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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Great To Have Friends

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim.  I have to tell you - it's great to have friends!  Take the other evening, for example...

Some of Mom's FaceBook friends have already heard about this, but I haven't told you yet:  there's a bully in the neighborhood.  That's right, a bully.  Her name is Maude.  She's arched her back and hissed at me -- wait -- did I tell you she's a cat?  She is.  Anyway, she's arched her back and hissed at me twice now.  Oh, sure, she comes over to me like she wants to be pals, then she does that hissing thing!  What a bully!  The first time she did it, Stormy told her to knock it off.  The second time she did it, my pal Fluffy Black Cat jumped her.  (Ha roo roo roo!)  So the other evening, I saw my friend Callie-Co Kitty out between our house and the neighbors' house, so I slowly walked over to see her.

We still can't get videos to embed without the formatting getting all messed up, so please click here to see it.  It's short - I promise.  It's me, slowly walking over toward Callie (I don't want to scare her!) then laying down.  Mom pointed the camera down the hill and saw Maude the Bully Cat, then Fluffy Black Cat a little further down.  Maude saw me hanging out with Callie, and ... Mom shot a bunch of pix with her iPhone, so I'll caption those for you ...

IMG_1610 Maude the Bully Cat
"Well, well, well... who do we have here?"

IMG_1611 Maude the Bully Cat and Fluffy Black Cat
"Meow, Maude.  Where are you going?"
"Never you mind, Fluffy Black!"

See?  Can you believe how she talks to Fluffy Black Cat?  What a bully!

IMG_1612 Maude the Bully Cat and Fluffy Black Cat
"Just going to walk up the Ao4 Headquarters staircase..."
"Uh-oh... I smell trouble!"

IMG_1615 Maude the Bully Cat and Fluffy Black Cat
"'Trouble'?  No... I'm an innocent little kitty cat, just sitting here..."

"Oh... say.  Is that Zim?"
"I knew you were up to something!"

"Ha roo, girls!  Callie and I are just hanging out.  Want to join us?"

I mean, they're the ones who came over to me, so I figured I'd be polite and extend the paw of friendship.

IMG_1619 Zim and cats
"Really.  You're welcome to ... hey, where ya going?" 

Then she blew past me ...

IMG_1620 Zim and Fluffy Black Cat
"Hey!  I'm in a down/stay.  This isn't fair!!!"

... and tried to outflank me! It was so unfair!!! I was in a "down/stay"!

Anyway... Fluffy Black saw what Maude the Bully was up to...

IMG_1621 Zim and Fluffy Black Cat
"I knew she was going to pull something like this!"

... and offered to handle the situation for me.

IMG_1622 Zim and Fluffy Black Cat
"I've got this handled, Zim!"

I've gotta tell ya ... it's great to have friends!

Play bows,

PS: No kit-cats were harmed in the shooting of this blog post. Fluffy Black ran Maude the Bully Cat off and Callie-Co went into the honeysuckle to hunt for whatever it is she hunts for in there.  For those who are wondering, YES, I could take care of Maude if I wanted to, but Mom will not allow it.  Let's just not go there.


  1. You were very well behaved Zim. We are impressed. We would offer to send help, but the head mancat here isn't friendly with dogs, so we are glad Black Cat is there to help.

  2. I am in a hot sweat just reading this post...........

  3. Zim, woo did wonderful! Not many of us Sibes can be kitty furiends! It has taken me a while to get used to our furry kitty.


  4. Kitties are really different from us....

  5. Oh my word Zim! You need a neighborhood watch as long as Maude is loose. (mom is hysterical for some reason)
    Benny & Lily

  6. That was very impressive Zim!
    Good thing Fluffy Black Cat has your back!

  7. You're so right, it is great to have friends there to protect you and stick up for you. :)

  8. Heya Zim! Woo certainly act much better around those kittys than my brofur RA would! Don't tell him but I've a couple kitty furiends in the 'hood too! wooos,


  9. You know what, Zim? Even Ali Zophia tries to fight me when I am offering her the paw of friendship.
    AZ's first family had her declawed which I think is a bad thing to do to cats. So when I go up to her, just for a few sniffs, she slaps me with her bare paws and then does a little bite on my ear, and I Live with Her! No accounting for cat behavior, don't try. Take all the help you can get.


  10. Zim, you even have a kitty walk down pat too! My kitty sisfurs would love you!


  11. I can't believe it, Zim!
    The nerve of that bully cat!
    Glad your friend was there!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Gee Zimmie, I never knew you lived in such a rough neighborhood! Good thing you have such a good friend in Fluffy Black to help you with Maude! It's never nice to have to deal with a bully!

    Khady Lynn

  13. Wow, that was quite an exchange woo witnessed! good thing your sweet kittie furiends stuck together! that ole' Maude better take her bad manners somewhere else!

    jack & moo

  14. I'm going to get Fluffy Black to have serious words with Maude. I cannot allow any kitty to bully my bestest friend!


  15. It is good to have friends, Zim.:)

    You were very good watching the kitty cats there right in front of you.