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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Latest Vet Visits, Part 1

Hi everypuppy and everycat. It's me - Ammy! Zimmie and I each had to go to the vet's recently for our Senior Care appointments. (You can go to this link, if you'd like, for Stormy's run-down on how that goes, plus she hyperlinks back to other posts that fill you in on the whole ordeal.) Now that the appointments are a couple weeks behind us, I'll fill you in - today, I'll cover mine.

There's always this one big puppy at the vet. I usually try to spend a couple minutes with him; he looks so lonely! Here we are:

IMG_0007 Amber
"You DO know the door to get out is right here, don't you?"

He's in the vestibule - sort of a mini room before the big Admissions area. He never has anything to say. Poor guy must be scared stiff. Frankly, I wasn't too thrilled, either.

When I got into the exam room, though, I found one of my favorite things -
a table to hide under! Since it wasn't MY dining room table, I felt a little funny, but it did help me feel more like myself. Here's a collage:

If you could see me, you'd know I'm under the table. Feeling funny.

My student was a very nice guy from Japan named James. He was kind and gentle and very friendly. Even though I didn't want to, I was very cooperative for him. He let me take breaks throughout the appointment and hide under the table. That helped a lot.

Stormy gave me some acting lessons at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies and I tried to remember everything she taught me about vet visits. She said if they touch your tummy or anything, to squeak real loud, and they'll back off a bit. Unfortunately, it's like Mom is on to us - I heard her ask James how familiar he is with Siberians and to expect a little drama and that she'd let him know the difference between "acting" and "pain". Hrumph! I couldn't rattle him at all! Mom was just all calm and said, "Acting... Acting... Yep, acting." I gave up and let him just do what he needed to do. Sigh.

I even stood still and let Beth, one of our Vet Techs, do my nails -- without any drama or trying to walk away or anything. Yes, I cooperated. But I WASN'T happy about it. Here's a collage:


I'm not sure, but I think James was laughing at me.

Oh - you may have noticed the quilt. Because we have a lot of things we need to stand around for - like pretty lengthy eye exams and letting them draw blood and do all kinds of stuff - Mom brings a quilt for us, so we don't slip on the floor as much. It also helps us feel more relaxed for the laying down parts. Mom brought one of our toys for me, too; she thought that during my break times, I would relax on the quilt and maybe de-stuff the stuffy. Here's what I thought of that:

IMG_0017 Ammy

All-in-all, it went OK. I'm a tad under weight again; we're working on that.

On my way out, I met a Great Dane who was VERY nice! She was black and white and we got to touch nosies. I think the two of us could have been really good friends!

I'll tell you all about Zimmie's appointment in a couple days.

Do any of you try acting at the vet's? Does it work?



  1. you behave so well at the vet! I like that your mom brings a blanket for you! thats so smart! I should do that for Dar.
    were you telling your vet jokes? that's must be why he was laughing!

  2. Hi, Ammy!
    You looked soooo relaxed there at the Vet!
    Glad everything went well.
    Under weight?? Hmmm...
    Happy Saturday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Yes how well behaved you are at the vets :-)

  4. Great job Ammy and we are glad you are doing well. Maybe you should eat more of Zim's stinky goodness or frozen treats but we are sure your Doctor and Mom know best.

    We dont act at the vet, every sound we make is the real deal, wink wink.

    We think it is super cool that you get to go to the KSU Vet School and that your Moom brings you quilts and stuffies.

    Remy and Flash

  5. Ammy thank goodness all that touching and feeling is over. Senior exam!! wonder if you qualify for Social Security benefits too...That doogy you met sure doesn't move much..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Bravo to your mommy for bringing a quilt for you! It always makes things go better when you have a little something from home there with you.... So you need to gain some weight....shall I have a pizza delivered to you this evening, my friend?

  7. My vet has a slatted bench in his examining room and I feel a whole lot better hiding underneath that, Ammy!It's better to be underweight than to have to go on a diet, don't you think?

    Love ya lots,

  8. You get to take a toy? Does that mean Dave gets to take the Squeaky Fish?

  9. You certainly did a great job at the vet.
    We love your acting skills..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Um, I couldn't see you in that last photo Ammy, maybe you were hiding under the table again?

    I always act like I am being murdered at the vet. One time I even pooped on the table to show the vet what I thought of him!


  11. It must be a sibe thing to act up at the vet then. Ava's always loved her vet, but she talks back to him quite a bit. And she absolutely screams when someone brings out nail trimmers. Sigh. They can be so embarrassing at the vet, can't they?

  12. I think you are a very good patient Ammy! While I don't hide under the table, I might if they approached my nails heheh! We are both furry impressed by your behavior there and that your Mom brought a quilt and toy to help out with things!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  13. You acted like a perfect lady at the vet Ammy! I would never let anyone do my nails because I won't let anyone touch my feet! Mommy tries and it takes her 4 weeks to get them done since I only tolerate one trimmed a day - if that. At the vet's I cry really loud and get all antsy if anyone with long blond hair tries to touch me. I'm not telling anyone why I do that but I do. It's very nice of your mom to bring your quilt and a toy! That's very thoughtful!

  14. Woof! Woof! You seems to be calm being at the vet office. Gaining weight should not be a problem ... more treats please. I'll be going soon for my senior check-up. Golden Care. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. Hey there Ammy!
    Wow you're soo calm and zen-ful!
    Good to hear that all went well!
    I wish the vet would say that i'm under weight..but it's always " Maxx is a little over-weight" or "cut down on his treats.." - sigh!
    Wonder if i should change vets!


  16. Healthy dog visits aren't too bad and you got to educate that doctor about all things sibe, right? I think you were very stoic.


  17. That is very nice of your mom to bring a quilt along.

    My mom thought of yours the other day. There was a license plate that had a dog on it (money goes to rescue groups) and then the plate was: QUILTR

  18. Oh I don't act when I go to the vet, but I do make the malamute ears like you do. I wish there was a table for me to hide under, but we only have the table that I have to stand on.

    That is so cool that you get to bring a toy to the vet! :)