad only the bunny was touching you. What if those eggs had been touching you too? That would have been too much!


  21. Oh Zimmie, you're such a stud! I don't know how you did it...I would have slurped down that rabbit in a second!


  22. I loved your photo shoot Zim!
    I hope she does not dare to touch you again!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. What a pawsome photo shoot Zim!
    If only I wasn't in love with Checkers.... BOL
    Big licks to you

  24. It was like your eyes practically crossed with the effort of not swallowing that bunny whole!! Good restraint my friend!

  25. I am not to sure I would have posed like that. I think I'd grab da bunny by da ears and whip him around.
    Good job in restraining yourself.

    Husky kisses,