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Monday, March 21, 2011

KSO Photo Shoot?

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave!  Mom made new camo collars for me and Zim over the weekend.  I helped, of course, and they're really cool.

IMG_1624 Dave
Me, Dave, helping in the Studio

That's my new really cool collar and leash in the foreground!  Purple camo!!!  I love purple!  After Mom made my set, I helped pick out the right fabric for Zim's new combo - here he is, showing it off out front:

IMG_1638 Zim
Zim in his new collar and leash!

Doesn't the bright blue look cool on him?!?!

A friend of Mom's (Zim's Valentine Holly's mom) had a great idea; she said we should do a fashion photo shoot by the Kansas Ocean!  When it was time for this morning's big walk, Dad said we should walk down to the KSO and back, so Mom grabbed her camera for the big shoot!

Here's a shot of Zim, looking out over the ocean:

DSCN0801 Zim
Zim at the KSO

The sun was already pretty bright so we were both pretty squinty-eyed.

DSCN0803 Dave
Me, Dave, at the KSO

Because this was our first big walk of the day, we didn't really feel too much like posing. Usually we do our shoots in the afternoon - something about tired Siberians being more cooperative. I'm not sure. Zim and I weren't really listening.

DSCN0805 Zim and Dave
"...one dog goes one way, and the other dog goes the other way..."

Umm... here's another shot of me:

DSCN0806 Dave

On the way home, we saw one of Zim's friends:

DSCN0809 black and white cat

I hope she noticed our cool new camo collars and leashes! Woo!



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  2. Woo pups look pawsome in your new collars & leashes - your mom has furry talented paws to make such cool things! We think that Zim's kit-kat furiend was probably thinng "Meowzers, those boys do look handsome!"

    jack & moo

  3. We are sure every buddy noticed your cool collars. We're jealous.
    Benny & Lily

  4. Ohh! Love the new collars and leashes! How lucky you guys are to have such a crafty mom!

  5. Very cool new gear Dave and Zim. I hear rumors that we are due for new neck wear, we can only hope they are 1/2 as cool as yours.

    Remy and Flash

  6. Your mom MADE those? OMG...those are soooo cool. If she ever decides to sell them let me know. Would love one to match yours Dave xoxo! :)

  7. Uber stylish, boys!


  8. Now those are cool!


  9. Very cool accessories! Wish my mom was that talented!

  10. Very styling! Oh, we hear that Tired Siberian thing all of the time and blah blah blah. Oh, sorry, we always tune him out at that point.

  11. Those are pawesome collars! We bet all the other dogs in your neighborhood are very jealous of your cool camo collars!

  12. Wow...your Mom has some skills! Those collars and leashes are very nice! Of course, the models make them fabulous!! ;)


  13. New collars and leashes!
    They are pawesome!
    Sure you had a great walkie with the "not look at mom" thing very well done!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Aww you guys are so cute! I love the collars and leashes. They are so bright and fun.

  15. those are very cool!!!!! Is your Mom going to sell some?

    Lots of Licks, Ruby