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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sun-Day at the KSO

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  Did you like the videos Zim posted for Serene Scenery Sunday?  I thought I'd share some of the "still" pix Mom took with you of our outing to the Kansas Ocean (KSO).  We've had a couple rainy, gloomy-looking days here, so I thought we could use some bright sunshine!

Mom put a cool vignette around this one:

IMG_1478 Dave

I was doing my serious look. Pretty good, don't you think? Mom wanted to get a good shot of Zimmie, too, but he was ...

IMG_1479 Zim

...otherwise engaged.

We walked around a lot, then Mom took this shot of the two of us guys:

IMG_1481 Dave and Zim

I like the Kansas Ocean in the background!

While Zim stared at more stuff, I stuck a couple poses! Here's one:

IMG_1482 Dave

And here I am from another angle:

IMG_1483 Dave

I look kinda pensive in those, don't I? I was trying to think up another Haik-Woo. The KSO was very inspiring! I noticed a problem on the way out, though. Could be serious. I think ...

IMG_1485 Dave
"That's got to be one mighty big mole!"

I think the Kansas Ocean might have a mole problem! Woo.



  1. In your 1st posey picture it looked like you were stacking like as if you were being shown in a dog show. You are a very handsome pup!

  2. Maybe if you hang out there long enough, you can catch the mole!

    Mom says I have very long legs, but I think the legs on your shadow are longer.


  3. You have such beautiful blue skies over there! I awarded you a Stylish Blogger award for your cool neckwear! You can pick it up at my blog!

  4. Handsome pictures! I hope you'll share your new haik-woo soon!

  5. Whoa. You're going to need a massive whack-a-mole hammer for that one.


  6. We do love your still pictures too. Yes, the ocean may have a mole problem, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Lovely photo's. It really looks like a nice sunny day and you both looked like you had a lovely walk :)xx

  8. Great shots Dave! The ocean looks just beautiful.

  9. You look quite handsome in your pose Dave!! Like a showdog!

    I think that giant mole is stealing the water from the KSO too!


  10. That is a serious mole problem, but we look forward to digging everywhere to find him.

  11. Pawesome pictures!
    I love them all!
    And about that mole... yes... it must be a big one!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. You two are so handsome! It looks like that mole is going to have some ocean front property.

  13. Thanks for sharing with us your pawsome pics. It's amazing to see other places in the same earth we share. Your skies are really bright and clear, brilliant!!


  14. Pawsome pics there, Dave & Zim.... and Dave, did woo say there is a MOLE problem??? Maybe I can help with that! I'll put on my thinking cap and come up with a new solution from my Holey Moley Co.

    Jack, master Mole dispatcher

  15. Wow! very nice shots!!!

  16. wow!! We thinks that first picture of you is really cool!

    Yikes! I would run from that mole!

  17. Did you ever see the movie Tremors? I'm just suggesting you might want to not wait around for those "moles" to come out.