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Monday, September 13, 2010

Extended "Family" Members

Tail wags, dear readers! It's me - Stormy. On yesterday's post, Dave had a thoughtful inquiry from our wonderful friend Angus Mhor. He said his mom was asking about our bats!

Let me fill our newer readers in...

DSCN6624 Stormy
"Here's the scoop!"

For many years now, we've had a bat who makes his home hanging on the underside of our upper deck. We've named him Bart and he seems to come back year after year. (You can follow the hyperlinks for the bigger story!) Last year, he hung out just like previous years, then the exciting thing was that he seemed to have a girlfriend!!! We were really happy for him - especially since Bart alone can eat 1,200 mosquito-sized insects per hour. Think of all the bugs the happy couple could have chowed down on! But alas, she left him. Or as Ammy said, it seemed to be a "one day stand". One "day". Ha roo roo roo... you know... because he's nocturnal. Oh, that Amber!

We hadn't mentioned Bart this year, so it was mighty sweet of Angus' mom to ask after him! He is indeed back! Dave sent Mom out to see about getting a photo of Bart - and here's what she got:

DSCN6668 Bart the Bat
"Good eeeeeven--HEY! It's the middle of the afternoon!
What's a guy got to do to get a little shut-eye around here?!?!"

Sorry, Bart. The paparazzi are everywhere!

Anyway, as you can see, he's doing quite well! We truly appreciate you asking after him, Mom-o-Angus! AND we appreciate Bart eating all those mosquitoes!!!

Bart's not the only extended family member I'd like to tell you about today, though! Guess who's got big news?

DSCN6625 Stormy
"Somebunny's had a baby!"

That's right! It would appear that Oswald and Mrs. Lapin have had a little one. Let me introduce you to Osletto!

DSCN6670 Baby Bunny

He's a little shy. Except around me and Zimmie. C'mon, little one! I'll make sure no one hurts you!

DSCN6671 Baby Bunny

He's growing like crazy! He lives under one of the bushes in our front yard. Zim and I make sure to check on him when we go out. He's smaller than
my stuffed puppy!

I hope you enjoyed meeting our extended family members! We're glad they're here!

Tail wags,


  1. How cute Osletto is!!!!

    I love having bats around to take care of the yummy mosquitoes!!

  2. Congrats to Oswald & the Mrs on the little one! Bart is furry cute. Mom finally got dad to hang a bat house at their first house, but when they moved, she had to leave it behind. Hey - maybe we'll suggest dad get her one for Christmas this year!

    jack a-roo & miss moo

  3. Nuttin's better than a working bat!! too bad about the girl friend. Some are just meant to be single I guess!

    Cute bunny. Nice of Zin to protect him. We chase wrabbits around here, yikes, maybe I shouldn't have said that.....

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  4. Nice meeting the extended family!
    One Day Stand... aahhahaha. That Ammy is such the jokester!

  5. You really have a big family! Bat Bart and Osletto are very cute!!!
    Take care of them!

    Rufus and Indie

  6. It would seem as though everyone in yer family has big ears including Bart and Osletto.

    Bobo and Meja

  7. Wow Osletto is a cute lil baby! I hope he stays safe.


  8. What a cute little baby! :)

  9. I wish we had some of those bats around here. Out bat houses burned up when the barn burned down and master has not rebuilt them yet. Sob. We miss our little bug eating pals. As for that bunny... not a fan really (well, except for their poop).


  10. Awww! Osletto is so cute! We're glad Bart is still there eating your mosquitos too!

    Ammy, you are so funny - one day stand! Hahaha

  11. I am happy to know Bart is doing well. Sorry about his girlfriend!
    Osletto is soooo cute!
    I know you take good care of them!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Osletto's soo irresistibly cute!
    Never seen a bat before, do they bite?


  13. OMG, bats give mom the creeps. They are still here living behind the shutters on the west side of our house. We can't wait till they fly south for the winter. We'll make sure we let them know your address!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Ooh, I've never seen a bat close up. He looked a bit crabby that you woke him up with that flash. That's fun to have an extended family like that.

  15. wow! lots of tennants at your place!

  16. Osletto is so cute! :) Bart still freaks mom out, but I'm glad he's getting rid of the mosquitoes!

    Cute pics of you Stormy! :)


  17. Aww, that's kind of a bummer that Bart lost his Mrs. It would have been fun to watch the whole family! You've got extra noses to count in the Lupine family, tho'! Wow! I wonder what they do in the winter?