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Monday, October 19, 2009

Deck Time

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! It's a beautiful Fall day here in Kansas! The whole family went on a really, really nice walk this morning and then when we got home, Dad said it was so nice out that we should go have coffee on the deck together! I think the "coffee" part only applied to him and Mom, so us puppies got big drinks of water and we headed out. Storm said she'd stay in the house on guard duty - I thought that was very nice of her, so we could relax and know the house was safe! Anyway... the rest of us headed outside.

Dave settled into a corner he likes:

DSCN2315 Dave

Aren't those red trees pretty down there? They're Amur Maples; I'll tell you more about them later in the week!

Zim picked his spot and got comfy:

DSCN2312 Pensive Zim

The tree you can see in the background is our White Ash. It's all kinds of pretty yellows and oranges now. But not white. I don't quite get that. Here's another shot of Zimmie:

DSCN2313 Zim

I was over on the north side, checking the yard for bunnies:

DSCN2316 Amber
Anybunny out there?!!?
I didn't see any.

It was a very relaxing morning out there. Nice and peaceful.

DSCN2321 Amber

Yep. That's about it. Just being calm and quiet, taking in the sights. Really.

DSCN2322 Amber
"Hee hee hee."

OK... maybe there was a little more activity out there. And I don't want to say who might have started that activity or anything.

In other news, here's a photo of Davy:

DSCN2317 Dave
Davy. Looking a bit... bored.

And... um... here are some pictures of my brothers enjoying the quiet, peaceful morning. In this first one, it appears that Dave wanted to tell Zim a secret.

DSCN2325 The Boys playing
"Hey Zimmie. I've gotta tell you something. Come here. Closer. It's a secret."

Zim looks like he's laughing... but then he got a rather insightful look on his face:

DSCN2327 The Boys playing
"Hey. You guys don't really think I'm going to fall for that one, do you?"

And then... um... then...

DSCN2329 The boys playing

What a lovely way to spend some time! Crispy air, sunshine, Fall colors... it was all so beautiful. Thanks for spending time on the deck with us!



  1. What could be better than some relaxing on the deck then some wrestling - hope you guys had a good time

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  2. That just looked perfect - if only we could have been there!
    Good work Storm guarding the house - it's a tough job but someone's got to do it!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    haha that secret must have been upsetting!! awesome pics as always!!


  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Nothing like the WWSW (World Wide Sibe Wrestling) to jazz up your relaxing morning! woo hoo! go dave! go dave! go zim! go zim!

  5. Looks like a beautiful day there :-)

  6. HaRoooo AO4. Looks like woo had a bee-wootiful colorful mornin'. Ours it like dat today. Enjoy, Enjoy.

    Husky kisses,

  7. Hello Ammy, my lovely cheery Grinning friend, you always make me smile, you have such a delightful funny smiley face.

    First of all, how is poor Zim's nose?

    Has it been freed from the wooden posts yet?

    I would hate to think of him stuck there with his snooter between the posts and not being able to look out for bunnies!!!!! Or take the appropriate action(or in my case "inappropriate action).......

    Secondly, I think you are spinning me a yarn, or you have "sPUN" a yarn, or a PUN!!

    he he he! is this a pun, a clever pun?????

    and here I quote

    Hey. You guys don't really think I'm going to "fall" for that one, do you?"

    I love your posts Ammy, I look for the humour every time, and it seems I find it.

    Phew I am exhausted now, btw your garden looks beauteous.

    Your friend, P.F.

  8. What beautiful pictures of you guys and the autumn leaves!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. I cant think of a better way to chill, than sitting on your pretty deck. All those lovely trees and sunshine too.. Just lovely.thanks for showing us.. ps I hope no one got hurt in that wrestling.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Sounds like a good time to me, too!
    Did you boys go a few rounds? Who is the winner?


  11. Wrestling on the deck sounds so wonderful. As does wrestling in the den and in the yard and . . . oh.

  12. Great pics of a beeewoootiful day. Glad you got to spend it out with the sun. The trees sure are preetty. THey havn't changed here just quite yet. Cant wait for some color.

    Have some funnn

    Oz and Zo

  13. Wooos Nice deck play there guys. What a beawootiful fall day!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  14. what a great deck! And what fun you had! Zimmie, I'm glad you didn't fall for the trick. ;)


  15. Those pictures are wonderful. Such beautiful colors and compositions (and, of course subjects).

    Not sure what that conversation was about.


  16. What a beautiful day for you to have coffee on the deck.. Sure hope you get a few more days like that before the snow comes!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. Maybe we could spend some time on my deck, and then some time on your deck, Ammy. What do you think?


  18. Wow - the colours of the leaves are just beautiful! Wish I had a deck like yours!

  19. Hey Ammy...you and your family sure have a beautiful deck to relax on!! Beautiful views and very beautiful colors of the trees. Definitely a great day. Wonder what the secret was about? It was nice of Storm to guard the house...he was probably having some quiet time for himself. You have a great place!!

  20. What a great relaxing day on the deck. =) and nothing is a secret if you have to say it is a secret. he he

  21. Wish I could relax and wrestle with you all!


  22. Sure it was a great way to spend a nice day!
    I enjoyed a lot your Deck Time!
    Kissses and hugs

  23. What a bootiful day out there. I don't get why the ash isn't white either - why Ammy? But mostly, I want in on that secret hehee! Can't wait to find out!
    Huggers xo

  24. What a fall gorgeous day in Kansas(and in Texas too!)!!

    Ammy...just say no to bunnies!!!


  25. Hee hee hee, somebunny was in the mood for husky smackdown! Lovely day!

    a-roos to yous,
    Jack a-roo

  26. So pretty! And sunny! We just went through a long streak of rainy days and it's suppose to start again tomorrow.

    Princess Eva

  27. Hey there Ammy
    Thank you so much for sharing your deck time with us. It sounds lovely up there!
    Here's a thought: We think your Mom has chosen you all for your colours! Its the red-haired's turn during Autumn/Fall and the black-n-whites' turn during winter. Summer is for all of you! What a way to choose doggies.
    Love the pictures (always!)

  28. Spending time with those you ♥ on a sunny day is PURRfect for the soul.

  29. Beautiful pics of you all! And I love all the cool colors!

    Such a nice relaxing morning on the deck and a great wrestling match!


  30. Love that paw technique of Zim's. A pup after my own heart, or after my paw. Or something.

  31. So beautiful! I would love to come and hang out on your deck with you all. It would be sooo serene!

    Well, until Dave and Zimmie wanted to play, and then it would be fun!

    I don't think Dave looks bored. I think he's day dreaming of ME!


  32. Has our weather not been absolutely divine lately? I'm really trying to enjoy it now...it will be over soon. Zim is so cute, always looking through the railings, inside and out. Ammy, I'm glad you weren't involved in that ah, ummm, altercation. Is Storm feeling ok?

  33. That was very relaxing. Those boys sure know how to ruin the peace and quiet. :)


  34. I think there's no better after-walk activity than a nice big drink and some wrestling. Mom often says, "Why do I bother with these walks if you're not even tired?" I guess she doesn't understand that wrestling is our dessert. :-)


  35. w00fs, heehee me thought Zimmy had the look of bitey face..

    b safe,