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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Snooter Hanging, Day Four

Hi readers! The Ao4's mom coming at you one last time with this tutorial about snooter hanging. I know what you're thinking - she'll give up! At least that's what Stormy, Amber and Zim were thinking. Umm... especially since I did give up trying to hang a Hold the Phone! Bag on each of their snooters. That's right - I admit I was defeated by Stormy (who teaches classes about not cooperating for photos), Ammy (her TOP student in those classes) and by Zim (who likes to choose his own poses). But I have one chance left. One certain Sibe. One lovely snooter covered in freckles! One very amenable ... DAVE!

Hi Mom! Whatcha doing? Can I play?!

That's right, when all else fails, turn to the "old" standby.

So... grab your digital camera, arm yourself with very tasty treats, and find the most laid back pup you can. :)

Show your model the treat, tell him, "Wait!", and bring the object you want to hang on his snooter close. As you slip the object over his snooter, get ready to hold the treat up, so the ...

You mean like this, Mom? Is this what you want me to do?

"Umm... well, yes. Good boy, Dave! You could have waited for the treat! Good boy!"

I guess somepups have extra-sensitive sniffers and know you have the treats, so they don't feel they need to wait for you to show them. Dave already let me get that "money shot"; once your model does, treat him with a cookie! (And, yes, before anypup asks, even the puppers who weren't exactly as cooperative for the snooter-hanging spree were rewarded.)

Mmm, thanks, Mom!

Maya Marie's mom sure does bake some yummy cookies!

Once you've rewarded your model and have lavished him with praise, pick up the object which he's surely shaken off by now and tossed onto the grass, and go download the photos to see if you were able to get any good shots.

Hey Mom?! Wanna get another picture before we head in?

Umm... with MOST dogs, especially Siberians, the object will be on the ground. Some pups are just ... different. :)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Many thanks to Stormy for setting me up - I mean for turning the blog over to me for a few days. Let us know if you're able to teach snooter hanging to any of your friends!

Thanks for reading!

The Ao4's mom


  1. um... yeah, right. If the human woman values her "hold the iPhone bag" as much as I think she does, she won't EVEN attempt doing something like that to me... I don't care how many oyster crackers she holds up.


  2. Must be the frekhkles!

    They are an indikhator of the 'I'll do whatever WOOOO say MOM!' gene!!

    Great khamera work Dave!!!


  3. Dave just loves his mom so much or maybe there is some lab in there somewhere.

    Princess Eva

  4. Pawesome!
    Thanks for sharing these 4 lessons with us. Now my mom thinks she can make me do it! (silly mom)
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Oh Dave you stuck up. Your supposed to at least make it a challenge.. Good job Mom...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Just a little more proof of the Labra-Dave at work. But that cute face and pickle nose can be forgiven pretty easily for that non-Siberian cooperativeness trait.

  7. Anonymous5:03 PM

    WOW Dave! I am super impressed that you can take and eat a khookie with the HTP! Bag still on your snooter. Amazing.

  8. Woo Dave, woo are going to give us sibes a bad name. Now all our moms are going to be trying to hang stuff on our snooters! But we must admit, woo look especially handsome with the HTP bag on your snooter, must be practicing for your cover on Playdog. WTG buddy.
    The RHP

  9. Hey, Mom! Good work with the pups. I have a feeling Ari would give me the silent treatment for the rest of her life if I tried that here.

    Hope you're staying cool in all this heat. Ari and the cats are lying in pools on the wood floor right now. Maybe now's the time to try snooter hanging? They all look too tired to notice.

  10. Awww Dave.... you give all us not so obedient pups a bad rap...but you do look awfully cute with that baggie on your snout....maybe I should try to be more like you...

    Love & Licks,

  11. Congrats AO4 Mom, you DID IT!!!

  12. I should have known that the Zimstigator (aka my BPP) would be no good for photos... only a sibe in a lab suit will do it. But he does look cute! He deserves more cookies.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  13. WOO WOO Dave

    We can tell - you are just a softy for your Mom! That's ok - someone has to do it and you do look very very handsome

    Thor and Marco Polo

  14. Oh Dave is a natural! What beautiful pics! Mum better not get any ideas about hanging things on our snooters though! I'm not sure we could be as cooperative as Dave.
    Loved the four day series.

  15. THe tutorial was very information but I don't see that happening anytime soon at our house...

    Woo woo, KA

  16. Dave, I bet you and Nanook would get along like nuts!



  17. Aw Dave, you are the cutest!!! Love your freckles on your handsome snooter. It was very nice of you to cooperate, even if it isn't very siberian of you.

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack snooter-roo

    (PS- you've got our mom saying "snooter" all the time now. It makes her giggle).

  18. Dave,

    You are obviously the mellow man of the house. The girls think you are very handsome. In fact, Rosemary was drooling over the pic. Gheez!

    Should I boy pup be wearing a purse?

    Have a great week.

    Journey, King of Tug

  19. HuMom likes the pic with your hold the iphone bag and you chewing the cookie the most!


  20. Awww, that was very nice of Dave to cooperate. Mom says she's not even going to try that with any of us because none of us are laid back. Good job to the AO4's Mom!!!

  21. Well Ao4 mom, you managed to finally get a picture. I think Dave just felt sorry for you.