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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Energy Download!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats! It's me, Zim! I got to go to the Top of the World the other evening. Remember the somewhat striking sunset Ammy showed you the other day? You know... the shot Mom took on her way somewhere? Ha roo - she was heading to the Top of the World with me! Something about "someone being spun up", blah, blah, blah. All I know is I got a cool adventure out of the deal!

Here's what the sun looked like by the time we got up there:

DSCN2061 29 SEP 09

Isn't that cool? Or... hot. Anyway, let's hit the trail!

DSCN2062 29 SEP 09

We had a great walk. Lots for Mom to see, lots for me to snoof. Here are some cool scenery pix (we warned you we can't resist our Fall colors!):

DSCN2063 29 SEP 09

DSCN2064 29 SEP 09

I like how Mom framed the one above.

We found more of those tiny white, wild Asters up there:

DSCN2065 29 SEP 09

They're like micro-mini daisies, aren't they?

I checked messages up there, too.

DSCN2077 29 SEP 09

In fact, that evening I met up with a bunch of pups and their peeps up there. My best buddy in our neighborhood was up there! None of our pix came out very well; we were all moving around like crazy and it was getting a tad dark by the time I met up with them. There was my buddy Harper (he's a PBGV and he's really cool), a collie, a Blue Heeler who looked like Gus, a couple hunting-type dogs, some lab mixes, and a little Bull Terrier girl who'd just been rescued who looked a lot like Woodrow!

Back to the trail. We saw what's probably the last of that Blue Sage stuff...

DSCN2069 29 SEP 09

...and a lot of other stuff turning deep shades of red!

DSCN2070 29 SEP 09

I like red. But enough taking pix of foliage; let's get walking!!!

DSCN2082 29 SEP 09

What a fun evening! I love being an explorer pup, but it was all I could do to drum up a good round of zoomies when I got home. Wonder what that whole "someone being spun up" thing was about.

Play bows,


  1. ohhhh! your pictures bring us such joy!

  2. A beautiful walk and wonderful pics, thanks for taking us along, Zim!


  3. Very pretty scenery. Thank you to you and your mom for sharing. So, what was in the messages?

  4. How lovely!
    Bet you all enjoyed that walk.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Woooos! BeaWootiful pictures once again, I like the red leaves too!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. Lovely pictures as always Zimmie! You get to go on such good adventures.


  7. Woowoooooooo....
    Zim....sure you had a wonderful walkie with your mom at the top of the world!!!
    Pics of you and flowers are gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us and for taking us along your walkie!!!
    We would love be with you and your mom!!!!
    We love ur top of the world!!!
    Have a wonderful day and say hello to your bros and sis!!!
    Kisses and licks

  8. Some great flowers on your walk.

    Wizz :-)

  9. Great pictures mom. We want to be on top of the world and meet my Blueman brother!!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Beautiful pics!

    What did the messages say? :)


  11. Hey Zim,
    Our regards to the rest of the brats. Your mom could probably take photos in our weed field and make things look pretty; she's got the talent. That was a very nice sunset and great shots on the walk. Sounds like you were a bit tuckered upon your return to HQ.
    - TBH&K

  12. Your mom is really good at framing the photos. It all looks beautiful.


  13. It's like our human always says about a "Tired Sibe is a Good Sibe." We say we would love to meet either. Ar-woooooO!

  14. We love your pictures and going on your walks...you get to see some beautiful things. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

  15. Anonymous6:53 PM

    We love going on walks with you!! Such lovely pictures and lovely subjects! YOU!!


  16. Hi, Zim!
    A great walkie at a great place with lots of flowers and plants!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Wow - how beautiful the fall is there! And that sunset pic is spectacular! Great shots of a gorgeous time of year! Zim - you seem like you're having a pawesome time and met all kinds of nice pups!
    Hugs xo

  18. Fantastic foliage-walk there Zim! Thanks for taking us with you!


  19. You need to get spun up more often so you can go on more trips like that! Mommy really like that blue sage picture!

  20. What a beautiful evening walk!! Mama says to tell your Mama those are some awesome pictures!


  21. In the one pic, it looked like you needed a harness and your mom needed a sled!!! You were on a mission!

    Princess Eva

  22. So beautiful! I feel like I was there with you, looking at the pictures.

  23. Hey there, Zim (& Karen)
    Those pictures are really calming.(You are right...they do loosen the coils!) We love going on those walks with you. Your eyes focus on the same things as ours do. Those colours are quite stunning and one can almost experience the cooler weather. Well done again and hugs to all the others. We ALWAYS love your blog!!!

  24. What a beautiful walk!! I love those fall colors. We've never seen blue sage; it's very pretty.

  25. Sounds like a lovely walk - those pics are so pretty - and the sunset is beautiful - so cool you met all those doggies - especially the little rescue bully girl - hope she was nice

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  26. zim, what great photos of you and of the flowers! I really enjoyed joining you on your walkie.

  27. That third pic is one of the best we've ever seen, you should make it a postcard!