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Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Finish Friday!

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me, Zim, here with Photo Finish Friday! As the Yammer told you yesterday, we have tons of pix of us to share, so let's get right to it, OK?

For those who have asked, Mom tries to do something special with each one of us during the day. We all love the individual attention. We have play time together, too, but for some reason it's harder for Mom to take photos of that. I have no idea why! Anyway, here are pix of each of us, out having fun during our one-on-one time!

How about some shots of those gorgeous sisters of mine to start with?!? Here's Stormy first, waiting for Mom to catch up with her.

DSCN4697 Stormy

That was after a great play session in the yard; Storm was waiting for Mom to open the gate to the deck so she could come in and get a beverage. Doesn't she look happy?!? Speaking of happy, here's Amber!

DSCN4474 Ammy

Is her smile contagious, or what?!? Here's another photo of her:

DSCN4481 Ammy
Ammy again

I wonder if she was thinking up something funny to tell us!?! She always busts me up with those silly jokes of hers.

Here's Dave, waiting for Mom to throw a toy. He LOVES toy time!

DSCN4735 Dave
The Deeve

Here he is, running up from the second tier:

DSCN4663 Dave
Dave in a cool action shot!

And here he is, striking a pose as he catches his breath:

DSCN4668 Dave
Dave catching his breath!

Mom loves how shiny his fur looks there. I have no idea why I said that.

Hey, remember last month when
Stormy mentioned my Calico Cat friend? I always look for her when I'm down where I think she lives. She's a bit shy, but I think I'm winning her over. Why do I think so? Well... check out who was on the steps in our side yard the other day!!!

The Calico Cat

Sigh. Isn't she beautiful!!? She sat there and let Mom take a bunch of pictures of her. I was watching from the breakfast room windows. When Mom got in from her photo shoot, I asked her if I could go see the Calico Cat. Sadly, by the time I got out there, she was gone. Here I am, looking for her:

DSCN4629 Zim
"Calico Kitty?!?! Callie-co? Are you out here?!?! It's me - Zim!"

I'm sure she'll be back, now that she knows the way to our house!

Since I couldn't spend time communing with her, I opted to play some football instead. Here's my cool action shot:

DSCN4749 Zim
Me, Zim, running with our cool camo football

I hope you enjoyed
Photo Finish Friday! Let the weekend begin!

Play bows,


  1. Dave is so labradorable, he can catch his breath too, not only tennis balls, like I catch, but his breath. Dave is a legend in his very own lunchtime.

    Stormy is so beautiful and Amber just makes me smile as always.

    And you, Zim, well, I admire your total restraint with regard to the C.A.T.

    I saw one this morning - I was on the lead walking up the hill from the supermarket, when this black C.A.T. was hiding around the wall from me. Apparently, I was very "good" and kinda ignored it. I looked at Jeannie, she looked at me, and the C.A.T. looked at us both.

    It was a Beautiful Moment Jeannie said. And non eventful.

    I have no idea what she is barking about.

    Have a lovely weekend, lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Great photos!
    That is one cute kitty! I hope she comes back to visit you!

  3. Maybe Huffle can help you all become friends with the Calico cat.

    Great pictures. Why is your mom so slow at opening the gate for Stormy? Isn't Stormy the queen?


  4. Zim, were you fetching??? I thought Dave was the only one. :)

    Stormy and Ammy look so happy and pretty! :)

    You pups always put a huge smile on my face!


  5. Wonderful pictures!! All of you look so very happy!!! Wow...another kitty friend!! They seem to come around you alot and want to get to know you!! That's a pretty calico kitty too!! I bet she will be back soon!! She wants to have some fun with all of you too!!

  6. Zim, You are a great host and we like seeing all four of the AO4.
    We just can't fiqure the cat thing out though. If they showed up at our house their would be alot of commotion and the cat would be in no hurry to come back.

    Remy and Flash

  7. Stormy... you gave birth to a Yorkie?!

  8. Love the pics! Your yard is so beautiful! I agree -- let the weekend begin!

  9. I love Stormy's mothering skills! and the Little Siberian Husky in Training (HA!) too cute! Aww Stormy... would you birth the calico kitty? Or is it a puppy only mothering?

  10. Wow, looks like you all had some great 1 on 1 time.

    Your yard looks so pretty to.

    And the kitty is just beautiful. Tell her Sagira says HI next time you see her okay? :)

  11. You Huskies always look happy! You make us smile!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Your sisfurs are very pretty Zim and we love seeing you two handsome boys too! Your furiend Calico Kitty is so cute and we hope she comes back to visit soon!

  13. Oh my God, that Calico Kitty has the most beautiful, beautiful eyes!! Mesmerising!

    And I think it is so good of your human to make time to do individual things with each of you - my human says she is far too selfish - that's why she only has 1 dog! :-)

    And yes - Ammy's smile can brighten up ANY day! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  14. Great photos of all of woo, Zim! You all look happy & content, but of course who wouldn't be happy with one-on-one mom time! You have such a pretty yard, too. We like your Calico furiend - she is a pretty little thing. We know she'll be back to see woo again! Thanks for sharing all your smiling husky faces, now we've got a grin too!

    jack a-roo & moo too

  15. Most awesome photos!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. Great photos. The calico kitty is very pretty. I hope you get to be better friends with her.

  17. I just Followed you via a blog of a blog of a blog... you get the picture ;-P

    I love the blog! And can't wait to read back. All four of your dogs are beautiful creatures!

    Please consider following me too at: http://ahuskyhaven.blogspot.com/

    Have a nice weekend!

  18. I think it is pawsome you all get such individual one-on-one time with your mom! Those are always the most special times!


  19. Such wonderful photos. You all look very happy that the weekend has begun! Me too!


  20. I can see you all had a happy friday!
    That kitty is sooo cute!
    I am sure you will play with her soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. w00fs, love the piksurs...the kitty is bute ti ful, but me likes to chase 'em..

    b safe,

  22. Those are wonderful photos! You each look so happy!