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Monday, February 28, 2011

Haik-Woo #41

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  I've been working hard lately...

DSCN0559 Dave
Me.  Dave.  Working.

Oh, it might not look like it there, but I have been hard at it.  At the writing game!  Long-time readers of the Ao4 Digest may remember that I have quite the poetic streak and invented my own form of poetry - the Haik-Woo.  After a long dry spell, I've written a new Haik-Woo to share with you.  First, a little background...

Many of you are familiar with the Japanese haiku:  three lines, 17 syllables total of non-rhyming verse -- 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the middle, and 5 in the last.  Haik-Woo is similar, only the last word of that third line has to be my favorite word - "woo".  It's very challenging to get your point across descriptively yet briefly.  And that's why Haik-Woo is quite the art form.

This new Haik-Woo is dedicated to my kid brother, Zim.  He's been through a lot lately and is on a new prescription diet.  That's pretty tough to handle, but it really helps that Mom makes him his special Frozen Treats and Zim's Stinky Goodness Jerky Treats.  Without further ado, I give you Haik-Woo #41:

Haik-woo #41

I did a special reading for Zim the other day.  This was his reaction:

DSCN0631 Zim
"That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard!"

He's got a great appreciation for poetry.

Stinky Goodness treats for everyone!



  1. I like it, Dave! You're really good at writing poetry. I am impressed!

  2. I am very impressed as thats lovely.. Hugs GJ x

  3. No wonder you are tired out working hard on that poetry. You have a nice rest now and then you can think up some more :) xx

  4. *sigh*, that is so inspiring, Dave. It shows real creativity in overcoming what could be a huge problem. Our mom is on a diet again too, and we think she's feeling a lot like Zim about it. I think we'll woo this to her & see if it helps.

    jack & moo

  5. No wonder you need a good rest. Writing that awesome poetry uses a lot of energy. Good to rest up for the next poem. We're waiting.

  6. After all that resting and deep thought you came up with a good one Dave
    Benny & Lily

  7. Dave you're so talented and so sweet to come up with a haik-woo for your brother.

  8. Davy, you are such a good big brother. Poor Zimmie has quite been through the ringer, hasn't he?


  9. You are such a great poet Dave <3

  10. What a good brother you are!!
    Didn't know Zim's a sentimental pup!
    Poetry huh? Pawsome!! ;)


  11. Dave, you are such a great Haik-Wooer! We're very impressed but don't work too hard!

  12. Dave!
    I remember your Haik-Woos!
    And this was is pawesome for Zim!
    I can see he really liked it!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Wish I was a poet....uh....I mean a poetess. Love your work, Dave. You deserve a nap.


  14. Handsome, AND talented! That's why I love you!

    Zimmie is one lucky pup to get such special stinky goodness treats!


  15. Woo there, Dave~
    That's a furri nice Haik-Woo fur your sweet brother, Zim. I'm still looking for an appointment time to get one of those spaw treatments. They look like they are realli workin'. Rest up after all that great poem writin' work and send a woo out to Zimmi and SCoAO4, Stormi.
    Your pal,

  16. hi, I am a new member, can i make to friend with you?

  17. Oh yes, we like that Dave, very good!
    It looks like Zim liked it too! :)