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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Language Class ... or "Khlass"

Tail wags, pups and kitties! It's me, Stormy! As Zim told you yesterday, due to how well-received my first on-line classes for the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies went over, I decided to offer a special lecture! I have a guest coming in today to do a short course for the foreign languages department!

Our guest lecturer hails from the state of Pennsylvania. She is into Wubbas, protecting her home from squirrels and cats, taking her biped on walks, and tooling around in her Xterra. In her spare time, she has even developed her own language! Yes, our special guest today is my dear friend Khyra!

Khyra, Guest Lecturer at the SZK SSS

We recently sat down together to discuss her Khyraese language. She agreed to allow me to use the content of our conversation for a wonderful, unique lesson here at the SZK SSS! My comments will be in black italics, and Khyra's will be in purple. Let's get started!

Khyra - first of all, thanks for being a Guest Lecturer here at the SZK School of Siberian Studies. As you know, I'm a big proponent of learning, so when I discovered you have your own language, I was fascinated! Before we get into specifics about Khyraese, can you tell me a bit about how it came about?

Hmmmm - woo know, I khan't honestly rekhall where Khyrase furst began to be my preferred language of choice - Perhaps a search of The SiberNut arkhives khould prove helpful - or maybe we khould ask The List 'Moderator'.

Ha roo roo roo!

I guess it just happened - I guess I should have logged the date and time but I never expekhted it to be so well received by the more highly evolved inhabitants of the planet - there are some that don't get it - and don't want to by their own admission!
Like any language and khulture, it just kind of evolves and happens - it started with hard 'c' sounds being replaced by kh's - and due to the suggestion of a linguistikhs export from Kholwoorado by the name of H.A. aka
Tukhker's merchandiser - the 'q' sound morphed into khw.
I may have khombined your furst khwery with some additional info - sorry about that - I just get so excited when I get to diskhuss this language!
I did nose around a bit trying to diskhover if it was indeed the written language of the people from Khyrastan - known fur their kharpet fibers. ;-)

Ha roo roo roo! Good one! (Mental note: make sure Ammy sees that one!)

Since it is getting to be my walk and dinner time, I hope we khan khontinue this khonversation later? Otherwise, I'll prattle on and on and not pawmit woo to get anything else done AND dog knows my mom needs her walk too!

We took a short recess at that point. I decided we needed something special to commemorate this class, so I commissioned my mom to do this special effects photo of Khyra and me.

A stuffie, Khyra and me

Very ... khool, isn't it? Let's get back to the ... lekhture!

So, Khyraese sort of just developed! A mind of its own - sort of like Siberian Huskies? Ha roo roo roo! It's mostly a written language, wouldn't you say?

Yes - and sooooo furry well reflekhts the multiple facets of Siberianous!

What are the basics of Khyraese? As you just stated, hard 'c' sounds are replaced by 'kh's and the 'q' becomes 'khw'. Anything else?

Yes, they are the two basikh rules: Hard C's bekhome KH and Q's bekhome KWH - Some of the later written exchanges seem to contain some random Y's for i's and some kh's for k - fur example, kitten seems to be best spelled (and smelled) spelled khytten ;-)
Just as there are no khonkhrete rules as to how Sibes are kholoured, there are no specifikh rules for The Khyraese - The Khyraese khulture is furry happy to have their messages read and passed along, they don't khare if things are misspelled!

I must repeat how honoured I am that woo ofFURed me this guest lekhturer spot at The SZK Skhhool of Siberian Studies - Please feel free to paw-fer more khwestions if woo desire!

This has been most ...instrukhtive, Khyra! Thanks so much for being our first guest lecturer! Your time, knowledge and friendship are most appreciated here at the SZK SSS! I'm sure our readers have enjoyed the lesson as much as I have!

OK, readers! Please try your paw at khommunikhating in Khyraese! If you have any khwestions, please leave them in the khomments sekhtion!

Wow. It's very fun. And I think I'm ready to post this proudly on the Ao4 Digest!

Thanks again, Khrya! And khlass dismissed!

Tail wags,


  1. WOW!

    I had such fun doing this - I hadn't ever been to Kansas but I kinda liked the musikh!!

    Thanks so much fur pawmitting me to help khommunikhate how to chat in Khyraese!!!

    Woo were such a great instrukhtor and helped khalm me!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: I'll be glad to answer any khwestions!

