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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Senior Care Appointments & The Week in Review

Tail wags, dear readers, it's me, Stormy. One of our favorite readers, Max of South Africa, had a special request. Actually his mom did, but close enough. Dave and I had our 6-month Senior Care appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday and Max's mom thought it would be interesting for others to know what all happens during those appointments. Great idea! We are all in the program and that whole "diagnose early" and the "preventative care" have a whole lot going for them! Maybe some of you can get your vets to start a program like this!

We've posted about the Senior Care Program from our perspective before - rather than us re-posting, it's worth going back and reading, if you're interested. Dave's version is here; my version is here. And for a run-down by the bipeds at our vet's (Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital), please click here. We don't want to be too redundant , so today I'll give you a look into our appointments themselves.

My appointment was on Tuesday. Other than actually having to hold still while there, the toughest part of the appointment process is that you aren't allowed to have breakfast that morning. I know. It's horrible! Mom took a few shots of us with her iPhone, so we'll share those. Not the best quality, but let's go!

Here I am with Beth, one of our favorite Vet Techs.

We were having fun, mugging for the camera. If it looks dark in there, it was. They had already dilated my eyes, so the lights were off for my comfort.

They did a bunch of stuff to me (again, please see the link above for details) and said for a 14-year old, I'm mighty healthy. One change for me is that both Beth and Dr. Nelson said I could use a few extra calories. Mom asked them how much I paid them to say that. Beth said, "$5oo." Shh! Beth, that's supposed to be our secret! Ha roo roo roo!

On to my favorite part of the exam...

That's right... cheese and crackers. (We never get cheese-in-a-can at home; Dr. Nelson insists on giving us some. We ♥ Dr. Nelson!)

What? No wine with the cheese and crackers?

Please don't mind my eyes. They put dye in them, and dilate them, and stick paper in them, and do all kinds of crazy stuff! But if you think mine look odd, wait 'til you see what they did to Dave.

Ha roo roo roo!

So, the refreshments always come at the end of the appointment - in case they need to draw blood or do a urinalysis or administer drugs that require fasting. You know, like if they need to sedate us to take radiographs or something. Anyway, once I had quite a few crackers with cheese, it was time to go home. I was exhausted when I got home - it was all I could do to engage Zim in a round of zoomies before taking a short walk then a nap.

Dave went to KSU on Wednesday. It had sprinkled a bit overnight, which made the surprise we both had that much more enticing: they are in the process of ripping out the grass and were at the "dig it up and mix cow manure in" stage. Here's Dave:

He looks miffed, doesn't he? See those brown-colored patches of earth by the building? Oh, how he wanted to go dig in that, roll in that, do whatever he could get away with in that. As did I. But would Mom let either one of us? No. Sheesh. What a party-pooper.

Anyway... I mentioned that they put dye into our eyes. One of the dyes turns things sort of neon yellow. If you just happen to grab a black-light because it's close to HOWLoween and you're playing around with a VERY patient patient, the dye becomes quite florescent. How do I know? Check out Dave:

Ha roo roo roo! Isn't that funny? (They have a portable black-light available in case they want to throw a 70s-themed party and to help with things like detecting ring worm.) Part of this staining process is also to help determine if the eyes are draining properly. And you know where your eyes drain other than through your tear ducts, right?

Ha roo roo roo! (I wasn't going to share Dave's glowing nose with you, but he thought it was pretty funny so he gave me the green light. Would that be a glowing neon green light? Ha roo roo roo!)

Oh, as a side note, the sort of red/orange thing about his eye is just a little staining from one of the other kinds of drops. Mom cleaned that up with some cotton balls and water. And all of the other stain comes right out - no muss, no fuss!

In addition to cheese and crackers at the finish, Dave's entire appointment was interspersed with one of his most favorite things in the world:


The pup is crazy for tummy rubs!

As per the rest of the week, Thursday, as you read, was a rainy day. Other than our morning walk, then a couple short jaunts, we pretty much worked around the house. Yesterday is when our weather took that lovely turn - the sun came out, the winds blew in, and the temps dipped! Ahhh... it was great! Ammy smelled snow to our north, but said we wouldn't get any. We had a great walk in the morning, then after lunch it was still cold and blustery. And you know what you should do on a day like that!

DSCN2412 The Ao4
I just love it when the whole pack's together!
Me, too, Zim! What a great day!

More pix from that walk soon! (Left to right above: Dave, me, Ammy, and Zim. Dad is off-camera behind the redheads; Mom is behind me and Dave muttering about not being able to feel her hands.)

Anyway, pups and kit-cats, for those of you who are seniors - and even for you youngsters out there - please do check out the links and read about this great Senior Care program. Not only am I a cancer survivor because of it, but the rest of the pack members have benefitted from early detection and treatment and preventative care! Check it out, ask your vet about a similar program - and stay healthy!

Tail wags,


  1. Hey, Storms!
    The first two links took us to Facebook. Is this right?
    But the third link took us to Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital info and it was very informative!
    Thanks, guys! It's smart to stay on top of things when you're a senior and you guys are living proof!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Maggie and Mitch! Thanks, guys! I mis-routed the links somehow; they're all straightened out now, I think! Thanks for letting us know!
    Tail wags,

  3. Thank you for that senior dog update. 14 years is quite old, huh. I never saw that shiney eye stuff. I will have to ask my V-E-T next time. I also think she has been hoarding the cheese whiz from me.


