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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Rest of the Cliff-Hanger!

Woo - Dave here again, pups and cats. Did you like yesterday's cliff-hanger? Don't worry, I'm back (and so is Zim!) with the rest of our adventure! Now ... if I remember correctly, we were right about here:

DSCN2182  2 OCT 09

Zimmie was leading us down that cool path. I was having so much fun exploring and smelling everything! And Dad was having so much fun enjoying the view (you can see one of the golf courses he plays at from up there!) ...

DSCN2178 MIke and Dave  2 OCT 09

...but then I said, "Dad, look! They're way ahead! We need to catch up!"

DSCN2173 Mike and Dave  2 OCT 09
"Let's go, Dad!"

Zim was already at the end of the trail (sort of the end)! Check out the view!

 DSCN2174 Zim 2 OCT 09

He's told you about this place before - and he showed you what it looks like in Springtime. The trail doesn't really end, it just drops off at a REALLY sharp angle right where that rocky area stops! (Does that make this post a double cliff-hanger? Ha woo.) Here's Zim, striking a pose:

DSCN2175 Zim  2 OCT 09

He loved feeling the wind blowing through his fur! He encouraged me to come over to the edge and look down.

DSCN2179 Dave  2 OCT 09
Woo, I can't look!

Just kidding. A big wind gust came up and made me squint!

We stood there a long time so Dad could take in the view (he could just make out one of the other golf courses he plays at from that vantage point!) and so me and Zim could do some major snoofing!

DSCN2180 Mike, Dave, Zim  2 OCT 09
Hey, Dave! Check this out!

Zim sure was right about this place. It's the coolest! (And the windiest. Ha woo!) Thanks for coming along with us!



  1. It is so beautiful! What a wonderful walk to take! It sure looks very windy but also very pretty and fun. Thanks for sharing your walk with all of us!

  2. It does look very beautiful and oh how we do like the bigger pictures.
    Thank dogness you boys did not fall off the edge of the world!!!
    It looked kinda scary - we are sure it was a great view but we are not so sure we like heights!
    Actually our mum doesn't like heights!!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. That is a really cool place. Thank you for taking us along. Were there any critters on the way?

  4. Amazing scenery! Beautiful view! Yep, we are sure that that wind 'turned over a new leaf'!
    Lots of licks

  5. Great end to your adventure! Thanks for taking those of us along who couldn't be there.

  6. What an awesome and beautiful walkie!
    We love windy days when our fur gets blown back!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Your walks are so much more interesting than ours. We need to take Jan out in the sticks to walk but she'd probably fall over her own feet and hurt one of us. sigh.

  8. It looks very beautiful! And yes, it was a double cliff hanger!


  9. Thanks for sharing the second part of the Cliff-Hanger!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Thank you for showing us part two.. I just love the views and you two look as ou enjoyed everything.. Hugs GJ x

  11. I'm impressed that you got your dad to pose for some photos! Mine refuses.


  12. We enjoyed your double cliff hanger! It was sure pretty up there! Our dad won't allow pictures of him on our blog cause he says he didn't sign the waivor. Ha roo roo!


  13. Wow, Dave, if that had been me way behind with Dad, I would have been pulling like a maniac to get back even with Kat and Mom.

    Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. We miss seeing wind.


  14. Hey Army Brats,
    That sure was an adventurous walk up at the Top Of The World. You can sure see far away from up there. You'd probably end up going real fast if you continued down the cliff where the trail drops off. Wind can be refreshing.
    - TBH&K

  15. Hey guys, what a wonderful walk! Mum took a look at you guys, all beautiful, clean and brushed...and hauled me out from under the car for my weekly bath which I had ducked out of earlier.

    mmmmmmm... needless to say I am clean, and brushed...not sure I am beautiful like you but I'm hansome...for now!

    Have a lovely day.

  16. Hi guys! thanks for taking us on dat wonderful walk! Great view and superb scenery, lucky lucky you!!


  17. hi guys..
    grate place.. yours are a lucky doggies..

  18. You could see forever up there. Did you see us waving paws at you?

  19. A double cliff hanger and a grrreat ending. Looks like your dadda had just as much fun as you did☺

  20. You take the coolest (and windiest) walkies Dave!!


  21. What a pretty sunny place. You get to go on the best walks!

  22. Awesome adventure guys! It's really beautiful up there!


  23. What a pawsome view - we gotta take some pics of our top of the world

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