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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Turning Things Over

Woo. It's me - Dave. Zim was so focused on thinking of who to give the Cool Cat Award to yesterday that he forgot to tell you something. This may sound scary, but we're going to turn the blog over to Mom for the next four days. Khyra lends her mom her blog for Musikh Mondays (or as Ammy calls it, Musikh Mom-days... woo!) and nothing bad has happened. Based on that, we think this will be OK. Stormy and I will be right next to her, monitoring her, so there's nothing to worry about.

Oh... why are we turning it over to her? Well, a lot of the other pup-moms have asked her how she's able to get us to do the snooter balancing thing. It's an art form, and takes some practice, but Mom is going to show you "just how easy" it is to get us to do it. Stormy is "ha roo roo roo-ing" already. I don't know why.

See you in a few days!



  1. Look at those beautiful baby blues!!!

    Woo, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, do we really want our mom learning the snooter balancing thing?

  2. Furry khool!

    And that Ammy sure is khlever!!

    I"m with the OP Pakhk: this snooter don't do NO balancing!!!


  3. yes teach us the snooter award...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. I plan to enroll in this class! Woo hoo. I love my snooter. I love any tricks involving the snooter. My HuMom hates the one disgusting snooter trick I have. ( I like to surprise unsuspecting guest with my snooter and then run away and laugh) HuMom calls it the "snout missle". Maybe we should rename it the "snooter missle"?


  5. Oh woe is me! That means Mom will make me do it too! Wait - maybe that means more frozen peas....mmmmmm!

  6. WOO WOO Dave, Ammy, Stormy & Zim

    I don't know if we want to see this snooter treat or not,do we? But Mom are usually good sports so we will see!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  7. I don't have a snooter so I am safe. But I will watch with interest!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  8. Oh Boy this should be good and fun, having your Mom show us how easy
    it is to balance things on the snooters! Can't wait.
    And Davey your eyes are so exotic
    blue here, just bewootiful!
    And I still love the way Zimmie is lying there, so cute.


  9. oh dear, I hope MY Mom doesn't get any ideas from this!!! We will see how this goes...

  10. Gee.. can't wait to see the snooter balacing thingy!!

  11. Ammy is so funny. Will she still think I'm handsome with a treat balanced on my snooter???


  12. Good evening A04. Y'all have really been having fun since we last checked in. I particularly like the dual photo session. Your award is doubly cool: first b/c it's from Huffle and second b/c you have mastered the linkage between cat and husky. Khyra must be jealous!

    I hope you will excuse our absence. Sometimes humans are not to be trusted.

    Many kisses.

    Loving Life,


  13. My mom is going to be pendent of your mom's posts. I don't know why! Maybe she thinks I can learn something!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. You are just dreamy looking in that pic Dave!!! *sigh*

    I see Zimmie is doing the froggie doggie! Hawooo!


  15. Oh can't wait to see what your mom is going to blog about.
    I wanna learn the snooter balance thing too

    ~ Girl girl

  16. This should be good. Moms always have such crazy ideas.