  4. Hi Storms...
    Your vet give you cake and cheese.. you are a lucky dog...
    a big hug

  5. I think your vet has got it right.. No stress there. Trats too. Now thats what I call a vet.. LOve the green eyed glow.. Loved the walk picture.. Hugs Gj x

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Wooo! First off, per your mom's request, we checked and ALL links look great!!! Sounds like someone may have had too much coffee this morning since Maggie and Mitch had facebook links! HA ROO! Now... the green liquid on Dave's snooter is SOOOO cool!!!! The 70's themed party sounds way cool! Can we come if you end up having one???? Did you get to take the light home???

  7. Great Post Storms. I know my Uncle Sabo was involved with the Senior plan at Crossroads in Woodstock where we go too. It was great and they kept him happy and healthy for a lot longer that other places would have. You look sexy cute for a teener. Happy too. Those crackers make it all worth while eh?

    Glad you are doing so good. Davie too. He's sexy handsome though (dont want to sound too weird).

    Take care and keep on fuzzin

    Oz and Zozo

    PS Zozo said Dave's sexy cute, but she doesnt even know what that means

  8. Hi Stormy,
    Thank you for the very informative post. We appreciate reading about this here because you always make things very interesting and funny at the same time. We really like the glowing photos.
    Good to know that all is ok with you. Please stay healthy all the time.
    By the way, Mommy was able to email your mom and she also like your mom's other blog. Just wondering if you have received our emails.

    Thanks and hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    - Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  9. We have a great senior exam, but no where near as extensive as yours. It looks pawsome.

    And we love the glowing green pickle nose.

  10. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Woo Storms!! Glad to hear woo and the Ao4 get such great medical care. Those glowing eyes would have been great for Halloween. And we learned something new today about the eyes and nose. HaROOOOO!!!

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  11. Hey Stormy!
    Thanks for telling us all about this program...I won't need it for a while yet but it's good to know! I cannot believe you are 14...have you had "work" done, my dear?! Hope I have good longevity genes like you!
    Cool fluorescent pics :-)
    Your pal,

  12. Stormy, thanks for the informative post on your senior care appointments! We enjoyed going along and it's a very good reminder that we need to take good care of ourselves. That green stuff on Davey was a little spooky but also pretty cool!

  13. Mom & I are so furry happy to hear how well your senior appts. went. You senior pups really rock!

    a-roos to yous,
    Jack a-roo

    PS - Woos Zim, I passed along your "hello" to Adrill. He visited me for a while today too! I sure am gtting lots of company from the A family!

  14. Your vets are much nicer than my vet. Maybe I should come over there and go to Zimmie's appointment with him - we can be a double act.


  15. Hi Stormy! Love your pictures and all of the information. You have really great check ups at your vet. I think we are missing out here..they don't ever do anything that good. All of you look very young...your people and vet sure are doing a good job keeping you that way...btw...love the last picture of all four of you walking!

  16. I asked my mom if you edited those photos for Halloween and she said that you didn't. She said she sees that stuff every day at her work only on humans. Sorry for doubting you Stormy. Great informative post! I'm gonna have to talk to Dad and see why I only go for an exam every summer.

  17. I think you have some of the best vets in the world. Dave's green nose is perfect for Halloween! Do you think he'll get some more dye and go trick-or-treating? Maybe he could pick up some wine for you to go with your cheese and crackers.


  18. Stormy I had NO idea you were 14! Wow! You look wonderful, ol' fellow.

    Your mom is doing a great thing taking you for these checkups. Bet you'll be healthy for many more years to come!

  19. You are sure well-cared for pups! Your mom is doing a great job keeping you healthy.

    T-man used to get those neon drops in his eyes during his eye exams too.

  20. Just loved the bottom pic of you all together - how cool.
    That was lots of interesting things about being a senior dog.
    You have a lovely vet - we have never had cheese and crackers although we can see that a little glass of shiraz would have just set it off.
    It is lovely to see you guys so healthy and at a great age.
    There is a similar programme in the UK as old Harry, before us, went along.
    Sadly bassets don't tend to live as long but he was healthy and active right into his old age. Well when we say happy - we should change that to grumpy!
    We did wonder if it would be possible Storms for you to fly over and take Martha to the vet next time.
    Sort of as a good role model.
    She is sooooo embarassing.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  21. Anonymous4:09 AM

    beautiful eye make up there!
    glad to see the A04 going strong!

    Darcy's mumma

  22. Hello hello! Wow cheese and cake? you must tell me about this vet!! my vet gives me tummy rubs and dats about it...
    Kool pack walking pics! thanks for sharing it with us! The AO4's my inspiration!!!


  23. That is one thorough eye exam, I bet when that dye is in there you can see the future!! wow!

  24. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Why Stormy, you must be one happy Sibe today!!! :) We wish they'd tell us to put on a few calories!!!!!
    Thanks for telling us about your vet appointment. That shiny eye stuff looked a bit scary but we guess it's okay.

    Josh and Jess

  25. That's an awesome program you have there! I'm not sure if my vet has something similar, but I will make sure to have mom ask. That green dye thing is creepy!

    That is so cool that you get cheese and tummy rubs at the vet!!! My vet visits are always junk.

    Glad to hear that you are both doing well!


  26. Hey there Dave, Stormy and Karen,
    Sorry I have only got to this post now...it's been hectic this end, but I wanted to take the time to read it all well.
    The programme sounds wonderful - is it sponsored at all, because I would imagine that, with all those tests, it costs a fortune?!
    Here in SA, the management of our animals is our own problem. We have to rely on our own finances and the relationship we have with our vet. The major veterinary hospital and research facility- Onderstepoort -(Which I know has world recognition) is based outside the city of Pretoria. It is quite inaccessible for the average family - and mainly receives specialist veterinary cases.
    All in all, you guys are really lucky and blessed to have that kind of facility close by, which offers such an amazing programme!
    Thank you so much for sharing it all. It was really interesting. (I loved Story's post with all the info')
    MAX's mom in SA