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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Neighborhood Adventure

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave.  Our temps got above freezing yesterday and our snow started melting really nice, so after lunch, Zim and I took Mom and Dad on a real nice walk around the neighborhood.  After everything being frozen, it was great to see some GRASS and to be able to smell more cool smells - and to see what all the neighbors have been up to!  (Apparently not everyone goes out for walks when it's in the "teens" like we do.  That's ... err ... in the -7 to -12 range for those of you who use "C".  Let's just say "chilly" - or as Mom likes to say, "When is Spring?"  Ha woo.)

Anyway, as I was saying - everything's melting.  That made crossing through the un-shovelled areas a lot easier - like this:

IMG_3067e Dave
"See, Mom?  Easier now!"

I think Mom is the least sure-footed of all of us, so I walk real gentle with her.

Here is a shot of me and Zimmie on some cleared sidewalks:

IMG_3070e Dave and Zim
"I love the snow, Zim, but it's good to have good footing again!"
"Yeah ... I just hope my really cool snow forts don't melt too much!"

I was happy to see some of the neighbor pups down on the corner:

IMG_3074e Dave
"Woo, you guys!  Woo!"

Those Cockers and the Beagle-Basset guy always get me excited!

Want to see what got Zim excited?  It was over on another corner, a couple streets over.  Check it out!

IMG_3079e Zim and Dave
"Wowzers, Dave!  Check out the size of this snow fort!"
"Woo.  That's one really huge snow fort!"

Zim scouted it out, to make sure no one was waiting to ambush us or anything.  (He's real brave like that!)

IMG_3080e Zim
"Ha roo!?!?  Anyone in there?!?"

Mom reminded Zim who lives there and told him he'd better keep his eyes peeled.  It wasn't until we were on our way home ... Zim spotted her first.

IMG_3084e Zim
"Up there!  Coming out from under the pines!  It's her!"

See if you can see her:

IMG_3085e The Other Black Cat

Can you see her?  Let's wait until she hits the snow - then you won't be able to miss her!


IMG_3086e The Other Black Cat
The Other Black Cat!

Remember her?  (Click here.)  Exactly!  It was The Other Black Cat - or TOBC, as Zim calls her.  The fort was in her yard ... so clearly she's the one who built it!  Who knew kit-cats were such good snow fort builders!?!

For "just" exploring the neighborhood, it was a mighty cool adventure!  We had a great time - hope you enjoyed coming with us!



  1. I had no idea that kitties could build forts. And such big ones. Right now it is 7 degrees here. No fear of anything melting. I've been out a few times this morning and actually considered having MOM put my coat on. Enjoy your weekend friends.

  2. Looks like a nice walk about the hood for you guys. Our mom is still a bit under the weather so poppy been taking us out to sniff around. Hopefully mom will be all better soon.
    That kitty snow fort is pretty big--had no idea kittens could do that.
    Hope you guys have a great weekend, stay well.
    Gracie and Schatzie

  3. Blimey lucky it was not me with the cat i'd have had my peeps rear-ended or their arm off in a jiffy. Alas no snow here just more rain. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Us kitties are always full of surprises! Glad you were able to take your mom on a more sure-footed walk in the neighborhood boys!

  5. Hi and happy Saturday. Glad it is warming up for you all-boy, you have
    it cold!!! We have snow melting too but it is still a bit slippery out,so have to be careful walking. We got up to the 40's yesterday-a regular heat wave! Have a great afternoon.
    Wags, Noreen

  6. OMD look at all the BLUE... the SKY and the SHADOWS both!! GORGEOUS.

    Hey guys... remember the Snow Fort you built the other day??? Do you think that maybe you could do a Snow Fort building CLASS? Sarge is going to have that Sled Riding thingy on 2/2/13 and I was thinkin maybe we could all get together and put on a WINTER CARNIVAL kinda thingy... and that it might even give our SWELTERING furends from Down Under in OZ some Relief from their awful HEAT.. What do you think?
    Of course we will need to check with Mayor Madi to see about using the Big Blogville hill and maybe even the Community Center.. to get WARM in... and have Foods and stuffs. PeeS THAT would be Ground Hog Day... we could even try fur some of THOSE thingys.

  7. That sure was a fun walk you all went on. What a cool snow fort you found. Too bad you couldn't play in it.


  8. Most of our snow melted today. Time for more!


  9. That was a most excellent and informative adventure. I had no idea that cats could build such a nice fort. I am sure it isn't as nice as yours though. Mommy is always glad when the sidewalks are cleared, she has a terrible fear of falling, so I am very gentle with her outside. Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Hey Zim, Do you suppose the Other Black Cat has an Army of HIs Own? Where maybe he has 5 or 10 other cats and thats how they made such a hyooge snow fort. Maybe they are planning a battle, do you spose?

    We hope you and Dave are careful out there now that its nice. Let us know if you need reinforcements.


    Stella and Zkhat

  11. Dave, we'd proly need to hibernate if we lived were you do (including our mom, mol!). Just yesterday morning we were moaning about -1C temps. We're glad TOBC wasn't in that snow fort waiting to ambush you and Zim :) you just never know with us kitties, hee hee! Have a fun rest of the weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  12. Kitty kat in the snow! Must be nice to be walking on snow! ;-) Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  13. Wow! Who knew that kitties could build such huge snowforts! We hope she let you guys play in it!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. There is nothing nicer than seeing Husky playing or running in snow! <3
    Here we have snow still falling and already many centimeters on the ground. Maybe I should post some pictures of it!

  15. Mom does not have "snow feet" - if there is a visible patch of snow she will fall. It's nice you guys are getting out!


  16. My mom is scared to walk on this stuff. She seriously walks like a grandma.

  17. Anonymous5:13 AM

    A small part of me wishes we had snow like that!

  18. WOW! I've got to try building a fot the next time in snows here. (Like in five years. :)) Maybe I can get Scribbles in on it with me, since kitties are apparently grreat fort builders!