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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Serene Scenery ... Monday

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me, Zim, here with Serene Scenery Monday! We are so behind showing you our garden pix, that Stormy and Dave posted some yesterday and said Ammy and I should show you some more today! Are you ready to get started? Let's have a look around!

Remember Stormy showed you our "Skidmore Lilacs" yesterday? As she said, they're in the southeast section of our garden. Here's a look at what's cooking down in the southwest corner!

DSCN4796 Zim in the garden
"Lilacs to the left of me, Texas Quince to the right...
Here I am ... stuck in the middle with you! (Ha roo roo roo.)"

Those are Old Fashioned Lilacs in the corner. Want a close-up? Here you go:

DSCN4841 Old Fahioned Lilacs
Old Fashioned Lilacs

They're a deeper, richer color than the ones
Stormy showed you yesterday!

Also sort of along that southern perimeter are the Eskimo Viburnum. They're in full swing right now; here's a look at their blooms:

DSCN4784 Eskimo Viburnum
Eskimo Viburnum

Mom likes the bright white blooms against the dark green leaves. Me? I like that it looks like snow! Ha roo!

Another white bloom in the backyard is the Juddi Viburnum. They're up by the deck -

DSCN4777 Juddi Viburnum
Juddi Viburnum

They are as fragrant as the lilacs and Mom wishes their blooms would last longer!

While I'm on a white bloom kick,
click here to see what the Mohican Viburnum looked like a month ago ... and look at them now:

DSCN4766 Mohican Viburnum
The first of the Mohican Viburnum blooms

I really like the Mohican Viburnums because of Ammy. (Please
click here to read why.) Speaking of whom, let me turn things over to her!

Thank you, Zimmie, and hi everypuppy and everykitty! Since Zim and I are both redheads, I thought I'd share pictures of the Redbud trees! I thought it was more fitting before Dave told me Redbuds aren't really red, they're sort of pinky-purple. Bipeds have a confusing way of naming things, don't they? Oh, well. I'll go with them anyway.

Here I am, posing under the Redbuds in our front yard:

DSCN4815 Ammy
Me, Ammy. Under the pinky-purple Redbud trees.

How about some close-ups?

DSCN4711 Redbuds
Redbud blooms

We have an Austrian pine on the next tier down, over the retaining wall. You can see it behind the blooms, plus some of its needles got lodged in the flowers.

DSCN4649 Redbuds
More Redbud blooms

We have three Redbuds, so I thought I'd show you three close-ups.

DSCN4650 Redbuds
Even more Redbud blooms

We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Until then, keep it serene!

(And play bows from Zimmie!)


  1. You have the prettiest flowers in the whole wide world! I can smell them all the way in Minnesota! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful flowers Zim and Ammy! Thanks for sharing them with us! Great way to start a Monday!

  3. We just love your lawn and garden!! You have such beautiful trees, bushes and flowers! Mom loves the lilacs and redbuds so much but everything is so pretty! What a gorgeous place! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  4. Looking great and I imagine heavenly fragrances as well.

  5. What beautiful flowers you all have. It sure is scenic.. Thanks for sharing..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Those sure are some pretty flowers. Mom says she doesn't have a green thumb at all...whatever that means.

  7. Another great AO4 tour. I liked the plants alot, looked good enough to eat but you can never go wrong with the red heads, that was my favorite part.


  8. I feel very serene now Ammy and Zim!


  9. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful flowers! Loved them!

    Riley and Star.

  10. Happy Serene... Monday!
    My mom is in love with all those beautiful flowers!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Flowers sure are pretty! Are you sure you didn't eat any?


  12. Ahhh..beautiful flowers but i particularly like the Ammy Flower!


  13. Beautiful..we say its easier to say flowers
    Benny & Lily

  14. What beautiful Redbud's. I miss them from when I lived in Missouri!

  15. I bet your garden really smells nice. Hope you get enough bees to keep all the flowers happy. We didn't have many bees here when the plum trees had their flowers. Uh oh. Maybe no plums again this year.


  16. What a beautiful bunch of white and pinky purpley flowers!!


  17. We bet your yard smells like Heaven on Earth, Zim!
    Mom is in love with the redbuds!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. What beautiful pictures! You pups have an awesome garden! :)