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Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogathon and Awards!

Ha roo all you pups and cool cats! It's me - Zim! I just wanted to remind you that the big Day of Blogs/Blogathon starts tomorrow!

Our very good friends in the Kapp Pack and Steve, Kat and Wilbur will be blogging every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for some really great causes. Please stop by and help them out!

While the girls distracted Mom, I grabbed her plastic card and made some pledges and Dave snuck into the Quilt Studio and got a couple cool prizes they could each give out! He helped Mom make this cool tote for Steve, Kat and Wilbur - it's out of the fabric Tasha sent us! Ha roo! And for the Kapp Pack, a really handy Hold the Phone! Bag. It's one of Mom's best-sellers, and could be used for a phone or your "good neighbor bags" or treats or something! Anyroo... please stop by and support our pals!

We are really honored to have been presented with two new awards! The first one is from our bee-roo-tiful, fluffy-tailed friend Khyra!

It's the "Arte-y-Pico" Award. You can click on it (above) for all the details and rules. Thank roo, Khyra! And to answer your question ... if you count EVERYone around here, it's more like the Army of 125. That Oswald is one BUSY bunny! Ha roo roo roo!

Our dear friend Rocky has given us this award!

Wowzers! Thanks for the honor, Rocky! That's mighty sweet of you!

Storm said I could choose who we are going to present the awards to! Here I am, thinking everything over:

Hmm...who to choose? Who to ... Oh! I know!

Yeah! I had a great idea! Or is that a "brilliante" idea, in keeping with that second award? (Ha roo roo roo!) On behalf of the Ao4 (or so), I would like to present both of these awards to our Sibe blogathoners: Steve, Kat and Wilbur and the Kapp Pack, Kelsey Ann, Sky, Canyon and little Biloxi! Good luck tomorrow, pups and Wilbur!

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Zimmie... woo picked two pawsome bloggers to give those awards to! We can't wait for tomorrow~

  2. Great choices on who you're passing the awards onto. They really deserve them.

    Princess Eva

    P.S. We're all aquiver with anticipation for tomorrow's blogging.

  3. w00f's A04, congrats on the 2 awards, and u coodnt picked any better pups and kitty to pass it on to...

    b safe,

  4. Thanks so much! We're so excited for blogathon.

    Steve and Kat

  5. My mom seriously wants one of those hold the phone bags. I have had her email your mom at the bags address.

  6. As usual, great job all the way around!

    Yes, we are all arrow holdery too about the weekend!!

    PeeEssWoo: Please pass along that my mom did khonsider starting at Zed and khoming bakhk but it just 'f'it 'f'or today!

  7. Oooh I am behind again.

    I have a fan like Nikki, and one in the ceiling too. :)

    And I have a marmalade cat to stalk too.

    But most important is to say how beautiful Ammy looks with her green toy.


    And of course you deserve all the awards going. :)


  8. Ya Baby Callie is home.. She is quite hyper. We are waiting for those drugs to kick in..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Baby Callie

  9. Congrats on all your awards - I got the brilliant weblog one today as well! We are napping today in anticipation of the blogathon.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

    Purrr S: Zimmie, I seem to recall that you liked the chocolate mint that your mum grew, so you probably would like catnip as well!

  10. Congratulations on your two awards - they are very well-deserved. And you did such a brillante thing in passing them along to the two blogathon families. We wish them the best of luck tomorrow.

    Hugs to all, the OP Pack

  11. Hi, friends!
    Congratulations on your awards!
    Yes, good choices to pass them on!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. WOO WOO - We can't wait - We have never seen a Blogathon before!!!

    Congratulations on your new awards!!!!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  13. Good choices for the awards. We can't wait to see all the fun stuff they are gonna do tomorrow. I bet you'all are going to bed early too!
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  14. Great choices for those awards,we've pledged to both. We are looking forward to the bloggin day. Mom has to run out shoppin a bit but will be right back.

    D'Azul, where Siberians Rule

  15. Zim,

    You've never looked more clever. And, it's a great time to award to those bloggin' beauties so they don't have any dead air time.

    Your prizes are stellar!
    Thanks for helping out those in need.

    Loving Life,

  16. Hey Roo!!

    Mom won the hold the phone bag from the Kapp Pack's Day of Blogs. Mom is new to this blogging stuff and she is so stoked that she has won such a cool prize. Now she can take her phone on our walks again, she had been leaving it at home because we would distract her and she would drop it. Thanks for supporting a very worthy cause.

    Wooooo woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe