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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Cool Cat Award!

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Zim! My best kit-cat pal (BKP ... or is that PKCP?) Huffle Mawson presented me with an award! It's called the Cool Cat Award, which is soooo fitting, 'cuz she IS a cool cat! In fact, she's the coolest!

Here it is:

She said the award is for pups and kitties who are very cool and do awesome and fun things on their blogs. THANKS, Huffle!

Huffs said I could give it to 5 other bloggers. I gave a lot of thought to who I'd like to pass the award to. Here I am, working on my selections:

Hmmm... who to choose...

Wilbur and I must think a lot alike, because he is presenting it to a lot of the bloggers who came to mind. After much deliberation, I decided to give the Cool Cat Award to the following bloggers:

Eva & Brice. I just met them and thought they were MIGHTY cool. Eva's real light on her feety-feet like a kit-cat AND she's in the Cat Pack. It seemed like a good fit! (Also, Amber helped me choose, and she pointed out how handsome Brice is. I have no idea what that has to do with the award, but hey. Whatever.)

The OP Pack. Dakota, Phantom and Thunder are very new to blogging, but I've corresponded with them for a long time. They're very cool. Thunder and Phantom even play the piano. You usually only see cats do that!

We're very new to reading Beau's Sunday Sermons, but I really think what he does is awesome - so Beau, I'm giving this to you, too!

My fourth choice is our buddies over at the Daily Echo. They are always doing cool stuff, and Meeka just displayed a very cool-cat approach to having his dad mess with his feety-feet.

Last, but certainly not least, I'd also like to share the award with Frankie, the bee-woo-tiful white Siberian. She's very graceful, agile, and she hangs out with a Lab just like I do. (Ha roo roo roo!) Seriously, though - she's into hunting bugs and lizards and ... um... cats -- but I'm sure she's just joking or means the evil ones like Huffle's brother Salvador!

Congratulations to everypup and kitty! And many, many thanks to my BKP/BKCP Huffle!

That Huffle... she's just so COOL!

Play bows,


  1. Thank woo, AO4, for the Cool Cat Award - it is our first ever award!!! We wuv the AO4!!!!!!!!!!

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. I got one too!

    As I told Huffle "ANYWAY, glad to see I won't turn into a khat BUT khan I turn a khat INto a dog???"

    Ha roooo!

    Nice khool khats you've passed it onto -

    I think they are certainly khwite hep and so the khat's meow and the dog's shankhk!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Please tell Ammy I KHAN hear her !

  3. Woooo Woooo!

    Thank woo's for the Cool Cat Award
    AO4! That is so cool. I will post it to our blog proudly!
    Zim I totally love the way you
    are laying in the first picture!
    You are too khute! Do woo
    lay like that alot?

    Thank you again!

    Frankie Girrrrrl

  4. That's a super neato award congratulations!

  5. Oh wow....thanks gang! I'm always humbled when I get an award. We'll be sure to get it all up and share it with some other friends. THANKS!

  6. Good choices Zimmie (and Ammy)! I would like to give the award to many more pups and kitties but at least this way everyone can share the love. And I love that pose of yours Zim :)

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  7. WOO WOO Zim!

    We can tell from your pic how much effort you took to make your decisions. They are all worthy choices!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  8. What a cool award! Congratulations!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Hi, friends!
    Congratulations on your award! Cool!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. you definitely picked some cool cats!! CONGRATS!

  11. What a pawsome cat award..

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Congratulations, Zim. You certainly deserve the cool cat award. We love your blog.

  13. I'm glad I got my selections out early so I didn't have to hand out the award to any furry beasts. I don't know a lot of cat bloggers.