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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Threads

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me - Zim!  Hey, remember last week Dave showed you the new camo collars and leashes Mom made us?  Right!  The wild Kansas State University purple for Dave and the Infantry Penn State University blue for me!  (Trying to placate Mom here...)  Anyway, they are made out of a bazillion thicknesses of twill fabric and some other stuff inside for even more strength.  When we have wet weather, though, it's good to use nylon (it dries quicker and doesn't get as messed up), so Dave found some nylon webbing in the Studio and had Mom make some coordinating leashes.

IMG_1640 New leashes

Purple for Dave and blue for me. We tried them out, then Mom thought she'd add a D-ring by the handle to make them easier to hang up:

IMG_1642 New leashes

Pretty cool, don't you think?!? As they say on TV, "But wait! That's not all!" It seems Mom did a little webbing shopping on the web (ha roo roo roo!) and bought some really cool stuff to make us even more new threads! Check it out!!!

DSCN0867 More new leashes and collars

Aren't they the coolest?!?!  It's digital "desert" camo and digital "grunt" camo!  ("Grunt" is a military slang term used for Infantry soldiers.)  And see on the right-hand side of the photo?  Mom also bought 2" wide webbing. We've seen some of our cool Great Dane friends wearing 2" wide collars and they looked really comfy; we thought we should give that a go.  Mom bought new 2" wide hardware and made us limited slip collars!  We thought it would be worth trying out!

Here I am, trying on the grunt camo collar with matching leash:

DSCN0858 Zim
"Hey, is anycat out here?!?  Check out my new collar and leash!!"

I wanted to see what my kit-cat friends thought, but nocat was out there.

Then I tried out the 1" wide (the width we normally wear) and looked for my friends again.  I spotted Fluffy Black in our back yard:

IMG_1677 Zim
"Hey Fluffy Black Cat!  Come check out my new leash and collar!"
"OK ... meet you around the other side, Zim!"

We met up on the other side of the house:

IMG_1679 Zim
"C'mon up and tell me what you think!"

She came up the steps a bit, said she liked it ... then got a bit distracted.

IMG_1683 Zim
"That's nice, Z--OOOH!  Birdies!  There are birdies in your bushes!!!"

I totally understand that getting distracted thing.

Later on, Dave decided since he used to wear desert camo and I wore woodland green camo, it would be fun to switch.  Here we are:

IMG_1700 Dave and Zim
Dave and me

Can you even see me? In the right lighting, me and my collar & leash are all the same color!  Hey... that could be a lot of fun!   Ha roo roo roo!

Mom bought some more camo webbing, so we might switch things around later, but for now, these are our new threads!  What do you think of our color choices?

Play bows,


  1. You dudes are so stylish!

  2. Woooo! Tres chic huskerboos!!

    RA & Isis

  3. Totally stylish and very cool. What a clever Mum you have!

  4. You boyz look so handsome in your matching camo collars and leashes!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Those are very awesome and your mom is very talented!!

  6. I think those are some great color choices.

    I want one! If your mom ever sells them let us know we will be first in line. :)

  7. very nice collar & leashes! They suit you both so well!!

  8. I think you are uber stylish Zimmie, and your mum is so very clever!


  9. Your mom should definitely open and etsy shop!
    After trying out the 2" collar, I really like it. And I like it on you too cause you can see it more in you long coat!

  10. Harrrr Matey Zim and Dave
    Very cool Harrrrr Ye look great in them Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. Very nice! Your mom is super talented!

  12. Your new collars and leashes are pawesome! Your mom is so talented! We're sure Fluffy Black Cat would have said the same thing if the birdies weren't so distracting.

  13. Whoa! I really like those new camo colors! I think you both look totally stylin'!


  14. you guys sure are stylin
    Benny & Lily

  15. oooh they rock! haha i like the way you boys take your mom out for a walk ;)

  16. Wow! Your mom is really talented and you guys are always so stylish looking! I really got to get mommy start sewing again! The sewing machine's getting rusty..(mom are you reading this?) I wanna be stylish too!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  17. Wow, your mummy is very clever. We think your mummy should make lots and lots of them then she could sell them and buy lots of biscuits for you :) xx