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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Secret Sunday

Ha roo, pups and cool cats, it's me, Zim, here with my bestest friend Huffle Mawson, for another installment of Super Secret Sunday! As you may know, Huffs is paying a super secret visit to us here at Ao4 HQs while her mom and dad are off galavanting around the world. Or somewhere. They think Huffle is back home in Australia with Uncle Heath, but the secret is she's here with us! (To review, you can read parts one, two, and three at those links.) Also to review - mum's the word on this, OK?

This week, we've just been having a blast! Mom has a hard time getting pix of us all doing zoomies together, but we've done lots of that - plus something Huffs calls "Thundering Herd of Elephants". I like that one a lot!

Here's Dave, getting a drink after a rousing game:

"Hey Huffle Mawson. Is that a stuffed mousie? Can I see him for a minute?"
"Umm... I'm not sure, Davy. Is today Shredurday?"

Ha roo roo roo! I'd be worried about that, too. Mom put Huffle's mousie away and she (Huffs) decided to go explore the garden with Ammy instead of playing in the house. Here they are, over along the southern perimeter:

DSCN4469 HuffleAmmyGarden
"Ammy! Is that Oswald over there?!?!"
"Where, Huffs????"

I love Huffle's camo job! See how she's all blended into the foliage like that?!?! Very cool.

Oh! Speaking of foliage, Huffs and I did some exploring in the garden, too, and we stumbled upon yet another thing we have in common:

DSCN4537 ZimHuffleGrass
"It's an ornamental grass, Huffs. Fountain Grass, I think."
"Very tasty, Zim!"

Nothing like chomping down on some vegetation! Yummers!

Tune in again soon for more of our great visit! And remember - it's super secret!

Play bows,
Zim (and Huffs!)


  1. Mum's da word wid us! Huff does a good job of blending in.
    We is so glad woo is takin' good care of Huffle.
    Maybe Huffle could come visit me next time.

    Husky kisses,

  2. A secret mission--sounds mysterious to me.

  3. Your secret is safe with me. I liked your post yesterday but why did you take all the soft stuff out of your toy? Pretty birdie too! I like the red ones! Have a fun filled day!

  4. We are not tellin' a soul...shhhhh...not a soul.

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    That sure is a nice photo of Ammy! all floofy and pretty! It looks like Huffle is staying very busy with the 4 of you and having fun. figures. cats. takes one to know one. (ooopsie! i feel 4 sets of husky eyes glaring at me from kansas now...)

  6. Blimey Huffs is having a fabulous time at your place.. Looking great. Dont worry your secret is safe.. Hugs GJ x

  7. We're not woofin about your secret... Huffle looks very happy spending time with you all.

  8. Hi Guys,

    We left a comment on your post yesterday and mommy emailed your mommy. Did you know that you won our GABE GIVE AWAY?...The Jewel Cross!

    Please ask your mommy to please email our mommy with your name and address so she can get it in the mail a.s.s.p.! And Congratulations!


    Riley and Star and Stephanie too.

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  9. Yikes!! Careful of that black thing
    Benny & Lily

  10. Nobody will get information out of us! shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Woooos ! Hi Huffle! We won't tell anyone he is there fur a visit, Can I nibble on some of that yummy grass too?
    ~Husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  12. I just love Super Secret Sunday!!! Mum is the word! Huffs sure does look right at home and enjoying himself very much!!! He really blends in too. It is nice to have a wonderful friend to visit!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  13. I wonder if Huffle also likes to dig up plants? She could come over to my house and try it out. I dug up one of Mom's new plants the other day.


  14. I love secrets...shhh!

    Glad your friend is having a great time. I would have a blast with you guys!

  15. Hi, Zim!
    What are you going to do when Huffle has to go back to her home???
    I can see you had tasty salad there!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. I'm 'fraid I've been a little AWOL again, but love that Huffle is still visiting with you! I'll have to check out the other parts of this secret visit! Looks like you're all showing "Huffs" a wonderful time - I'm totally entertained by the things you're doing and wish I could visit you too!
    Hugs and Love xoxoxoxo

  17. We think Huffle is having more fun on her trip than her mom and dad are on theirs!

  18. When is Huffle going to have to head out for home? His pawrents would be very worried, and Uncle Heath in big trouble if they got home before Huffle did!

    Keep on having fun, Huffle, and next time, head out for Minniesnowda.

    Kisses and Meows,
    Huffle and Ali Z!

  19. I wonder if Huffle is going to want to go home to Australia after all the fun she has been having with you four!!!


  20. You and Zim are having such an awesome time Zim!! That grasa does look nummy...


  21. Mmm...grass is my favorite snack! :) I think it's so pawesome that you guys are keeping Huffle busy while her folks are away! :)


  22. Anonymous6:03 PM

    You guys are so lucky, Huff is awesome.