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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Even More To Celebrate!

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  This was a big week for us here at Ao4 Headquarters.  Not just Flag Day and the US Army birthday, but I had two vet appointments.  First up was my big Oncology re-check!

In addition to a thorough exam, the lovely people at Oncology wanted to redo x-rays and an ultrasound, to make sure no cancer had popped up anywhere.  After my appointment with my very favorite Oncologist Dr. Coffee, I needed to wait until Radiology had an opening.  Mom stays there with me, so it wasn't a problem at all.

"It won't be too long, Cam.  And I'm right here, OK?"
"No problem, Mom.  My, those puppers sure are making a lot of noise ..."

We just chilled in the waiting room.  I get to visit with lots of nice people, plus since we knew it would be a while, we took a nice walk-break:

"Ah!  This is nice!"

It was still nice and cool out, so I enjoyed that very much!

After Radiology, we waited to do Discharge stuff with Dr. Coffee. Since my ultrasound was behind me, I was able to do this:


I had to fast beforehand, so Mom brought my breakfast for me! She forgot my bowl, so she hand-fed me. I liked that!

So, anyway, it was all good news from the wonderful people at Oncology! (Pending official Radiology readings.)

The next day, I had an appointment with my "routine" vet at Pet Health -- just for a vaccination and a titer test. Mom could have scheduled both for the same day, but didn't want me to have too much all at once. I was fine with that, since I didn't have to fast!

I decided to wear my special bandana to celebrate the prior day's news:

"It's a bit quieter in here today!"

One of the Oncology vet nurses saw me in the exam room and came in to give me hugs.  How nice is that?!?  

I saw my favorite routine vet Dr. Nelson and my favorite vet nurse Beth from Pet Health!  They gave me treats.  Oddly, they seemed very much like the prescription ones Mom gives me at home and came in a snack-sized Zip-lock.  Hmm.  Anyway, I got my shot and they took blood - easy, peasy, we were in and out of there in no time!  AND what a bonus - I ran into Dr. Coffee in the Discharge area and got to get hugs from her!  

Here's a shot of me out front afterwards:

"Cammie!  You are SUCH a good girl!!!"
"Thanks, Mom!  And thanks to all the wonderful people at the KSU Vet Health Center!!!"

Two trips to the vet's in as many days, and such great reports both times!  We are so thankful for the wonderful, caring professionals at Kansas State University's Vet Health Center!  Now - LET'S CELEBRATE!!!



  1. That's great news Cammie but we sure wouldn't want to go to our vet two days in a row. You are lucky that you like going to the vet.

  2. Cammie I'm smiling so big and so very very happy for you especially for you being in such a good mood even when fasting. I get the grumpies when I have to fast for lab work. OMDs you Doc's name is Dr. Coffee that makes her my favorite doc too
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Of course everyone was hugging you. That is PAWESOME news!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  4. WoooooHoooooo!!!! OMD, gurl that is FABulous news!!!!! And you are SO much calmer than MOI at the vettie!!! Ma says I'm a hyperbutt (whatever that means), so we have to gets an appt. when there are no other puppers around. Ma says it's bestest for everyone ☺
    She says I could learn a thing or 87 from you! hehehehee
    Oh, I looooves to gets hand fed! Ma used to do that when I was a wee one, and barked at my kibble til she hand fed me...hehehee
    Okays, so let's pawty!!!! Be overs in a few with the margarita truck!
    Ruby ♥

  5. such great news dearest Cammie! wear your bandana with PRIDE girl! you're a trooper!
    bless doctor Coffee and your mom and the wonderful staff at your clinic! XOXOXO

  6. Oh Cammie I am so happy for you, you rock.

    Kisses from Khumbu's mum

  7. This is wonderful news, Cammie! YAY!

  8. My mom and I are very happy for you---and your family! It makes us smile!

    Your friend Kiki

  9. WOOOHOOOOOOO for successful vet visits!

  10. We are so happy for all the good news Cammie!!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  11. Wonderful news x 2. So happy for you Cammie!💕