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Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Day Revisited

Ha roo, pups and cool cats. Zim here again today. I wanted to thank all of you for the excellent suggestions you gave us yesterday about what we could get into err... no, that's not right... amuse ourselves with no, that's not right either... do to help Mom out on a rainy, dreary day. Yeah, that's it. I think we covered most of your recommendations between the four of us. We don't have photos of all of our accomplishments, but we do of lots of them. Let's get started, there's lots of ground to cover!

The top three suggestions centered around zoomies and wrestling, napping, and helping make the beds.

Zoomies and wrestling. Did those repeatedly throughout the day. Especially enjoyable while still damp from going outside. Mom seemed excited about it, too. Oddly, there are no pictures.

Napping. Got that covered really well. Here's Ammy:

IMG_3234 Ammy

Since we normally do Photo Finish Friday, that's our entry for this week.

As an addendum here (Stormy held Vocabulary Class yesterday), the 'Splorin' Wolfies said, "hmmm---are you sure it is raining out--i think i would have to verify that with Amber...." Oh, yeah, we did run it by her. She confirmed rain and not snow, otherwise she would not have been napping. She did smell snow to our north later in the afternoon, but not for us.

Helping make the beds. Lots of great ideas about making beds, fluffing pillows, testing the comfiness of all the beds, pillows, couches and chairs in the house. Sadly, our skills are limited to our own beds and the one biped bed in the Master Bedroom; everything else is off-limits. According to Mom, we did enough work on the big bed to last a while. Happy to help, Mom! Here's Stormy, midway into Holly and Zac's suggestion of kicking all the pillows off the bed:

IMG_4115 Storm
Me? About to ransack the bed? Where do you GET these ideas?!?

I tried helping down in the Studio for a while. This covered the bum around idea, sniff all over then sniff some more suggestion, and rearrange the toys recommendation.

IMG_3350 Zim
Anything else I can do for you, Mom?

She thought I had done enough down there. Then I remembered what Max had said... and I offered to rearrange the stuff on the shelves. Mom thought it was fine as is.

IMG_3351 Zim
Are you sure, Mom? It's no trouble...

You can see the disappointment on my face, can't you? Just to cheer me up and to give Mom some good background music while she worked, Dave led us all in a howl-athon.


That was tons of fun - and before we knew it, it was time to go upstairs for lunch and Banana Formation. That covers snacking and eating in general. Here are me and Dave in formation:

IMG_4113 Zim, Dave, Storm

Pretty cool, huh? You can see part of Storm and Dad in there, too. Don't worry, Ammy was there, too!

After lunch, we did many of the same activities. I also worked in pose for the camera. OK, that wasn't one of your suggestions, but it was fun.

IMG_3318 Zim

Yeah... I know. You want a close-up now, don't you? Here ya go:

IMG_3319 Zim

It was a full afternoon, let me tell you! But that's not all we did! Back to Holly and Zac's suggestions, they had another idea: Make lots of noise so the bipeds can't hear the TV. Done and done, pals! It all started when Storm settled in to watch some TV...

IMG_4117 Storm
"House Hunters"? I thought you said you were going to watch "Mouse Hunters"!

She fired off an email to a couple kit-cat pals of hers (Tia and Huffs), then started yelling her protests about the show mix-up. I really think "Mouse Hunters" sounds more interesting, don't all of you?

Thanks to your suggestions, we stayed really busy all day! You guys are the best!

Play bows,


  1. Gosh Zim - why don't you all just sleep, it would be much easier? Far too much activity there - still I suppose there are four of you.


  2. That was an excellent day!!! Whew! I'm tired now!

    I love that close-up of you! :)

    Have a great weekend!


  3. We are all worn out just reading about your day.
    We loved your howlathon collage!
    We kinda got the impression that perhaps your mom didn't appreciate all your efforts - there is no pleasing some folk.
    And yes Mouse Hunters sounds way more fun than House Hunters!!!!
    Have a great weekend
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. WOWZERS! You got so much done. Let me guess, all that before noon too, huh? All that military training comes through. Great day indeedy. Now, you need a nap. Go catch some zzzzzzs.

    Oz and Zozo

  5. Phew! We're tired after reading about your day! Looks like you pretty much got everything covered in the A04 headquarters! Hope it's not raining today since there's nothing left to do inside!

  6. Excellent work. Our dad has been working from home yesterday and today. We have been helping by singing everytime he is on a conference call. He thought we were so good he asked us to outside and sing. Isn't that nice?

  7. Phew! I am tired just reading your blog!!

    Lotsaluv Marvin xxxxxx

  8. You all sure had everything covered.. You forgot the grrrr grrrr grrr when mom is trying to talk on the phone...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  9. Fabulous photo's .. I am in love with those faces.. I adore the collage.. Wow singing in the kitchen.. I would so love to see that.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. You sure know how to keep busy on a rainy day. I don't actually do zoomies... ever. But I did some inside bitey face which made the pee-wee zoom. What fun!


  11. All of you sure had a very busy day inside! I love the Howlathon..would love to hear it!! Bet you wore your mom out by helping so much. I hope the sun came out today for you..the rain is here where we live.

  12. Looks like you 3 had a very full day with loads of ideas to fill it=) hoping for sun.

  13. Making beds sounds cool :-)


  14. Woo made me tired from all woo did today. I also got to helps maw make da bed today. I think I like dat job.

    Husky kisses,

  15. Zimmie, I hope you interspersed all those activities with lots of naps. And Tia and I had a good chat with Stormy over the email about Mouse Hunters too.


  16. Hi, Zim!
    Sure you all were very busy!
    My mom loves that House Hunters show!
    Mouse Hunters sounds much better!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Our friends were on that House Hunters show, if you ever see the one with the Blonde twins, thats them!!! Great way to fill the day guys.

  18. You guys sure look like you entertained yourselves! Rainy days are the worst. We have a couple headed our way this weekend, unfortunately.

  19. My!my!my! You guys sure were busy! Maybe you should have rainy days more often! We love all your pictures,but still think that your house is FAR TOO NEAT!!! EISH MAN!!! You are making our mom feel terrible looking at all that perfection. I must say however that you guys fit in well with the whole 'neatness' idea! ...because YOU ARE NEAT TOO!
    Love you all lots!

  20. Oh, Zim! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! You can send some of that rain this way if you want... we sure could use some!


  21. Seems like you've had a pawsomely busy but wonfurful day! Luv the pics!! Enjoy your weekend!!


  22. Wow! I guess you found tons of stuff to do on a rainy day. I think I'm going to make this post one of my favorites because now that it's nearing winter, we're in for many rainy days here..


  23. It sure was a yucky few days, huh? But, I suppose you guys are liking this "cooler" weather. Can one of you come over and keep me warm? I don't really do zoomies anymore...do all of you do those or just the youngsters? One more question: What is banana formation? I asked Mom and Dad and neither one of them knew either....clueless!