  2. OOOO, I khannot thinkh of a better subjekht to study than Khyraese!

    What an enlightening lekhture!


  3. We began our Khyraese studies last December, when we furst met the founder of the language, Miss Khyra herself. We have tried to khonkhwer the finer aspekhts, but until this lesson we would never have khonceived of the khorrekht spelling of the word khonkhwer, so this lesson has been ekhstremely edukhational for us. Thankh you furry much A04, and guest lekhturer Khyra for khlearing up some of our khonfusion.
    The RHP

  4. Woo there Storms~
    What a pawsomely khool khlass! As many of woo know, Khyra and I have a khonnection and I must woo that I am so furry proud of her for stepping up to be a guest lekhturer. Love you klasses and khan't wait for the the next one.

    Your pal,

  5. Woos to woo Storm! We have been prakticing our Khryaese with wonderful results. Thank woo for the wonderful instruktions and insight into how it khame about.

    Woos, wags & wuv,
    Thunder & Stormy

  6. Wow! This interview has been very informative! I'm not sure our personal secretary can write that language, though...it takes way too much thinking!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  7. Woo! I am truly honored that you were able to get THE Khyra to speakh. I'll be watching for the official Khyraese Vokhabulary manual so I khan advance my studies.

  8. As we say in the UK, Khwikey!

    Or as this is probably Khwite difficult to understand being a combination of Khyraese and Cockney I will elucidate.

    (btw I have swallowed a dikhtionary it seems....)

    Crikey is a London Cockey (or Khockny expression - meaning.....Startled, or I khwote....using Khyranese there I hope you notice....

    I khwote......."Crikey meaning of humour that often leaves you laughing out loud when all around you are blank-faced and oh so silent"

    I think that last Khwoted paragraph of mine sums the whole darn thing up.

    Don't you?

    Ha ha - I love your posts - Stormy, your are so educated.

    Your friend Marvin xxxx

  9. oops missed out an "n" in Cockney, sorry, I am fluent in the Khyraese but not so much in the English, or London vocabulary it seems.

    Marvin xxxxxxx

  10. You are talented and you gave an awesome lecture.. We give you the teacher of the year award!!! Ya

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  11. An interesting expression in your FX foto, Stormy!

    The Human Assistant doesn't really deserve to be mentioned. He's been annoying lately. I'm getting that into my blog. But it's not ready yet.

    But I guess it's part of honest pedagogy to give a nod to where you get an idea.


    Dang it! H.A. re-wrote this whole reply without one spot for a KH!

    mr_ed: In truth, none of that letter between B and D at all! Sorry about the stuffy word "pedagogy"....!

  12. Wow. We're gonna be linguists! I'll have to lounge around the lake lapping up lemon chicken and learning the lingo.

    A very silly,
    Rosemary, aka Bat Girl

  13. I am going to do my next post in Khyraese to see if I can pass this class.

    Huffle Mawson, well on her way to becoming a real husky

  14. A thrilling lekhture!

  15. I've only been studying Khyraese for a short time. But I'm still at the phase where I have to translate in my head.

    Some day.......
    Princess Eva

  16. I so enjoyed the khlass today.
    You two skholars khrack me up.

    Extremely instrukhtive and I am almost certain we will see the two of you girls on an infomercial offering a DVD on the fine language of Kyraese.

    Woo Woo,
    Frankie Girrrrl

  17. Wow, I feel like I have learned a million great things from this blog. You guys sure know how to edukhate the pups!!

  18. Fabulous interview! Very informative and enlightening. And also khwite khool!

  19. It is khwite fun to try to remember to use the Khyraese language, but once you get the hang of it, it's bekhomes pretty easy!!

    Thanks for having this khlass for others to learn the importance of Khyraese!!


  20. Khryaese reminds me of my Hebrew khlasses. "C" is usually pronounced "ch" but you say it like something is in your throat. (hanukah is also spelled chanunkah) Maybe we're all just speaking khyraese!

  21. wow, that was very academic!

  22. Oh that's a very pawsome class. Great guest lecturer

    ~ girl girl

  23. Thank you for your very important work!

  24. Excellent khlass! Khyra is so khreative.

    Kat (or is that Khat?)

  25. Khrimminey, humom had a busy weekh, so we're just seeing this now. Great lesson, Stormy, how ekhciting (see, we used Khyrese to replace the "x") to have an intereview with the khreator of Khyrese herself! We'll keep prakhticing.

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo