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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  I thought I'd go back through some of the pix Mom's taken since the little one has joined our pack and fill you in on how she's doing.

Pretty much from Day One, she studied Zim and me and used us as models for what to do.  Here's a great example:

IMG_4184dc Dave and Cam
Me and Cam

She's not umbilical corded much any more, but she is for a lot of these pix.  As I said, this is sort of a retrospective!

She also has learned a lot of other things over the past week and a half, such as mastering Angry Birds:

IMG_4250c Camo
3 stars in Angry Birds level

She's learned to leave us alone when we're on Guard Duty:

IMG_4176cz Cam and Zim
"Oooh, whatcha doing, Zimmie?!?"

(Woo.  Let me add a "more or less" to that one.)

She made her first attempt at snooter hanging!

IMG_4262c Camo
Snooter Hanging, attempt #1

Zim thinks she's a natural and that she should get to do the snooter hanging from now on.  Hmm.

She also got her first jingly tag:

IMG_4264c Cam
"Look!  I'm a legal resident of Manhattan!"

She tried out the bed by the fireplace and thinks it's mighty comfy ...

IMG_4320c Cam

... but perhaps not big enough.

She learned something else about the fireplace:

IMG_4317c Cam
"Who's that pretty puppy in there?!?"

So, yeah.  She's learned a whole lot already!  She loves going on our walks, plus long walks with Zimmie, and she likes hanging out with me.

Dave & Camo
Me and Cam again

Oh, yeah.  And did I mention she's got some killer cute-poses in her repertoire?!?  Check this out:

IMG_4253c Camo

Some things just come naturally, I guess!



  1. Dave she sure is a beautiful addition. I know I have said it before, but I just can't help myself. That last shot is a heart melter.

  2. Does that pup in the glass talk back to her? Or...does she even talk?


  3. She's adorable! I'm glad she's so happy in her new home.

  4. Oh DAVE and Zim we think that you fur SURE picked a WINNER with Cammy. She fits like a GLOVE.

  5. She fits into the army so naturally! I think she was meant for y'all. She definitely is good at snooter-hanging and cute poses. Maybe your momma will get her picture urges out through her and leave you alone.

    (PeeS: This is Cinderella. I wants to tell Camo that her first jingly tag is very pretty, but she needs a pretty tag with her name on it. Preferably with bling. Every grrl needs some bling!)

  6. Wow those pictures were great! Cammie is so pretty and so smart, course again as i said before she has some really great brothers.
    stella rose

  7. Your new sister is a very pretty gal; I'm so glad to see that your pack has expanded. :)

    Sam & MargeDog

  8. Cammie is pretty darn adorable and she's a very quick study! We're glad she's fitting in so well in the army!

  9. No not naturally but because of good teachers like both you Dave and Zim. You made Cam feel mighty welcome. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. what a transition....we are so glad you boys were good examples. and mom just kinda sighed at that last picture :)

  11. I love seeing all of you in action! Cammie is going to be perfect, I know that you'll teach her the ropes completely. Sending lots of wags to you all today.

  12. What a good job playing angry birds!
    Benny & Lily

  13. So cute!


    P.S. We are having a book giveaway on our blog this week. If you are interested, stop by!

  14. Good job on angry birds!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. She is fitting in beautifully, Davy! I'm so happy for you all!

  16. Wow. The photo of Zim "Look! I'm a legal resident of Manhattan!" is soooooo beautiful.
    Ranger's Mom

  17. What a pretty girl. It's wonderful how well she's settling in.

  18. I'm so glad she is fitting in so well! Looks like she is making herself right at home with you all!

    Khady Lynn

  19. Camo looks pretty darn happy living with you guys, Dave! Your sissy is just beautiful and we adore that snooter hanging picture!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly