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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Were We?

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  I know the other day I said I'd get back to you with more about our recent adventure.  Now ... where were we?  Oh, yeah!  Right about ...

IMG_1533 Zim

HERE! Ha roo! OK... time to ditch the shadows and do some exploring!

DSCN0705 Dave and Zim
"Hey, let's go this way!"
"Hey, let's go this way!"

Mom didn't like either of our suggestions. For some reason she wanted to go straight. "Blah blah blah path, blah blah bugs, blah blah snakes ..." I have no idea.

We walked along the path for a good while, then I pulled over to look out over the valley below. Take a look:

DSCN0708 Zim
"Ha-loo down there!!!"

I thought I saw some people down there hiking.

DSCN0709 Dave and Zim
"Maybe the people will hike up here!"
"People?  I wonder if any of them need a hug!"

Well, they did hike up around to where we were, but they acted kind of scared of us (or maybe of Mom...), so we stepped off the path and let them have a wide berth to get around us. Dave and I sat real nice; Mom stood. (That's why I think maybe they were scared of her! She didn't sit nice like us! Though I did hear them mutter something about a "coyote". Then they looked at me. How very strange.)

Anyway, we got to a sharp drop-off area and had a great look around.

DSCN0711 Zim
"Hey!  More hikers!"

I thought I saw people down there, too. I wanted to go meet them, but Dave and Mom said we should turn around.

DSCN0713 Dave
"...and my brother is NOT a coyote, no matter what those other people might try to tell you!
Let's turn and go the other way, Mom!"

Dave's a really loyal guy.  I couldn't ask for a better big brother!

After we turned, he found something really cool to snoof!

DSCN0722 Dave

It was a great hike at the Top of the World! I wish all of you could have been there!

DSCN0723 Zim
"What a great hike!"

Until next time!
Play bows,


  1. It sure is purrrty over there. Moms are boring and not adventurous like us. Thanks for taking us along
    Benny & Lily

  2. AHH more great pictures! What a panoramic place that is, huh?

  3. What beautiful scenery! Looks like a fun walk!

  4. That does look like a great hike! We can't believe those people thought you were a coyote. Sheesh. Don't they know a handsome red headed Sibe when they see one? Our mommy would have given both of you huge hugs if she met you while hiking.

  5. A coyote? Pfftt, silly humans, we huskerboos do not look like coyotes. Glad woo enjoyed your walk guys,


  6. Haven't you trained your Mom to SIT yet? Is she too old to train now? (Mine is for physical stuff like sits) Although, I have taught her a lot of things. Check the Yellow pages for a People Whisperer and see if you can't get her to learn the skill.


  7. Coyote?! Please!
    If I was walking and came upon you 2 (and your mom) I'd want a hug!

  8. You really are going to have to teach your mum to sit nice for strangers. She might get more treats that way, too. Does she give paw?


  9. Coyote??? Really?? Those humans obviously don't get out enough to know the difference between a yote and a Sibe!

    I'm glad you had fun though. And, such a beautiful day!


  10. I hear ya Zim, I have been accused of Coyote-ism myself.


  11. Nice walkie!
    That people sure is weird...
    Kisses and hugs

  12. You guys sure do get to see a lot of cool things.

    Did your mom say SNAKES?? EKKKKKK

  13. beautiful!
    what? snakes??!
    be safe guys on your walkies.

  14. That was a real cool walk!!! Thanks for letting us enjoy it!

  15. Wow! Those are some views! What landscapes!
    Thanks for taking us with you!


  16. What a beautiful spot for a hike! Thanks for taking us along with you, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. That was very rude of those people to infer that your mom looked like a coyote. Did she perhaps have pillow head?


  18. I am puzzled, please can you put a photo on your blog of a Blah Blah Snake, it sounds most frightening!

    And a Coyote, did I do my usual Marvin mis understanding.....your Mum has turned into a Coyote??

    I sincerely hope not, we liked her as she was, just nice and human.

    Your views were beautiful by the way, thank you for sharing.

    I can see I mustn't leave it so long in commenting next time, so much happens when I am absent!!

    lotsalicks, Marvin xxxxx

  19. Beautiful hike pals! Great commentary too!!!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose