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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Word From the Supreme Commander, Ao4

Tail wags, dear readers. Stormy here, Supreme Commander of the Ao4. Before I get started with today's post, I'd like to let you know that we are all counting our blessings this morning. We had a very powerful tornado rip right through our town last night. The tornado's path brought it about a mile from our house. We are all safe, but our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been hit by this terrible storm. For a fuller run-down, please check out the story on WIBW-Topeka's web page. They also have some remarkable viewer-contributed photos.

Not only are we in the Ao4 and our bipeds safe, but so is Mama Robin. I sent Zim out to check on her earlier:

Let's go check the tree for Mama Robin, Mom!


She needs a tweet after that storm! It's like our pal Heidi said on my Saturday post, "Boy that wasn't the first time mamma Robin built a nest..." She really does know construction, doesn't she? And seemed to be doing just fine!

OK, so as my Zimmie pup said yesterday, I feel the need to address the issue of cats. I've had cats as personal - err... canine/feline-al friends and just love them! I've taught Zim to also love cats, and I also suspect that he had kitty friends in his past. He emits some sort of vibes that cats find very attractive, and several in the neighborhood now come running when they see him! I'm very proud of him.

Ammy and Dave talk a good game about cats and what they think they might do to them, but rest assured, friends, there will be NO harming of ANY kitties on my watch! No way, no how! I forbid it, and my pack knows it. Besides, take Dave, for instance...

We used to have two lovely kitties who lived next door, Grey Kitty I (Luke) and Grey Kitty II (Lily). They moved to Maryland, unfortunately, but they were a delight to have in the neighborhood. They were indoor kitties, but would go outside with their bipeds. Mom used to take care of them when their bipeds went out of town. Here are a couple pictures of them! Here's Luke giving Mom a shoe shine:

Grey Kitty I

Nice of him to shine up those New Balance, don't you think? And here is Lily:

Grey Kitty II

Aren't they both sweet looking? I would always give them slow tail wags when I saw them and taught Zim to be calm whenever they were around. Sure, he stared, but that's all. Absolutely no malice in my boy-puppy's heart. As for Dave, tell me what you think after seeing this picture:

Is Grey Kitty OK? His feety-feet aren't cold, are they?

Yeah. Mr. Tough Guy. And Ammy, our little peace-maker, is the same way - believe me. She grew up on a farm with cats, so even though she teases with some of her rhetoric, I think it's an image thing. She would never hurt one. No way.

So please, my feline friends - fear not! We are cat-friendly!

Tail wags and "Mrrrow, meow, me-yow!",

PS: I can't belive I'm going to write this ..... but Ammy asked me to please add she hopes there are no "hard felines" over this. *eye roll*


  1. FURST OFF, glad - FURRY GLAD - woo are all safe!!!

    As for the khats -

    Well, my mom taught me if you khan't woo anything nice, WOO eat 'em!


  2. I agree with Khyra, I am sooo very happy you are all safe. We are getting WAY too many of these stupid tornado things lately! And coming way to close to my friends!

    I'm not sure I buy the friendly khat thing. I seem to recall a photo of a butterscotch flavored khat in a baking pan sent by somepup in this family.......

    I'm just sayin'


  3. So happy you are all safe - W00t! I really like kitties too, but they don't seem to like me...I think I'm way too bouncy. There is this one kitty who does let me come near it...I love that kitty. Oh and Ammy, she just cracks me up!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. My Dear Dear Friends, I'm so glad each of you is ok. It must have been very very scary. We keep having bad storms every night so Mom and I sleep in the basement but no tornadoes have been near us.
    I even let the kitty-Kats, Mama, MrSippi and Carolina sleep with us because Mom says I have to be nice to the fur-kats! They have very long toenails and they are soo sharp.

    (The obedient one)

  5. You have had a lot of bad weather lately, maybe you should move north. Maybe MN? We always get snow.

    Pretty kitties. Momma loves the grey velvet ones.

    Princess Eva

    P.S. Momma is waiting on a phone call about a Terv in KS

  6. w00f's A04, heehee Khyra gived me a good laugh...ok, glad u all iz safe..and next its nice to b nice to kittys sumtimes...u never know when u mite need them in the army...JB one of our kittys in dwb iz helping us searcch fur beau...and check out my side bar, its homes for veterans, have u ever heard about that charity, mama just saw it on the news and checked it out...

    b safe,

  7. Stormy, I am SO glad you posted about being nice to kitties! I know my best pup-bud Zimmie is always nice but I was a bit worried about Dave and Ammy. Really, as I've said before, it's only the orange ones you have to look out for. Oh, and Salvador.

    I'm very pleased that you are all safe from those nasty storms. Maybe you should woo your mum and dad to come and live in Australia - we never get tornadoes here! Then Zimmie and I could do zoomies together :)

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

    Purrr S: those grey kitties were so pretty!

  8. We're glad you made sure Mrs. Robin was safe. We're not sure where our Robin family went. They seem to have flown the coop! Mom's afraid to peek in their nest. She hopes nobuddy got left behind. We're so glad you stayed safe from all those nasty storms last night. We were worried.

  9. First of all, I just wanted to say that I'm glad my commanding forces are safe from that evil tornado. I was very worried and since the human woman was at work and had locked the powerbook, we couldn't find out if you were safe.

    Secondly... no hard felines? Seriously? Dave, please claw Ammy.

    thank you for your attention to this matter.


  10. we are so glad you guys are ok, Mom kept checking back to see how you guys were. I don't know how I feel about cats still, I have to do more thinking about it.

  11. Haa Amber is so funny. It's nice to be friends with other animals

    ~ Girl girl

  12. Um, I wish I could say the same thing. I think cats are delicious...or would be if I could ever catch one.


  13. Thanks Stormy. I need to have Steve read this because he's been being a little more aggressive with me lately and getting in trouble.


  14. Anonymous10:32 AM

    We are so glad that woo all were safe from the tornado. How scary. I am glad the Tweet Bird is safe too! Have you gotten a 20 on Oswald yet?

  15. I'm glad you guys and mam robin are safe and sound today!

  16. We looked at some of the videos and there is extensive damage. We feel for everyone in the path of that tornado. And we're glad you are all okay.

    Hey, hard felines?

    purrs and tail wags

  17. Very glad you are safe!

    But I dunno about cats. I've heard there are some pretty big ones out there!

  18. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Glad you guyz and Robin didn't get hurt by the tornado. We sent in our AO4 enlistment papers. Our Dad went to Navy school, like a VERY long time ago ('68), and is always saying Navy stuff like "GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY" He flu jets (A Sixes) from a jet carrier and sez that 9 months on the Connie, Kitty (meow) Hawk or Ranger was better than 12 months in a hole with a fox (???). Boy is he confused. We'd love to chase a fox into a hole. - The Bumpass Hounds (Jubal, JEB, Homer, Shelby, Jack, Abby, Max and Shiloh & cats Boru, Alex and Jenny)