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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! Did you see our wonderful, new toys that Kat and Steve sent us?!? Stormy showed you everything yesterday and oh, they're just SO fun! Kat and Steve are soooooo very sweet to send these! I just love all of them - especially my GREEN Wubba!

Yesterday morning, it wasn't 100 degrees out, so Mom showed me my new green Wubba and asked if I'd like to go out and play!

Oooh, I love this toy!!!

Of course, I said, "Yes!" I love to play in the backyard with Mom! Here I am after I chased it down!

You might be wondering why I'm on a long leash. Hrmph! Mom wasn't holding it or anything, but she needed a "safety" on me. You see, it would appear that Oswald and his wife Hare-iette have turned our Red Prince Weigela into a bunny nursery. Mom doesn't want me to ... um ... well, you know.

I got to play anyway. I ran and ran and ran and chased after the Wubba! I usually bring it back part way or grab it and wait there with it so Mom will come get it and throw it for me. Don't I have her well-trained? :)

Here it is, Mom!

Umm... there are a few ... um ... teeth marks on it. What can I say? So.... moving right along, Mom tried to get some action shots, but I'm tooooooo fast! In this next shot, Wubba is still in mid-air, but I've already caught up with it! Ha roooooo!

I did a lot more running and running and running after that, then Mom said it was time to go inside. I was tired, but beat her up the stairs anyway!

This new toy is SO fun! Thank roo again, Kat and Steve!



  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Oh Ammy!!! Woo are so beerootiful wth woo Wubba! And get a green sharpie. That will take care of the teeth marks and woo mom will never know, ha roo roo roo!

  2. Ammy,

    Great job training the human. We love to play fetch. Of course it's the most fun when we all get involved so there's tugging and chasing too.

    I'm sure Oswald and family are appreciative of your ignoring them.

    Happy Wubba Chasing

    Journey, King of Tug

  3. w00f's A04, heehee me likes to play me goes gits toy and mama has to fight me fur it...buttt now daddy i will give it to him to throw fur me...u sooo good to leave oswald and harriet and babies alone...

    b safe,

  4. Wow, you're happy face in that last picture make me really want to go outside and make Mom throw things and then fetch them for me so she can throw them again. That looks like tons of fun!


  5. Woo look sooooo happy with your Wubba!

    Even when Wubba's get 'worn' they are still fun to play with - I play with BOTH of mine!!

    Your HANDSOME BF Brice's sister Princess Eva may have some tips about those Oswaldian invaders ;-)


  6. WOO WOO Ammy

    You look so beautiful playing with your Wubba. Your Mom does a great job of playing fetch with you too. We have to working with them so they know how to play right with us! Marco Polo and I made Mom give us treats and treats while we waited for the car to get serviced this morning otherwise, we started talking to everyone else waiting. We are sooo smart!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  7. Darling Ammy,
    Great job with the Wubba. It can handle a few more rips and tears before it has to "go live on the farm". Momma still lets me play with mine since it is still technically in one piece.

    I'll have to ask Eva about the tips for bunnies. I haven't seen any in our yard so I'm not sure what she does with them.

    Snooter smooches,

  8. Isn't it cool to have a Mom that fetches?! We saw our Oswald this morning. He was lounging on our neighbor's front yard. He just needs to come a litttttle bit closer.

  9. That looks like great fun. You suppose that Wubba can swim? You could take it to the lake..
    We are hoping that Callie will be able to come home on Friday. Keep your paws crossed. Thanks for all your prayers..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. We love our Wubba too, Ammy! It's so much fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. the green really looks great with your red fur!

  12. Harrrrrr Ammy
    looks like a lot of fun Harrrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  13. Amber, you look as gorgeous as ever. We're so thrilled to learn about a toy called the "Wubba" since "Wub" is one of Ari's nicknames!!

  14. Those are so really great toys!

    Woo woo, KA

  15. Oh we have one of those! I don't play with it much... but the Mum likes it! You look like you are having fun!

  16. Hee you look so happy with your Wubba toy Amber

    ~ Girl girl

  17. I wonder if there are cat sized Wubbas?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  18. Ammy. You look so happy with your wubba. And it's such a pretty color.