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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  Last week, Maggie and I went on a birding trip with Mom and Dad.  We'll get to the birdies eventually, but we wanted to show you highlights from one of our rest stops.  And with that, let me say ...

"Hay from Ellinwood!"

That one never gets old, does it? OK ... maybe ... but moving right along ...

We normally stop at a ball field on the edge of town after one of our trips to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, but Mom kept looking down this street, thinking it would be fun to explore:

Downtown Ellinwood, KS

See the church down there? She really wanted a closer look at it! She saw on her maps program that there is a nice field across from it, so that sounded like a winner for all of us!

She took a few shots of the old church ...

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, built in 1900

... and Mags and I got to stretch our legs, get some water, and have a little snack.

Me, sitting patiently while Mom took 157 photos of the church

Maggie and I posed by a cool plaque/monument to a guy named Fred Wolf:

Me and Maggie, being very good girls

Fred Wolf was a famous businessman in Ellinwood.  His father built the Wolf Hotel in 1894 and son Fred added the Sunflower dining room in 1924.  The downstairs of the hotel still houses the first air conditioning in Barton County!  In August of 1930, Fred deeded land you see us posing on in the photo above to the City of Ellinwood with the provision that it be used and maintained as a public park. The band shell in the background was built in 1931 in the art deco style - with an addition added in 1938.  The band shell is significant for its association with the growth and development of Ellinwood.

We liked this part of the plaque:


As I mentioned we did some looking around:

Mags and me in Ellinwood

Here's a shot of Dad offering us some water:

"How about some more water, girls?"
"What's down there?"
"No, thanks, Dad.  I don't want to have to pee on the way home."

We did more exploring, then one more quick pose:

"I sure had fun!"
"Me, too!  I love Ellinwood!"

I think we're going to make that part of our normal "trip to Quivira" routine!  It is a great place for all four of us!

As I said, we'll share more pix from our trip soon!



  1. Our mom always yells out "Hay" if she passes a field with hay in it (she's weird like that). It looks like that park is the perfect place for all of you to hang out. There is lots of history to see.

  2. Mol mol Hay from Ellin Wood that could be a lady!
    How nice of you 2 to take your mom and dad on a road trip and give them lots of time to stretch their legs and sip some cool water
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Hay! Hahahaha! Around here the trucks have logs so yelling Log! isn't quite as funny! We're glad you enjoyed your trip to Ellinwood!

  4. what a cute little town....those are some of the best places to visit

  5. That does look like a nice place to stop. A great field of green for you to cool down in. Mom thinks that church is very nice and would love to go inside. Maybe your Mom can get some interior shots on one of your next roadtrips.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty and Timber

  6. Ellinwood is a very cool town! We love the truck with all of those bales of hay! WOW!

  7. What a nice outing and what a lovely little town and church!

  8. We have been bird watching today. Our Robins are trying to teach the babies to leave the nest!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. When Mom and I traveled through Kansas with Angel Dory a few years ago we both loved all the wonderful small towns!

  10. Oooh, I like the air conditioner guy. Air conditioners are WONDERFUL!

  11. What a pretty little town! And you made us laugh with not drinking the water offered, we do that too and it makes our mom nuts!

    Kiki and Nala