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Friday, October 09, 2009

Photo Finish Friday - Us, Too!

Woo, everypup and everycat. Dave here. Did you see Ammy's post yesterday? Yep. She got to go to that Top of the World place. Just her and my mom! MY mom! Woo. Sure, I got to do something else with Mom that day - but I've never been to the Top of the World! So the very next day, before Mom could finish her, "Who wants to..." question, Zimmie and I both flew to the door! The bad news is that she had tweaked her knee a little the day before and didn't want to have both of us pulling her out of the Celica onto her bad knee. The good news is that when she said she couldn't take both of us boys, Dad said he'd go with us! That meant boys' day out! With Mom. It was great!

We all piled into the RAV4 and headed out.

DSCN2160 Dave and Zim  2 OCT 09
Does Dad know where he's going, Zim? Maybe you should navigate!

Zim wasn't sure - but Mom said Dad knew how to get there. You don't think she took him up there without us? Woo, can you imagine?

Ammy told me lots of stuff about the Top of the World and mentioned that it was incredibly windy when she was up there the day before. I thought, "Just how windy can it BE!?!" Then I got my answer..

DSCN2161 Dave 2 OCT 09
Wind gusts of 40 mph.

OK, she was right - but we didn't let that stop us from doing lots of cool exploring! Zim and Mom led the way down the gravel road; Dad and I were next!

DSCN2165 Mike and Dave 2 OCT 09

It was every bit as cool as Zim said it would be!

Dad and I took the lead for a while - I like to be in the front!

DSCN2166 Dave  2 OCT 09
Let's go, Dad!

Then the gravel road ended, but Zim said he knew a really cool path. I relinquished the lead to him - he's a really great scout!

DSCN2169 Zim  2 OCT 09
This way, Dave!

Here's a look back at me and Dad:

DSCN2171 Dave and Mike  2 OCT 09

It was a blast! Zim led us a long, long way down this path:

DSCN2172  2 OCT 09

Tomorrow, I'll show you where he took us and what all we saw!

Thanks for coming along! Woo, the Top of the World is so exciting!!!



  1. Hi Dave
    Your top of the world walk does look lovely with beautiful skies.
    The wind will be good for blowing the cobwebs away!
    Martha always likes to be in front when we go out - just like you!
    Zim seemed to find a good path though and we will look forward to seeing your pics tomorrow.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    dave & zim...

    such pretty places and dirt roads to travel for miles and miles! i hope you keep enjoying your sights and travels!! >^_^<

    --goatee teh mancat & friends--

  3. You can tell how much wind their was from Zim's tail. Does that make it a "tail wind?"

  4. Sounds as though you two had a brilliant walk at the top of the world.. I am looking forward to more pictures. The wind may be blowing but it looks sunny.. Glad you got to go.. You will have been swapping tales with Ammy when you got back.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Hey Dave and other Army Brats,
    The funniest thing we saw on your post today is that your dad has the same hair stylist that our dad has because they've got the exact same haircut.
    You were right to be concerned about your dad knowing how to get to The Top of The World; afterall, he was in the Army. When our dad was flying the mighty A-6E Intruder he had another guy with him whose whole job was to navigate, and also to drop fireworks off the plane. Our dad says you need a Navy nuclear submarine to get to The Top of The World, how do you do do it in a RAV4? It sure looks windy there. How high up in the sky is it?
    You'd better watch out for your mom and dad going up there alone. It's the #3 makeout spot in Manhattan, KS. How do we know?


  6. Dave, thanks for taking us along on your first trip to the Top of the World! It was nice of your dad to go so you both could go. Can't wait to find out what's down that trail! Also, what'd you do with your mom the day she took Ammy up there?

  7. Our mom gets the same response when she starts to say "do you...."

    Princess Eva

  8. wow! what beautiful views! I can't wait to see more pictures... especially of you!

  9. Hey there Dave
    We are glad you got your walk too...that must be a very special place! Tell Mom that my mom says: if I was a Sibe, she'd make sure she could balance on a skateboard and I'd do the pulling. Hehe...can you imagine...a RAV4 SKATEBOARD!
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

  10. You all went back again? Watch out for the wind with your floofy tails. You could get blown off course.


  11. oh lovely atmospheric pics!

    and "isn't the Rav 4 the best Sibe/labradorable vehicle ever??????"

    sorry we have had to curtail our stuff, just taking a break, will be back soonest.

    Your friends.

  12. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Err Dave, What happened to your tail in that wind? did it blow off? tee hee!

    Boy it sure was windy. It's a good way to fluff up your coats for winter!

  13. Wow! What a fun adventure. Were Stormy and Ammy yelling when you got home? When I have been left home alone with just Wilbur, I yell and yell and yell.


  14. Thanks for taking us on your walk. I would say more, but Mom and I are gonna go walk in the SNOW right now!


  15. Wow! Back to The Top of the World AGAIN!!! That is just way too cool!! I love the pictures, love the pictures of you guys in the car looking so excited...and can't wait to see more!!!! Thanks again for sharing the walk...it's great!

  16. Yay! I'm glad you got to go Dave! I hope you have some more pictures of your handsome self tomorrow.


  17. Beautiful pictures!

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

    P.S. We would love to meet you and Zim for coffee! We will even bring our favorite treats!

  18. Lovely! But, wow! 40 mph!? Mom would be hidin' underground somewhere....
    Looked like a super fun walkie though!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  19. Hey Davy, looks like you had a great day. My bestest friend Zimmie wouldn't lead you astray!


  20. You guys are so lucky! Zim is super lucky to get to go two days in a row.

    I wish we had such a secluded place to walk. Our woods are pretty quiet, but since we live in a busy place, you can still hear the commotion from the nearby roads.

  21. Glad you boys got to have some fun!! My Mom says the wind would be the pits but that's because we get wind gusts like that here all the time and it gets rather old. :) But what a beautiful place you got to walk!


  22. Hi, Dave!
    I hope your mom's ankle does not hurt her very much!
    Glad you and Zim went to the Top of the World with your Dad too!
    Windy... but funny!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Boy's day out sure was a lot of fun. It is so much fun when Dad goes along..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  24. Looks like you guys need some doggles to keep the wind out of your eyes :) GREAT photos as usual.

  25. Wow Dave...what an AWESOME walk!!!


  26. I love that pic of you guys in the car! :)


  27. What great walkies with your pawrents - such lucky pups

    too bad the girls didnt get to go too

    cant wait to see where you went

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