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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Calm After the storms

Tail wags, pups and kit-cat friends. It's me - Storm. The capital "S" Storm. We've had quite the small "s" storm packed week! Now that we have a lull in the action, this is how I am spending most of my time:

I'll try not to over-do!

Tail wags,

PS: Mama Robin built quite the wind-proof, hail-proof nest! So in case you were worried about her, fear not - she's doing very well. Here's a picture of her from this morning:


I think she could do with some calmer weather, too!


  1. Poor "BIG S"torms!

    Woo are certainly furry lukhky to have pawrents that take such great khare of woo during times like these!!

    PeeEssWoo: Please tell your mom my mom has a Tom Petty earworm going on - something about learning to fly!

  2. Storms, you are lookin' cool and comfy all at the same time, and that's not easy to do!

    Boy that wasn't the first time mamma Robin built a nest. We have seen some construction crews that could really learn from her.

    We'll try to mimic your cute pose and see if we can't hold it most of the afternoon.

    Lhasa Love,


  3. Our baby robins disappeared. We sure hope they flew the coop. Mom said she's afraid to look. Woo!

  4. Rest well, Storm. You need to restock your energy for the next incoming cells. (That's as good an excuse as any, we always say.)

    Purrs and tail wags.

  5. Stormy,
    I think that you look very youthful in that picture.

    Must go now, you reminded me that I'm late for a nap.

    Princess Eva

  6. I'm so glad you survived all the storms, Stormy! That's a great pose on the bed - I'll have to see if I can do one of those too.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  7. You look very calm and relaxed, Stormy. That's good! Take care!

  8. Hi, Storm!
    Looks like everything is back to normal at your place!
    Sure is nice to know that!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi Guys,
    Glad to hear that the small 's' storms are having a lull at the moment! Looks like you are too, Stormy! Mum couldn't believe the size of those hail stones and the noise! Did you guys get scared?

  10. oh my dogness! that is one sturdy robin nest! we had crazy powerful storms and twisters here at my house too. one storm put a bird nest on my roof and the next one took it off again. the big snow tree in my front yard lost her top too.

    i am glad for a break from the storms and i am glad you and momma robin are getting a break too!

    luv ivy

  11. Get some rest while you can!

    WOo woo, KA

  12. Woo look so comfy - woo certainly deserve a breather after all those "small s" storms. We are always amazed at how birdies make it thru weather like that! Good job Mama Robin!

    Woos & a-roos
    Star & Jack a-roo

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  14. Storm, that's my favorite way to lounge in my crate with the fan aimed at me!