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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Insights Into Our Walks

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me - Zim! Remember the great photo we showed you over the weekend of all of us walking together? Storm said I could share some more pix from that walk with you today. It was so nice and cold and windy... if only we'd had snow, it would have been perfect!

I thought I'd give you more of an inside look into our walks. It's not all "straight ahead and pull like a ... well... like a Siberian Husky" - though we certainly do a lot of that! Check out this picture of Stormy and me:

DSCN2414 Storm & Zim
Storm and me (Zim)

Stormy had just told me a really funny joke. Ammy's not the only comedian in the family; Storm can be a riot when you get her going!

Speaking of Ammy, let's look over and see what she's doing:

DSCN2415 Ammy herding Mike
Ammy. Herding.

That's right. She's herding Dad. She loves to herd him and Mom. She's really good at it, too. Did you know the Chukchi tribesmen used our ancestors to herd reindeer? Yep. Pulling sleds, keeping bipeds warm, and herding reindeer. Pretty cool, huh? So Ammy likes to honor our ancestors and do a little herding as we go.

On this walk, Dave was pretty much all about the pulling, so he's in the group shots in the end.

And me? I love to explore everything, stop and smell the roses (or whatever) along the way, meet new friends - you know! Anyway, that day was no different ... and look! A new fluffy friend!

DSCN2418 Zim & the Wooly Bear
Ha roo!?!

He was pretty cool. Loved his colors and his fluff. Here's a shot of just him:

Please understand that I did not hurt my new friend, Mr. Wooly Bully; I was very gentle. He even tried to follow us on our walk, but couldn't quite keep up.

Here's another one of Ammy's favorite tricks:

DSCN2424 Ammy
Oh, wait... I smell something really important over here...

Stormy is so proud of Amber's bamboozling skills! Or as Storm likes to say, "Who put the 'am' in 'bamboozle'?" Ha roo roo roo - I told you Storm is funny!

Lastly, here's a collage of all four of us, enjoying the day together:


You can click that to go to FlickR for a larger view, if you'd like! And remember our leash color-coding: Stormy is red, Ammy is green, Dave is purple, and I am blue!

Thanks for coming on our walk with us!

Play bows,


  1. Wooly Bully is too cute. Thanks for taking us on your walkie!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  2. I met one of those Wooly Bully's once too! It was the same day I met Summii for the first time! We both checked him out, but didn't bother him.

    Great walkie photo's!!!


  3. i love how each of you likes to do something different!

  4. Thanks for taking us on your walks! I love seeing all four of you at once. A very beautiful sight!! We haven't seen any wooly bullys around here..if they are here, they must be hiding!

  5. Nice walking you guys and very good herding, Ammy! The Dad is the one you want to keep track of anyway, right? Then the Mom keeps track of all of you?


  6. We thought Ammy was trying to trip your Dad up!
    Martha is good at that but now we will think she is herding!
    We just love seeing all four of you together and think the colour coded leads is cool.
    Do you manage to tie your humans in knots?
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. Hi Ammy, your mom is having some strange dreams!!!!
    Have you ever thought of becoming a basset?
    We kinda like you just the way you are..........
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. What a lovely day out together! Too funny about Ammy herding - you guys sure are a versatile breed!

  9. well first things first.

    My J says first of all she had the flippin Do The Huffle tune in her head all day, sorry Hustle.

    Then she now has to suffer Wooly Bully in endless repetition!!!!!!

    She wants me to bark to you "are you guys trying to drive her MAD!!!!!!!?????"

    Secondly, your walks look so beautiful, I wish I could walk them with you, truly lovely.

    But I wondered if the house on the horizon in one of your pics, was Dorothy's house? Kinda looked Red Shoe Clicky to her.

    Well, that is all from me, I am going off to howl with Jeannie, Wooly Bully and The Hustle......

    Van McCoy has a lot to answer for!

    Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. What a beautiful day for a walk..
    Ammy you can come with us and herd some sheep anytime...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. It was fun seeing what goes on during your walks! When we went on a field trip, we saw a Wooly Bully too but mommy wouldn't let me close to it because she thought I'd step on it. I'm not as good with other critters as you are.


  12. Ooh...your new little woolly friend is so cute! Although I would probably have just stepped on him and not even noticed - ha! ha!

    Thanks for sharing a great walk!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. Loved going on your walk and seeing what you get up to. I loved the litle fluffy and would love to play with that.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. Does Ammy do the behind the legs walk that Rusty does? He was impressed with the leash wrap she had accomplished.

  15. What an awesome walk!!! I especially liked the wooly bully AND the tip on extending your walks by being ever "curious"


  16. I am so glad you explained that your dad was on walkies with you because at first I thought you guys had totally stretched your mom's arms out from all your pulling ways.

    Thanks for explaining how complex walkies can be with all of you scouting for things at once. Yikes!


  17. I enjoyed a lot your walkie!
    I have never seen one of those Wooly Bullys!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Ammy, you have no idea how your comment "everything for a reason" was so perfect. Mom was talking to Grandma after work and Grandma said the same thing. Well, actually, she said that she doesn't know why but God did not want her to have surgery today and there was a reason He didn't allow it. You know, sometimes our parents have a hard time seeing things that way. I'm glad you and Grandma were there to remind my momma who is in control!

  19. Heehee! When TaiChi was younger (4 years ago), she had two brothers - Ben, a standard poodle, and Billy a toy poodle (they have both since crossed The Bridge). When Mom would take the 3 of them on a walk together, she says they would cross back and forth so much that the leashes would be a complete tangle!

    BTW, we are getting snow here, and it is supposed to continue through tomorrow night. So you can come visit, if you want - there's plenty of snow to share!

    *kissey face*

  20. Hey guys
    Yes, we suppose walkies can get really complicated with four frisky huskies! Thank you too for the colour coding info...we hope we remember it all...we are a bit slow on the uptake! (pssst...is there any way to put it up permanently on the top of your blog perhaps)
    We love Ammy's herding skills - she and Tammy would do well with our Hadedah Ibises (large birds here.)
    Anyway, keep warm and happy walking!
    With love from ALL your friends in...


  21. I enjoyed the walk very much. Mum says she saw one of those woolly bully things last year in Seattle and thought of you straight away!


  22. Looks like you had a fun day. We don't get those wooly things up here in Scotland!

  23. Look at that wooly worm! We don't get those out here and Mom misses them. She is a weirdo, why miss them when she has us???

  24. My mom says I should try herding once in a while to give her arms a break. What do you think that means?


  25. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Youse guys are a riot. What y'all call herd, wrapping your lease around the dads lankles, we call tripping. It's very effective. Jack would have ate the wooly bug; he eats all bugs.
    - TBH&K