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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We're Siberians... and We're Here to Help!

Ha roo, everypup and kit! It's me - Zim! It's been really hot out, so like I said the other day, once we get our exercise in, we just sort of chill out all day. We ARE a Working Breed, though, so if there's a job to be done, you can count on us to help!

Yesterday, Dave and I were hanging out, looking for something to get into. I mean "looking for something to do". Yeah. That's what I meant. We were looking for something to do. Anyroo, Am was sitting by the door to the bedroom. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was watching Mom make the bed. WHAT?!?! Without ME?!!? That's one of my specialties! I had to go help!

Sometimes, she puts this gate across the doorway. Something about "being in a hurry" and "not wanting to turn a 3 minute job into a 20 minute one". I think that means she doesn't want me to work too hard. Fear not, Mom! Dave's going to help, too!

I called Dave over and we got right to it! We helped fluff everything for about 15 minutes, then let Mom pull the quilt up.

Looks a little crooked, Mom. Does it look crooked to you, Dave?

She squared it away - with our help, of course. Dave and I had to rest afterwards.

Dave and me - and a job well-done!

Remember, we're highly-trained members of the working breed class, so don't just jump in and try this yourselves without careful study and preparation. Bed-making can be quite the exhausting task, you know!

Play bows,


  1. Wow, you two did a great job with the bed! Looks fabulous! Whatever would your mom do without you? You should get treats for all that hard work!


  2. Whoa pups! Don't wear yourselves out! You need to keep your strength up for eating some treats.


  3. WOW!

    I had to go bakhk to bed after seeing all THAT akhtivity!!


  4. I think that bed looks just too comfy for someone not to take a nap in it. Great job, boys.

    I never get a chance here to get near a bed. I am so deprived.

    Woo, Thunder

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Oh Zim... you are such a helpful pup! One of the many things I love about woo! I am glad that you were able to assist in the bed making. I LOVE helping mom with that. I just lay in the middle and watch as she tries to move the covers around, ha rooo!

  6. w00f's Ao4, heehee fur sum reason mama says she nos watt u mom iz talkin bout a 5 min job turnin into 20, wonder watts up wiff that..u boys did a pawsome job helpin her too, and hard jobs deserves a rest too...

    b safe,

    pp's me helps make the bed too...

  7. Woo, you two boys look exhausted. I hope you had a nice nap afterwards. I haven't progressed to helping mum make the bed yet, I usually just lie in the middle and watch. That's tiring enough!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  8. Hey, do you guys work for that place I see on the talking box - Furry Maids?


  9. Oh, Boxers know all about being working breeds. Esp. when it comes to bed making. Mom has like 300 pillows she likes to pile on the bed...but she never does it right. So I am pawfectly happy to jump right up & fix them into a little Penny nest so I can enjoy my naps.

    Mom always thanks me afterwards...


  10. You did a great job!
    I always try to help my mom with the bed but I think we don't get the same results!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Mom never makes her bed, she is CERTAINLY not a member of the working breed. Maybe you could come here and whip her into shape!

  12. Woh.. you doggies sure help things get done in your home... :) I hope you get extra treats for being so helpful

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Woah, you guys sure are good at helping make the bed! We're impressed! Moxie and I are always always huge hindrances in the bed making process... we lay on the blankets like a ton of bricks, BOL! Believe me, we can be heavy lil gals when we wanna be, BOL!


    Good work pals!

    M & I

  14. Wow, did Dave pick the colors of the bed linens? Great job, both of you! We are always very helpful in the bed making process and we also know that once the covers are arranged, the job is not quite done. We then lay on the bed all day while mom & dad are at wrrk so we can get the right amount of fur on the bed to keep mom & dad extra cozy

  15. It's a good thing they have all of us. I know Mom wouldn't be able to manage hardly anything around here without our help.

  16. WOO WOO - I didn't know anyone else knew how to help Moms make the beds. I always try and help her too when she forget to put that darn gate up too!
    I even know how to smooth the comforter for me but she thinks I'm wiping my face on it but I'm really making it neat!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  17. You guys did a great job! When my Mom makes the bed she usually tricks me into going outside for the same reason. I don't understand why she just doesn't let me help her. It would be so much easier that way!