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Friday, April 08, 2011

Photo Finish Friday: Haik-Woo #43

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  For Photo Finish Friday this week, we couldn't decide what to post.  I thought Zim was going to post more pix of our walks (we've been going on an awful lot of forced road marches -- I mean really nice, long walks lately) but Zim had another idea.

DSCN0825 Zim
"How about you post your latest Haik-Woo, Dave?"

He wanted me to show you my new Haik-Woo!  He's just the best, most supportive kid brother a guy could ask for!  Oh... he was re-reading a card we got in the mail from Huffle Mawson and her family.  The envelope has really cool military fighter plane stamps on it!  The card was nice, too.

Anyway, I thought I'd go with his idea to share my latest Haik-Woo.*  I'm dedicating this one to my mom, from her Guide Dog for the Color Blind.


I can't wait to get into the Studio and get to work!


*Note:  Many of you are familiar with the Japanese haiku: three lines, 17 syllables total of non-rhyming verse -- 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the middle, and 5 in the last. Haik-Woo is similar, only the last word of that third line has to be my favorite word - "woo". It's very challenging to get your point across descriptively yet briefly. And that's why Haik-Woo is quite the art form.


  1. i can't count, nor can my Jeannie

    But we think your haik-woo are quite geeeeeeenie.....ous.

    this is def not 17 syallububbles, nor very clever

    but we will be your friends.....

    forever and ever.

    I rest my case. Which is rather heavy after all this counting.

    Marvin xxxxxxxx who is not at all numerate. Nor is his Jeannie xxxx

  2. no way did we keep this last Marvin Woo under any form of syllabubbles, but we enjoyed the interaction!!

    Poetry for all we say. We love the fact Dave is a poet.

    And Marvin toooooo


    J xx

  3. Dave, we love your Haik-Woos! You are a very talented poet in addition to being very handsome!

  4. Great job Dave! Love that new fabric, so pretty and colorful.

  5. Love your mom's new fabric. Good thing she has you to help her!

  6. Woo are obviously very clever :-)


  7. Very cool! Can't wait to see what you make with the new fabric!

  8. That is an excellent haiku, Davy. Glad you liked the card and especially the stamps!


  9. Sure it is an art!
    And you did it pawesome!
    Happy friday!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. We love your Haik-woo
    Dave the Sibe with much talent
    We are big fans - Woo!

    How's that?

  11. I think you're a genius with that Haik Woo thing!

    Mom cant even compete with woo and she's been trying it for awhile.. guess she's not as poetic as she'd like to be! :(

    Have a great weekend!

    Maxx and mommy

  12. Dave, you are a brilliant poet. We love your haik-woo!

  13. We are loving your Haik-Woo, Dave! It's brilliant!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. That's a great haik-woo, Dave!