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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Houston, We Have A Problem...

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  As you may know, I am my mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind.  I help her wherever colors are concerned.  I'm great at picking fabrics for her in the Studio and choosing floor tiles at the floor tile store and letting her know when her outfits don't match and stuff.  And so ... how do I put this?  How about I show you?

Remember how cool Zim looks in his Buff?

IMG_1412 Zim

He's the coolest, isn't he? And so Mom bought me a Buff, too. Only ...

DSCN0612 Dave
Me.  Dave.

See? What's the difference between the pic of Zim and the pic of me? In our collars and Buffs?

Right. How many of you said, "Zim's goes really well with his collar and yours clashes big time!"? It's like a nightmare for a Guide Dog for the Color Blind to be outfitted like this! I mean - no offense to my mom. But we can only get Buffs on the internet and I can't do internet shopping with her. She tried her best ... but ... look!

DSCN0622 Dave
What was my mom thinking?

After Mom's FaceBook friends let her know just how bad it was, she offered me the granite and black Buff she was wearing. I gave her my sign -- I wagged my tail at her and the Buff -- and we traded. This one's a little better:

IMG_1416 Dave
Me in the granite/black Buff

At least it doesn't clash with my collar and leash! But ...

IMG_1417 Dave

...it gets a tad lost, doesn't it? Fear not! Mom's been web shopping again! I hope she does better this time!

Oh! Two more things! For those who might be concerned about Stormy's feelings -- trust me! She'd rather not wear a Buff. She's a real no-nonsense kind of Sibe! Also - for those who might wonder about guys wearing Buffs - LOTS of guys wear Buffs! Don't any of you watch Survivor? Yeah.  All those guys wear Buffs.  AND ... did you see the big match play golf tournament this past weekend? Martin Kaymer (the new #1 golfer in the world!) was wearing a BUFF!!! How cool is that? I think he might have heard that Mom ordered our Dad a couple that give protection from UV rays and bugs!

I'll keep you posted on how my new Buff works out once it gets here!



  1. I think Simba would like a buff. I'm going to hunt round the house until I find him something suitable :)

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  3. I thought that buff looked pretty good on ya!

  4. Well, your mom gets an A for effort! Actually we kinda like her buff on woo, but we know she'll keep searhing till she finds the perfect one. we watched the golf tourney and mom told dad all about what a buff is -- and that she learned about them from Zim!!!

    buffless jack & moo

  5. I think it looks great!

  6. I think all the colors are great :)


  7. Thank goodness moms got you to help her out. We love your buffs. Guess what mom has one with huskies on it. That's wrong!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hiya Dave,

    You and Zim look so good in your buffs... we think even the not so great colour choice looked good on you though too.

  9. I think my mum was one of them who told your mum to let you pick the colours. If she gets it wrong, I'm sorry in advance!


  10. You look cute no matter what colors you have on Dave! :)

  11. Those buffs wouldnt make a difference to an already handsome husky!!

    P.s - We think a luminious lime green would be nice!


  12. We had to do a double take because we thought that buff was pink so wondered if it was Stormy and not you wearing it. We're glad your mom switched out your buff and it is nice of her to try to find one that matches better. We know of some other Buffs in Colorado that beat some Wildcats but we bet you don't like those Buffs! :)

  13. Hi, Dave!
    I have seen those Buffs a lot these days!
    Yes. I saw Martin wearing his too!
    Very trendy! And glad your mom gave the other one to you!
    I mean... the first one was not bad... but sure the black one is much better!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. You definitely need a different color or design. The blue is better, but it is still a little off...


  15. Oh my Dave, yes, the granite and black buff is much better! The other one sort of hurt my eyes.