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Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Finish Friday ... and some Fun!

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! Stormy kind of did Photo Finish Friday yesterday with her post; since I helped her with the title and puns, she said I should do Photo Finish Friday and throw a little joke in! Isn't that a great plan?

I thought long and hard about what joke to tell you. Here I am, working hard on it:

DSCN4849 Amber
"Throw the toy, Mom!
Oh! I think I have a good joke! Hee hee hee!"

Oh - and see back in the corner of our yard? Those are our Old Fashioned Lilacs! Don't they look pretty? We'll show you some close-ups soon! They smell incredible!

I ran my joke past Stormy down on the lower deck:

DSCN4681 Ammy and Storms
"I think I have a good one, Stormy!"
"Let's hear it, Am!"

I told her and she thought it was really good and we both couldn't wait for me to tell the boys! We raced upstairs and met them at the back door.

DSCN4698 The Ao4
"Hey you guys! The Ram-a-Lamb has a new joke!"

DSCN4699 The Ao4
"Hurry up and let us in, Mom!"

As you can tell from Dave's tongue, the boys had already had their playtime in the yard! They had a lot of water while Stormy and I were out, so Mom said we should all go out front to potty and I could tell my joke out there. O

Are you ready for it?

DSCN4595 Amber
"Hee hee hee! Are you sure?"

OK... what did the first fish in the tank say to the second fish in the tank?

"You man the gun, I'll drive."

DSCN4594 Amber
"HA! Roo roo roo!"

Get it? Hee hee hee! In keeping with Photo Finish Friday, how about a little visual aid to help illustrate?

You see, I don't mean this kind of tank...

Fish in a tank

I mean this kind of tank:

2 Fish in a Tank
Fish in a tank

Hee hee hee! (I sat in on Mom's PSE class ... can you tell?)

I hope you liked that one as much as Stormy, the boys and I did!



  1. woo woo mom and I loved your joke! Thanks for giving us a good chuckle :D
    Kodi x

  2. We liked the joke - after we saw the pictures!
    We were puzzled before - well you have to remember we are bassets!
    your garden was looking lovely in the sunshine and of course so were you.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. Wow, what a post Ammy, the build up to the joke was great and your joke did not dissapoint.

    I liked seeing you all and Dave and Zim thru the door was great fun as was you expression as you told the joke was too much.

    Stormy was pawsome as well.


  4. hahahahahaha.
    Ammy you are too funny! I was wondering if we were going to get a joke from you this week!

  5. Ammy, you are so funny!!!! I started laughing when I saw you smiling even before the joke!!! Great one!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. Thanks for the Friday smile! I needed that!

  7. What a great joke.. It really fits.. he he

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. You are funny! And, we love your yard landscaping!!!! We just have fabric in ours...still thinking... looks like a good grassy run for you all! Might try to do something like that in ours...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. That joke was worth waiting for Ammy cause it was so funny! We loved your smile too so thanks for bringing a fun end to our week!

  10. Hi, Ammy!
    Oh-oh! Like Martha and Bailey... I had to see the pictures to get it!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. I had to see the pictures, too, but since I laugh a lot, I still chuckled about it! You are so smart, Ammy - that sounds like something I would think of - and I'd probably spend the next hour laughing at my own joke :)

  12. Hi Ammy!
    Luv the joke but i mostly luv your smile!!
    Happy weekend!


  13. Anonymous12:12 AM

    FURRY Funny!

  14. Great joke! Well worth the wait! I can see you entertained yourself as well.


  15. Teeeheeeheeeheee!

    Ammy! You're such a funny girl. I may have peed my fur.

    Fish in a tank....Aroooroooroo

    Ozz and Zozo

  16. BOL....LOL...

    Both Mama and I really loved that one Ammy!!


  17. BOL!!! You always make me laugh! :)