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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More With Big Mean Kitty

Woo, everypup and everycat - it's me, Dave!  As you saw on Serene Scenery Sunday, I got to spend some time with an old friend of ours - Big Mean Kitty.  We've played with Big Mean since at least 2007 - and that's got to be some sort of a record for stuffie toys around here!  Anyway, it really was nice spending some time hanging out together the other day.

IMG_7311 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
Me and Big Mean Kitty

We were just being real cool, chilling out and enjoying some quality time together.

IMG_7302 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
"Isn't this great, Big Mean?"
"Yeah... hey, look.  There's your mom.  She should throw me so you can chase after me."

I don't want to imply that he was trying to get me in trouble or anything ...

IMG_7309 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
"I'm still not allowed to run, Big Mean."
"Oh, come on.  One little chase!  I know you're already walking to the corner with Zim!  Lemme up."

IMG_7312 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
"Shh!  Don't get me in trouble!"
"I heard you chased Zim through the living room this morning..."

That's when I remembered Mom was standing right there.

IMG_7313 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
"Shh!  Keep it down, Big Mean!!!"

Then I realized he wouldn't say anything to my mom.  Not really.

  IMG_7317 Dave and Big Mean Kitty 

In fact, Big Mean doesn't have anything to say out loud any more. I ... err ... well, let's just say his squeaker doesn't squeak any more.  He's still tons of fun, though.

IMG_7319 Dave and Big Mean Kitty
"Hi, Mom!  We're just having fun, talking guy talk and stuff."
"Yeah, Dave's mom.  We're being good!"
And I think he likes me, too.  And he's good at keeping my secrets!
  IMG_7320 Dave and Big Mean Kitty

Do you guys have a special toy friend that you tell your secrets to?



  1. That's very sweet! I have lots (and lots) of toys, but my favorite is my Kong. I loooove my Kong, and it hangs out in my room with me every day when Mom goes to work. It's all full of nummy goodness and keeps me too busy to cause trouble... for at least ten minutes! BOL

    My sissy Cinderella has a bunny rabbit that she loves and loves. She carries it all over the place. But toys don't last that long at our place. Her favorite toy before Bunny was Lion, until he had a little... stuffing accident. O:)

  2. I think I would like a Big Mean Kitty. But for now my Big Green Squeekie Snake is my favorite. It has 8 squeekies in it and the tail rattles!
    I'm glad the BMK can keep your secrets. It's good to have a friend like that.

  3. we would says he is a good friend, but he WAS trying to tempt you to be bad.....but at least he is keeping your secrets. :)

  4. Nina doesn't play with toys. Now don't let that kitty get you in any trouble Dave. We want you to get better real fast.

    Cindy & Nina

  5. Boy what Iwould do for a Big Mean Kitty that didn't talk back, bite back, slap back.

    You are soooooo lucky


  6. We like those kitty's best
    Benny & Lily

  7. Big Mean Kitty has been around a long time WOW. No wonder he keeps secrets, he's special.

    The silvers and more

  8. Your Big Mean Kitty is very clean and well groomed. I have a Big Mean Christmas Kitty and he's in the bottom of my toy basket looking very dirty and un-groomed!

    Love ya lots

  9. What a good friend you have!



  10. Looks like your mom caught some special bonding time between you and big mean kitty.
    Darwin has a stuffed sheep she's had since she was a month or so old. New toys will get destuffed, but that sheep is still in once piece.

  11. Sardinie. He's my best friend, behind Zimmie of course.


  12. Oh My Cod!!!!!
    We LOVE that Big Mean Kitty! ; )

    We're wondering if there is a kitty-sized Big Mean Doggy!

    Glogirly & Katie *the Cat*

  13. Sure Big Mean Kitty has been with you for a looooong time!
    I know he is a good friend of you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  14. The only kitties I have are my kitty sisfurs and Mommy won't let me do anything to them to make sure they stay quiet. She's a party pooper.


  15. Our favorite toy is our dreidel from Hannakah. We fight over it. We loved the gefalter fish, so much so it was destuffed. Mommy is currently looking for a some more dreidel toys for us.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  16. Wow - I can't believe how good & new Big Mean Kitty looks - and especially how CLEAN!!! Ha! Ha! That would never happen in my house! I don't destroy toys much but everythign gets covered in my slobber, which then dries into brown slime and that never washes off!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. At first, when I read your title, I thought Wilbur had visited you!

    All of my toys still squeak. I am very gentle with them. Luckily Kat doesn't like stuffies because she is a de-squeaker. Since they all still squeak, I can't tell them too many secrets.