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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Doors

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Oh, in the title I didn't mean The Doors, one of the classic rock groups Mags and I like to listen to, I mean ... well, I'll tell you!

Remember a couple days ago when Maggie told you about workers in the house and open doors and doors unhinged and us being EVER so bored?  We were either hooked up to Mom or Dad the whole time or in the bedroom with Mom.  The first time we got to take a look to see what all the noise was about, we saw this:


Yep. Not only had Mom moved everything out of the foyer, but someone took all the trim off from around our front door!  Most curious!

When Mom and Dad took Maggie and me out for our first potty-break, I saw all kinds of strange stuff laying around!

"Mags!  Somebody left a door on our lawn!"

A door laying on our lawn?!?  Maggie was hoping if we opened it, we could get to Australia - and visit her mentor Teddy Westlife.  It sounded good in theory, but sadly ...

"Sorry, Mags.  It won't work."

... there was no door handle.  If not for that slight glitch, we would have been Down Under in no time!

Back inside, things got noisy again.

"Soooooo bored."
"Yeah ... totally, Cam.  Totally."

After a bunch more noise, we got to check things out again.  Check it out:

New door!

Wow!  Pretty cool!

Things got really noisy again, then finally Mom unhooked our leashes and let us check things out!

Me and Mags by the new front door!

That was the end of the first day, then the  noise and boredom  fun started again the next morning.  After 87 hours, we were unleashed again, and Mom called us over to the front door to have a look.

"Wait, Cam ... there's some kind of nose art canvas covering the opening ..."

Oh, right!  A storm door! We didn't have one of those before!

"Just kidding!"
"I love this!"

 We did have one of those back at Polargold Siberians, though.  Oh.  And, yes.  There's a slight chance that I actually know how to pounce on the handle and open a storm door ... but fear not!  This one has a key-lock deadbolt on it, so neither of us should be able to open it.  Even so, Mom is very safety conscious and knows nothing is 100% safe - especially where Siberians are concerned.  We won't have access to the door unless Mom is watching us.  Safety first!

So ... that's what was going on here for  87 million  two days.  We'll show you more about how helpful we were in the next post or two!



  1. How exciting! Mom had to put cardboard in our side windows - we tended to spy on the neighbors and bark like loons (according to Mom...).

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Yep we would have ben barking our pug heads off that is for sure!!! We like your new doorway to the world.
    stella rose

  3. Love your new door!!

  4. Mom says she liked your old door better but yes - a storm door is a great idea - we miss having ours - we use to love looking out and watching the world go buy - plus you get to leave snootles art all over them :)

  5. You call your mom safety conscious but she's just like our mom and we use the terms worry wart and spoilsport. As for your door, we love it! We love how it adds interest to all that white! :) Can't wait to see it from the outside!

  6. Oh storm doors! That's pretty exciting, good for watching the passing world BOL!! Play bows,


  7. that is a nice looking door. mom's only thought is how much cleaner is going to be needed to keep Sibe nose prints off of it MOL

  8. Mom better stop watching HGTV. Lookin good
    Lily & Edward

  9. We wonder where the door in the yard leads? That new door is beautiful! And the storm door will be loads of fun!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. We have a storm door at the front. That was Phantom's favorite spot to lie when the door was open. He was the only one who got to sit there because he didn't try to push out the screen in the warm weather and didn't leave lots of snart on the glass the rest of the year. We can see it from our gated area, but it sure would be nice to get to lie there. Mom said MAYBE when she replaces the screen with the glass in the fall.

    Too bad you didn't get to open the door to Down Under - it would have been so much fun to see Teddy Westlife.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. I thought you meant the Rock band at first too lol. Lucky that has a good lock! Great looking door!

  12. Beautiful new door!!! I also like your storm door too. You'll be able to just sit there and watch everything outside, without going outside....oops wait, maybe you'll want to be outside even more.
    Have a great Tuesday.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  13. OMD...Your very own nose art...I mean, what a beautiful front door!!!

  14. Oh it would have been AWESOME if you could have come visit me! You'll have to keep searching for more doors with actual handles. p.s. new front door looks excellent.

  15. very nice! total bummer that the door to Down Under didn't have a handle. at any rate, have fun decorating the new storm door :D

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  16. Your new door is just beautiful and look at the view you have out that new storm! You can see every kitty, squirrel and birdie for miles and miles!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. What a pretty door and the storm door rocks! You should be able to make your marks on it often, hahaha. I guess it's time for your mom to stock up on more Windex!

    Kiki and Nala